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My Immortal by Evanescence

Album: FallenReleased: 2003Charted:
  • Ben Moody (a co-founder of Evanescence along with Amy Lee, but Ben left the band in October 2003) wrote the lyrics and the piano part for this song. It was one of Evanescence's first tracks; they recorded it for their first EP in 1998, but decided to remove it as a last-minute change. Lee and keyboard player David Hodges are the other credited writers.
  • The lyrics are totally fictional, according to Ben Moody. They evoke a spirit, but he insists the song has nothing to do with God or religion. Moody was still in high school when he wrote the lyric.
  • The original version had some different lyrics.

    After "Suppressed by all my childish fears" came two more lines:

    I would give every breath from my chest
    To give you all the things that my mind could bear

    And, instead of:

    I've tried so hard to tell myself
    That you're gone
    But though you're still with me
    I've been alone all along

    It was:

    I love to walk away
    By myself out of the rain
    But I can't leave without you
    I love to live without the constant fear and endless doubt
    But I can't live without you
  • Several different versions of this song have appeared. The original is an outtake from the 1998 Evanescence EP with Lee's voice and a simplified piano.

    In 2000, it was included on Origin, a collection of songs the group put together to use as a demo. This version has more advanced piano, background vocals by David Hodges, and some production effects.

    The song appeared in different forms on other samplers and demos the group issued leading up to Fallen, and when it was issued as a single, various versions were used for different releases.
  • David Mould, whose credits include Gin Blossoms "Hey Jealousy" and John Newman's "Cheating," directed the video. It was shot before Ben Moody left the band, so he plays a starring role. Shot in Barcelona, Amy Lee is scene walking on the edge of a fountain, but he never see her feet on the ground, indicating she is a spirit of some kind.
  • Amy Lee can probably relate to most of the lyrics as her three-years-younger sister Bonnie tragically died when she was younger. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ryan - East Midlands, England
  • Terry Balsamo, former guitarist of the band Cold, replaced Ben Moody on guitar for this album. Moody went on to work with Avril Lavigne. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jaysin - Dayton, OH
  • Before it was released on the album Fallen, this song was used in a funeral scene in the movie Daredevil. The Evanescence song "Bring Me To Life" was also used in the film.
  • The song was covered by Andrea Begley on the UK edition of The Voice in 2013. Her version landed at #30 on the British singles chart after she sung it in the final, whilst Evanescence's original version also returned to the Top 40.
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Comments: 156

