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Panic Chord by Gabrielle Aplin

Album: English RainReleased: 2013Charted:
  • Aplin wrote this tale of a boy's unrequited love for her when she was just 15, and the songstress considers it to be the most literal song that she's ever written. She told the story behind the song to Coup De Main magazine: "There was a boy who was just a friend of a friend," said Aplin, "and we weren't together - it wasn't like that at all - and I met up with him I think it was twice, and we just hung out and it was literally not romantic or anything."

    "We went ice-skating and we just went out for coffee," she continued, "and it was just fun and it was nice, and then I heard through my friend that he kind of got the wrong idea. So I met up with him and I was like: 'Okay, I'm sorry I didn't really mean to give you the wrong idea.' And he suddenly was like: 'Well you can't break up with me.' And I was like: 'Well, we're not together.' And he was like: 'Well I've kept a box of all your memories.' And I was like: 'You are joking!' And he pulled it out and I just thought it would be gig tickets, maybe the ice-skating ticket or something... it was everything. There was bus tickets in there, there was receipts from when we bought food together. He was like: 'So we can remember the day we went to Marks & Spencer.' So he was just... he was either a nutcase or he was just so nice, and that was definitely what was running through my mind when I wrote it. But I think he was just too nice."
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