Hi i want to speak out my feelings about this song so i have created account on this site just to express my feeling....
Firstly thank u very very much!!! to evanescence coz u wrote this song... And Amy lee is the best singer of all time.... This song has just touched my heart... Everyday in the morning i put my earphones on and play this song 2 to 3 times and my day goes very awesome
I have also cried many times after listening to this song... It reminds me of my crush who was my best friend and also very close to me... She left my city and is no longer with me... I was so so upset and depressed after she left and i suffered from many health problems and was deeply depressed after when she left
Today also when i think about it.. Tears come to my eyes
I can't forget to remember her... I have nearly 100 photos of her in my mobile.. ..so this song is very close to my heart... And also it reminds me of my grandfather who died four years ago... I was deeply attached to him... Flashbacks shed in front of my eyes.. .its really very good song
Zacky - India
Hello all, I don't know if anyone will ever read this, but if you are reading this, thank you so much for that. I love My Immortal, as well as Broken (Seether feat Amy Lee), Hurt (the Johnny Cash version), and Let Her Go (Passenger). I agree that this song is about the loss of a soulmate. Please bear with me while I try to tell you all a little about myself. I'm 35, a US Army veteran, and a Goth from Maine, but I moved to NM in 2003. Everyone I loved, grandparents, parents, even my 3 month old son, all passed away. My parents both from cancer, my son from Taysachs. In 2006, I met the love of my life. Through her, I learned about that all of the dark things I liked had a lifestyle attached to them and soon after I embraced being my Gothic self. She and I were inseparable and she was my everything. She made me stronger, able to do anything, and she made me want to be the best person possible, for her. We had so many amazing adventures together, and even my worst days with her were better than the best days without her. We were engaged and got our marriage license in 2008 but two days before the wedding, she met up with her highschool sweetheart, moved out, and ended up marrying him. I let her go because her happiness was more important to me than my own. Still, I've loved her for all of these years and I know I always will and I would give anything for just a few more minutes with the woman I love so completely that I know I can never truly love anyone else...I know, I've tried. All I have are fond memories. So please, if you're reading this, your soulmate is out there, just please don't let him/her pass you by. Thank you for reading this.Zach - Nm
My favorite song ever! The first one I ever heard by Evanescence. I just recently rediscovered it and I love it.Ava - Thousand Oaks, Ca
"you still have all of me" is what tells me this song is about a love given. Not a Grandfather(as documented), and furthermore, I am not preaching to my grandfather that I held his hand. this song is about deeply loving another person and being left alone by that same person. No matter what happens, you can never give enough to gain their love, and it hurts. The type of love that wont go away even though you have moved on in life(bound by the life you left behind). Beautiful Piano.Joey - Westville, Ny
This song like any other is open to interpretation. All that really matters is what a particular song means to the person listening to it. With that said, to me this song represents loss, but not completely. You don't feel loss unless you have a special connection to begin with. It's one of those songs that strikes your inner being to the core. I see it as an inspiration to accept what has happened, be it death or some other form of separation. But you move forward with the love; "You still have all of me." The video with the bandages is one representation. Super impose the song over a video of a killer tornado, a war-torn village, a child's death. It's the same.Henry - New Smyrna Beach, Fl
the line when it says theres just so much that time can not erase,tells me it's about a relationship,that there was just too much pain involvedSteve - Billings, Mt
to me i know this song is about someone who means a lot to you and has died but to me it's about a past relationship perhaps.in the song it says but you still have all of me.and i've tried so hard to tell myself that your gone.it's painful because you can't really get over themSteve - Billings, Mt
I've read the majority of the comments and mostly agree. I think the lyrics can have a multitude of meaning depending on what a person is going through at a particular phase of their life. For me, from the moment I heard this I wanted it played at my funeral (hopefully not for many years.) However, I have recently had an event in my life which turned it upside down when my son, at 17, ran away to marry his girlfriend-- on the night I was at my grandmother's bedside while she was dying. Now, the song reminds me of this loss, losing my son through his choices and the path he has taken.Jen - Huntsville, Al
Moody revealed that the song was written for his grandfather Bill HolcombHeather - San Diego, Ca
I love Amy Lee's singing. This song always hits me hard. The video is stark and riveting. The gauze around her wrists and ankles suggest a suicide attempt (s).
A girl I was smitten with in high school killed herself and this song was played at her wake. I'm a guy and I start to cry whenever I hear it. Beautifuly sung and very haunting.
Matt - Los Angeles, Ca
I interpret this as sort of a duality within all of us. Amy is singing to her inner child, wich for most of u harbors our fears, our sadness, keeps us from moving forward, letting go and finding peace...we battle this part of ourselves constantly...trying to be an adult...responsible....unwavering...solid. Yet the inner child we all have wants to hang on, not let go. engage in self pity and anger, making us pull away and indulge in our pain...making us feel alone. We try to supress this part of us, but the inner child resides in the sub-concious...and so....I think she is singing about herself...or the writer was writing about that part of us that keeps us stuck in our pain...wont leave and never will....Ryan - Des Moines, Ia
Others commenting on this song describe it as a thing of beauty (it is) and that it gives them shivers down their spine (it does). The song is sung with SUCH depth and feeling. The lyrics are the type that mean different things to different people at different times in their lives, depending on what you are experiencing.Camille - Toronto, Oh
My best friend died about 100 days ago and she commit suicide because she was child abused and this song is basicly to me; Me telling her that now that she is gone I still feel like she is a part of me that will never leave me and will stay in my soul foreverDesiree - Surrey, Bc
): Sad song...brings back memories..Nancy - Denver, Co
My brother died at 5 months in the menstrual cycle when I was four and when I hear this song it reminds me of the time I held him and always think of him. I love this song!!!Stephanie - Adelaide, Australia
I like this song, because I get the feeling that anyone can relate to this song who have lost someone close, such as Amy Lee herself, in a interview she said she'd written this song for her little sister who died when she was 3 years old, and she feels like shes still with her.

Evanescence song's are always amazing!
Amy Lee
Liam - London, United Kingdom
This song is AMAZING!! Thats all i can say..like really. I can't explain how awesome this song is.Courtney - Eagan, Mn
i love this song soo much, but i cant igure out why! anyhoo this song is sooo amazing as are most of evanescence's songs :) :]Clarese - Cooma, Australia
The first few times I heard this on the radio, I heard at the end of the song what soundsw like Morse Code. What's the meaning of this and also what is it saying?Rob - Mountain View, Ca
I absolutely love this song. I can relate it to so many personal things...and it's also just beautiful. Does anyone know how her sister died, though?Emily - Around Chicago, Il
The first time I heard this song I nearly broke out into tears. The reason is that this song reminds me of all the deaths that have happened in my life. But it also reminds me that no matter how awful it may be at times, I will always keep them in my heartDrew - Reading, Pa
This song is one of the greatest yet most despisable songs ever. It has so much meaning and when you hear it you dont want to hear it again cause you feel so bad.at the part where its like "when you cried i wiped away all of your tears when you screamed id fight away all of your fears" it has so much power. I dont care what people say about amy lee shes the only one who could make this song good.Jd - Paoli, In
Okay I love this song!!! Also it really helped me and my friend. Last year my friends Dad died a tragic death. She was in pain...She was crying in class all the time...i would tell her to calm down sometimes and she would start screaming at me telling me that he was the only Dad she would have in her life and that just made me feel horrible. And one day I was listening to Evanescence one day and I listened to this song and it reminded me of how she felt so I downloaded the song on to her Ipod and she listened to this song everyday. Her father died because of a stupid person's mistake and his death should have never occured. But anyways this song helped her get through her loss and she is still in my classes and she is doing soooo much better!!!! BTW her father was murdered by a drunk person at a bar...like I said it was a stupid person's mistake and it should have never happenedBrooke - Honolulu, Hi
My Husband Rick 43 yrs just passed away 9/21/09. This song is how I feel, its amazing! I am missing him so much the pain is unbearable, We were married 20+ years and on that Monday it changed my whole life forever. Rick was and still my whole life. I have heard of this song before and never really understood the meaning until I lost Rick. Thank you for touching my soul. Its has meaning now, That my Love will never be gone from my heart and he has All of me now And Time will not erase nothing, Still hard to beleive he is gone!!Liz - Midland, Mi
I love the guitar solo version of My Immortal. I know that Ben Moody wrote most of it but that doesn't mean that it isn't open to different interpretations. You can't tell someone that their interpretation of a song is wrong because everyone takes it a different way. What I got from My Immortal is basically being affected by a close death, be it family or an intimate relationship. I saw My Immortal reflecting more of a family death, so I automatically think of Amy Lee losing her sister Bonnie when she was young. And you know it's about losing someone you love, that's too obvious.

Great song, not a favorite, but very powerful and emotional.
Katie - Atlanta, Ga
My dad commited suicide 6 years ago. This song was a song that i listened to over and over because its exactly how i feel. Beacuse when he died, he took a piece of me with him. but he left me to live in this world alone. This song helped me realize that i could get through this pain. And if i could ever meet Evanescence i would thank them very much for this song because 6 years later... im still here.Cristina - Easton, Pa
When I got this song- it was after my dad died, this song is exactly what I feel, felt and still feel... this song just states everything that I feel from having my dad die... it sucks- but i've never heard a song that just is perfect for the way that i feel after he left... it reflects so much- it hurts but it somehow heals you- you know now whats wrong- just not how to fix it... thank you Amy Lee and Evanescence for creating this!
Kat - Perham, Me
i love this song but i hate it at the same time if that makes any senseNathan - Marengo, In
In this song i think the meaning behind it is
Amy Lee is portraying a character, who doesn't know which way to turn in her dead or deteriorating realationship with a man, but now when he is gone, memories of him haunt her. She feels stuck in a rut, because she still loves him even though he's not good for her. So she feels that since the memories of him won't leave her alone and since he already left her, the memories are like an immortal since they won't leave her even when he is gone.
Natalie - Philadelphia, Pa
My Immortal was probably written so Amy Lee would seem like she understood people when she probably didn't. If Amy Lee related to all her songs, than she's definitely got a tragic life and should go to therapy. Seriously, Amy Lee couldn't have felt all those things she described. I agree with Randell Mounds, she's definitely a snob.Sam - San Diego, Ca
i feel like this song is about a parent losing a child or a person losing a younger sibling..
bt thats jz me. this is a beautiful song. i sung it 4 my singing exams =)
Jess - Cobram, Australia
It's amazing the masses of comments and the diverse perceptions of this one song. Undoubtedly it has touched the hearts and lives of so many. The melody is elegant and very compasionate and I don't feel it would have ever have the meaning and feeling without Amy Lee's astounding vocals. Sadly the lyrics indicate a deep loss with after effects that seemingly will linger forever.Kim - Kansas City, Mo
Foremost, Evanescence is a brilliant sound to rock/metal. Amy Lee is magnificent! When this song first aired I immediately loved it and claimed it as a "safe haven". Seems the overwhelming majority perceive it's meaning in the literal sense. In the figurative sense, it depicts a "figurative" death, a slow dyeing by entrapment in a long-term relationship. The longevity of caring and how he/she took care of the other person ~ "When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears" and "when you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears, and I held your hand through all of the years".~ Though abused and mistreated he/she was committed and continued to hold a deeply embedded love in their heart and trauma blocked the realization that it was "over" emotionally ~ "But you still have all of me", "I've tried so hard to tell myself that your gone (removed, detached), but though your still with me (physically and abusively), I've been alone along" (alone within a world of their own).~ Immersed in the other person's world of domination, in essence neglecting the needs and desires of their own. Attempting to "end" this would produce dire consequences. There exist a constant internal struggle, what you thought you once had, never was and will never be. ~ "You used to captivate me by your resonating light" but now "I'm bound by the life you left behind". ~ In the midst of this turmoil, the intermittent "comfort zone" that the abuser affords, he/she recalls the "attraction" once there in the beginning and allows herself to "breathe". To be short lived by the realization he/she is and will be "bound" by these haunting memories, forever. This song emphasizes on lingering memories that haunt, go unchanged and leave one helplessly trapped. ~ "There's just too much that time cannot erase".~

He/she just wants the memories of that person to go away but that will never happen. He/she built their world around that person and took care of him/her but the bad behaviors continued to mount and memories continued to haunt, as does ~ "the face that haunts what was once pleasant dreams".~ In the video, as Amy transcends upward with "dangling" cloth at her wrists, depicts "the idea of ending the existing circumstances in life " as it was, her soul was searching for a way out, not a way to end her life. The taunting memories nearly made her feel insane. This sadness is following him/her through daily life and making it impossible to release and move on. As the song ends ~ "You still have all of me".~

Karen, Kansas City, MO
Breghita - Overland Park, Ks
beautiful song. i agree it could be about death but it could also just be about a breakup. pends on how u look at it. only amy lee knows what it was intendend to mean.Amy - Nunyabiz, Al
This is a song for those who care for, and love people with addictions. It is evident throughout the video, lyrics and tone. She is still here..whole and complete as they were in the bginning but he has become a ghost of himself. I think that is why she chose this song. It is a love song and a good-bye.Cynthia - Little Rock, Ar
It is oddly prophetic to Ben's and Amy's relationship. They met as Christian youths and grew close through their creative ventures and faith. Then Ben stumbled and Amy was disillusioned with him. Perhaps Ben's gift of song writing offered him a glimpse of his future.Cynthia - Little Rock, Ar
Having grown up as neighbors to the Moody family, I assure you that Ben is no moron. Ben had personal demons to combat at the time and he and Amy have respected the sanctity of their initial relationship which has weathered rocky times as most close relationships do. Both Amy and Ben are blessed with enormous talent and as creative people tend to do, express their emotions through their craft.Cynthia - Little Rock, Ar
This may be about someone who has been left behind in this world, and is telling the person
"And if you have to leave,
I wish that you would just leave.
Because your presence still lingers here,
and it won't leave me alone."
Maybe she's referring to the fact that she feels the person is still there, and she wants to forget she ever knew the person.

"Now I'm bound by the life you life behind."
Also pertains to this.

"There's just too much the time cannot erase."
May mean the fact that she is permanently scarred by this person's death.

Just a theory. :D
Chavonne - Destin, Fl
Part 2 -
So perhaps this child abuse was so severe that now she may be contemplating suicide. You take your childhood experience with you throughout your life and it can effect all areas of your life I assume. It's something that will linger on in your life forever. Some can move on and some can't.

or it could be about a mother losing a child due to death and she's ready to move on but no matter how hard she tries she can't.

Or if you lost a child due to neglect, perhaps it's her own guilt!! she should've been a better mother.
Sabrina - Portland, Tx
I believe this song is about your inner child. Perhaps this fictional character was abused growing up and she created this adult persona to rescue her and hold her and fight away her fears during the abuse. It's hard to escape the memory of child abuse, it's one that haunts "once pleasant dreams"..No matter how much you try and escape the abuse, wheter it's through counseling, it's something that will always haunt you through out your life. Somedays your able to see past the abuse and some days it may hit you hard. Some children experience abuse that's so bad, that not even time can heal. And it's this inner child that will always have "all of Me"..the grown up "you"..I think anyone who has been abused, or lost a loved one can re-late to this song, whether it's through death, or a broken relationship, or even a mother whose lost custody of her child due to her own ignorance. But I beleive it has to do with this persons Inner child that was wounded somehow!! Just an opinion.Sabrina - Portland, Tx
What a beautiful, sweet song. I love it. Makes me cry though.Jessie - Dallas, Tx
Im truly sorry for everyone who is lost someone. i lost my grandfather through cancer
this song was inspired by her little sisters death from cancer she will forer be missed. im sorry amy. :(
Selena - Humboldt, Tn
I think this song is about death and loss and how she misses that person so much she's made amental connection where she thinks that persons still alive in her thoughts and shes thinking about all the time they spent together.Amy Lee rocks she has a beautiful voice!Kelly - Arlington, Tx
Amy Lee Rox! This And Bring Me To Life R My Fave Songs Of Hers! She Has Such A Pretty Voice!
Lots of Love , Lexxus
Lexxus - Nun Of Ur Buisness, Tx
I absolutely love Evanescence. Amy's voice is one of the most beautiful female rock voices I've heard over the last years. For me, this is not THE most beautiful Evanescence song, but it's certainly the one that shows how strong and beautiful amy's voice is.Jan - Antwerp, --
This is a beautiful song, it touches me deeply but everytime I hear Amy's amazing voice. I always associate songs with circumstances within my live and this song always fills me with tears, it was the first song that I heard when I miscarried at 19 weeks. It will stay with my forever and will for eternity remind me of the baby I lost but in hearing these lyrics it put my mind and my baby at rest.Jo - London, United Kingdom
It's insane, the amount of comments about this song! These are some of the most touching lyrics! They make me cry when I sing them, Amy does an amazing job bringing feeling into the song when she sings them! When I hear this song I cant help but think about my mom's best friend (like my aunt) who passed away when I was 12. She died of cancer in the liver. We were always at her house every weekend and I grew very close to her, we didnt have a big family, just my grandparents and my mom, she was part of our family! This song makes me think about her and how much I miss her, even though it's been 16 years, I will miss her forever. Not just her, but the memories of my childhood, for which she was apart of. I can remember exactly the way her house looked, the parties she had, the people who would come...and I miss that! This song is about memories that linger in your head on and on and haunt you forever, good or bad, you cant go back...Laynee - San Francisco, Ca
For those who have loved, sorry, TRULY loved another person and mistakenly left that relationship, they understand what the true meaning of this song is all about. It's not about death, whether it's death of a partner or death of a child. It's simply about loving someone so deeply and understanding that the love you once had was the purest love of all. It's understanding that you had everything you could possibly ever want to have, need to have to be happy in a relationship and that you'll never have it because that relationship is over.Joe - Barrie, On
For those who have loved, sorry, TRULY loved another person and mistakenly left that relationship, they understand what the true meaning of this song is all about. It's not about death, whether it's death of a partner or death of a child. It's simply about loving someone so deeply and understanding that the love you once had was the purest love of all. It's understanding that you had everything you could possibly ever want to have, need to have to be happy in a relationship and that you'll never have it because that relationship is over.Joe - Barrie, On
When my sister and her friends were in college, they used to try to come up with a meaning for this song. My sister said that on a good day, her boyfriend died. If he died, he didn't choose to leave her.Sara - Greenville, Al
If you read lyrics to the whole album, you will find that every song on the album is about suicide in one way or another. The album has songs about how suicide feels when your life is flowing out of your body, there are songs about holding someone after they have taken their own life, there are songs about being revived after an attempted suicide. If you want to know the meaning of this song, take a look at the rest of the album.Ed - Canton, Oh
this song gives me chills down my spine :)

its a good song
Jeremy - Ventura, Ca
The video for this song is cool. It has an Eastern European feel to it. Sorry if I spell some of the words wrong. My brain is totally fried but not in the way you may be thinking. Anyway I believe that the song is about a girl who lost somebody close to her but is haunted by his memory. She may have tried to kill herself and her wounds, both physical and mental will not heal.Joel - Columbia, Md
Its my boyfriend's favorite song, i loved it but now its like telling our story, my interpretation is a woman giving her all, thinking all is ok and still with a guy, that doesn't quite feel for her the same way she feels for him, but she cannot let go of him so easily. I know that may not be the intent, but its what i hear when i listen :PKrista - New Lenox, Il
They played this song on a video at Youtube for the tribute of Eddie Guerreo. You were and always will be a good wrestler. We'll miss you.Brian - Los Angeles, Ca
This has always been one of my very favorite songs. It helped me get through a bad break up that I had a few years ago. Amy Lee is an amazing singer and so beautiful!Amber - San Francisco, Ca
i love this song it makes me feel....sad but i always like hearing it when im sad....weird i know....Patty - Alamo, Tx
i love this song
is so emotional~
when she sings it you can feel the pain
Lee - Los Angeles, Malaysia
One way to describe this song is pure beauty.Taylor - Pueblo, Co
It's a great song as well as video.Bill - Las Vegas, Nv
I have read alot of the comments and some i agree with and some i do not.I do think that in many ways this song does effect everyone who hears it.
The way the song and lyrics effect us in ways that we relate to from many points of views.
If the song touched you then i think it did what is was to do.
I also think that no one is wrong in what they think the meaning behind the song is, i beleive that what ever meaning you get from it is your very own meaning even though others share the same meaning others may not.
As long as theres a meaning or feeling from the song that you get no matter who you are then it did what it was meant to do.
Seth - Omni, Other
I absolutely and the first time I heard this when my friend was doing a high school play called "its not too late". It was about a girl who was new @ the school and Lisa sad that God was real and that evolution is not real(cause it isn't). Anyways, Marc shoots 13 people for beliving in God. After he shot the 13 people, he shot himself in the head. Jesus came out and woke all the people who were Christians up and they went to heaven. The last 3 people were Katie(the new girl), Lisa, and Marc(the murderer). Lisa went to heavan and Katie was going to but she realized that Marc was still lying there dead. She asked Jesus what about him? He said,"It's too late for him." So she went to heaven. Marc, went to hell unfortunately. Anyways, the point is that when My Immortal was playing, not a single eye was dry. They chose that song to be played because it seemed to be intermingling with the Columbine insedent(sp?). I hope this story touches you in someway. God Bless. -TaylorTaylor - Okc, Fl
this song is band and i would have to disagree with
RANDELL,MOUNDS FROM OK Amy lee is so not a snob she is very nice and kind
Spaz - Vegas, Nv
This song wraps everything I feel in the arms of a beautiful song...

Each day I awaken
So sad and resigned.
More long, lonely hours,
With you on my mind.

I wander around
In this once happy home;
Love and laughter are gone,
It?s just me?all alone.

Late at night when I gaze
At the heavens above me,
My most heartfelt prayer is
To know you once truly loved me.

I lie in my bed,
Feeling cold and numb,
Wanting to cry out,
But my lips are dumb.

Is it better to have loved and lost?
I don?t believe that?s true,
Not if the love that turned to frost
Is the one I once shared with you.
Jan - Galv, Tx
I love amy's voice.On anything she does.The first time i heard her, I knew! I will eventually be in the studio with her.NOT rapping! but harmonizing. -but the song- she's mourning.check me out(mysace/music)search:DARK PRYNCE Dark Prynce - Nashville, Tn
I think it's incredible how everyone insists that they know the "true" meaning of the song. Every song can and usually will mean something different to everybody. That's what's so great about music anyway. Also, just because Amy Lee sings it does not mean that it's her auto-biography. In case you failed to notice, she didn't even participate in writing the lyrics.Melissa - Nashville, Tn
Mike, no need to be nasty. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. I do think the song is about suicide, hence the bandages on Amy Lee's wrists and ankles. Randell from OK: I disagree. She is NOT a snob. I had the chance to meet her backstage once and she was the nicest and most sincere person I have ever met. Maybe she was just having a bad day that you thought she was snobbish. That's my 2&1/2 cents worth anyway.Joel - Columbia, Sc
I think this song can be translated in any way meaning that someone was lost to another. Whether it's through death or suicide, a break-up, or just losing someone you loved. Anything along those lines. This is a deep song about loss.H - New York, Ny
i love this song its my third fav.
Amy is great in this song.
Matt - Beach Park, Il
I was always uncertain about this song's meaning until I learned that when Amy was six she lost her three year old sister, Bonnie. However, shoud it be true that Ben wrote the lyrics then that shoot my theory all to heck.Kevin - Squaw Valley, Ca
Anyone know what the morris code is playing in the backround of the song? its most noticeable at the end of the songGeorge - Detroit, Mi
Frankly I don't give a rat's ass about what you think. Almost all of you are so very wrong. This song's true meaning is about someone who is devastated and is having trouble moving on from a lover's suicidal death, or their baby's death.. Amy say's "if you have to leave, I wish you would just leave. 'cause your presence still lingers here." Which means their loved one had committed suicide, or their child had passed away, yet the presence still lingers in her mind and soul. Think of how she says "Now I'm bound by the life you left behind" "These wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too real, there's just too much that time cannot erase." It means she's having an extreme difficulty in dealing with her lover?s death or her child's early death. "When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears. When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears. And I held you hand through all of these years. And you still have all of me. You used to captivate me by your resonating mind. Now I'm bound by the life you left behind, your face it holds my once pleasant dreams." Hello.. it's about death.. either it be a lover's suicide or a child?s early death....Mike - Lancaster, Ca
My grandmother just passed away, and the family are trying to think of a song to play at her funeral and out of all of my cd's this song came to mind. I really feel this is about losing somone close to you and being in denial. The emotion that Amy puts into this song is unbelievable. I love it.Brett - Sydney, Australia
Jill, Charleston, IL...I can relate to the comment you made.when a song affects you at certain times,.Could be why I drown myself in music 24/7..not only because I enjoy music alone..but I love her voice..she puts all her heart and soul into itCassandra - Houston, Tx
This song reminds me of a story I wrote. If it ever becomes a movie, this'll definitely be part of the soundtrack, provided I get permission.Sai - Ontario, Canada
I love this song! I love how powerful Amy's voice is! I'm attempting to sing with all that power! The lyrics are compassionate too!Krista - Elyria, Oh
I remember this song was out when my grandmother died, and it det me into a spiral of depression for two months.Kye - Tullahoma, Tn
This song reminds me of my ex. It's my favorite song by Evanescence. I love it. =]Courty - Dayton, Oh
This song reminds me of my once best friend who's life was ruined with drugs. I miss her old self terribly and every time I hear this song it reminds me of her and how close we used to be, but now she is just "gone" to me.Tara - Cambridge, Oh
the song remainds me of me and my exTeresa - New York City, Ny
because this song was written "fictionally", there is no real way of connecting this song to amy lee and ben moody...this song can be interpreted any way you see it first...so just look at the lyrics and try to make sense of them and how they fit to YOUNatalie - Fulshear, Tx
This song is truly beautiful. It means a lot to me, as I first heard it the day my cat (when I was 11) was put down. My parents had had her longer than me - and her name was my first word. Beautiful...Anzi - London, England
I love this song... i can play the intro on piano! yeah!! but i think i've taken the rest of my family off evanescence coz they're getting sick of it...
well i just wanna say "fallen" is one of the only albums i've heard that is NOTHING but excellence. There's not a song i can say... "well it could have been better." they're so good
Zac - Sydney, Australia
the beauty of music is that you can get your own definition out of it. thats what ive done with this song and honestly it has more meaning to me than i could ever explain. and it is not true that every guy who has a girl as his best friend wishes she was more. my best friend is a girl and i wouldnt have it any other way.Beanie - Salt Lake City, Ut
This song is so brilliant. And Screw Evanescence if they don't like it anymoreMjn Seifer - Not Listed For Personal Reason, England
simply beautiful song ive split up with my girlfriend at weekend and as i drove home this song some how popped into my head.brought the cd next day. love this song so much at mo.Jake - London, England
Okay, sure, this song is a pretty cute, but i really dont care. Personally, i think the song is pretty sad, but other people might now.
I listened to it a lot when i was going through a pretty rough time with my ex boyfriend, things were going wright for me, well us, so i took the time to find a cool album. I tried SlipKnoTs 'Subliminal Verses Volume 3' But that stuff didnt help me. I needed numbness and with the 'Fallen' Album i got it. Amy Lee does hate this song, but i have much respect for her.
And she is beautiful.
Zoey - Des Moines, Ia
Well, I don't know about the whole boyfriend/girlfriend leaving thing. Though I do understand that some see it that way. I don't. Neither do I fully buy the unrequited love theory, but I suppose it could be plausable. I think we'd have to know (personally) the people involved to make that claim. I think that the mother/son opinion is closer to what I was thinking. Admittedly, when I first heard the song I thought it was about Ben's mother committing suicide when he was young and him as an adult- still trying to cope with her death. At the time, I knew nothing about him or Amy or the band. I'd only heard this song. This song, to me, is essentially about someone mourning a person they were extremely close to and the way that it's so hard to believe that they're gone. There is a sense of denial when someone you love dies. And then the hurt comes. The memories are all there- remembering how you were always there for that person and they were there for you, but suddenly they're gone and you're left alone to deal with the pain of their absence. Memories can be both comforting and bitterly painful when you've lost someone you loved deeply. "I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone but though you're still with me, I've been alone all along"... to me this says he/she knows they have to cope with the fact that the person is no longer there, but that person remains ("lingers", if you like) in his/her mind, heart and feels so close still that it's hard to move past the hurt; that's what makes them immortal- that they are gone, but they live on in the heart and in memories of those they left behind. Memories can be very powerful. Yet, he/she realizes they are gone and they have "been alone all along" (since the person passed or went away). It's a beautiful song. Because it reaches so many levels, it's a song that many can relate to. I have lost many people close to me and I suppose that's why I percieve it the way that I do. None of us can say exactly what it's about, only Ben Moody knows that. No one really knows why Amy feels the way she does about it. Only she can know for sure. But the fact that it's a song that moves people - touches their hearts and makes them feel something - that's what matters. They want us to be able to relate to it on our own. To apply their words and music to something in own experiences. That's why most songs are written, and the ability to do that successfully is what makes some songs good. To do that with such massive number of people with unique backgrounds is what makes some songs great. This is a great song. Amy and Ben are both talented people and I respect their gift(s) of being able to reach us all.Kara - Cadillac, Mi
anytime i hear this song i cry because at my mums funeral who died of lung cancer , she whanted this song played and that has increased the meaning of this song to me greatly. anytime i listen to this song i get shivers down my spine as if she's still here (i'm getting this song played at my funeral aswell when i die eventually).Andrew - Adelaide, Australia
I first heard this song when it came out and loved it. But it was after my mother got sick and died that I kept listening to it over and over and I realized how much this song "spoke" volumes. The lyrics, Amy Lee's voice and the inceedible guitar rips and drums are just amazing, it really sums up how this song makes you feel.John - Gaithersburg, Md
Here's what I think... Ben Moody wrote the song about his unrequited love for Amy Lee. They have known each other since they were teens. This explains why she hates the song and claims she can't relate to it, she is in denial that he has always had feelings for her. It also explains why he left the band in the middle of shooting the video in Spain, I think it was Spain anyway. And it explains why it was pulled at the last minute from the previous album. The song was too good to just be shelved altogether but Ben wasn't ready for the world to hear the object of his desire singing about his pain. When he finally did agree to put it on an album he probably thought he could handle it but when the time came he realized he was fooling himself. So the only way to stop the pain he knew he was about to have dumped on him, was to leave the band altogether, even though it was his band. If Amy honestly didn't think he was in love with her she has blinders on. Every guy who ever had a girl who was his best friend wishes it was more... unless he was gay. And that's a fact, no matter how many times the guy denies it! Think about it... if he admits it she will no longer be his best friend, if he denies it he will still get to be around her. Even though he will die a little bit every time she dates someone new but he holds out hope that someday she will see him the way he sees her... until one day he realizes that it will never happen and rather than come out and tell her and risk total humiliation, he just walks away.
That's what I think.
Bob - Rockland, Ma
Everyone here claims to know exactly want the TRUE meaning of "My Immortal" is. The real truth with this song as is true with so many you will never know unless you are in the heart of the writer at that specific time in their life. The beauty in My Immortal is that it is written kind of generically so that it really can mean so much for so many with different circumstances. The first time I really heard this song was around 2 AM a few hours after my oldest of three daughters told me she was pregnant at only 16.
Of all my daughters she is special as my firstborn, which only fathers of daughters can relate. My heart was ripped out with rock salt put in its place just to aggravate the wound. I was devastated for months and this so song allowed me to stay in that place of devastation where I for some reason wanted and needed to be. Now that my grandson is over two years old and I love him more than anything or anyone which I really wish I could explain. While My Immortal brings me to hysterical tears to this day afterwards I feel a sense of cleanliness than nothing else can bring.
William - Okinawa, Japan
a freind of mine died recently, and people were using the lyrics to this song as a way to show how they felt, so i will kinda always asociate this song with herAshley - Livermore, Ca
I love this song,the lyrics and the sound are awesome,and amy lee has an amazing voice.I can listen to evanescence more than any other band and never get sick of them.Anonymous
It is very plausible that this song is about death, but I lean more toward unfullfilled love. I have two good friends and when I heard this song I immediately thought of them. My female friend has been in love with my male friend for years, and they are truly soul mates, but for some reason he doesn't return the sentiment. He loves her and they are very close, but they aren't dating. Anyway, it completely applies because she has been there for him for all of these years and even though he has been with her, he doesn't love her the same way she loves him, therefore she is alone.Christine - Slidell, La
i agree with rachel... its about breaking up with someone u loved.. my girlfriend moved back to europe and we promised to stay the same and continue our relationship... well we grew apart and her feelings changed and i was still utterly in love with her... anyway i sent her this song by email as a goodbye... i was crying the whole time it downloadedTommy - Maple Shade, Nj
i think this song is about her bein so down and depressed she just want to leave the earth she doesnt want to be here because some one has died and that person has made her feel this way. She wants the memorys of that person to go away but they won't and she did everything for that person but the memorys still taunt her. She trys so hard to forget what has happened (death of someone she knows loved one i think) she was happy when they were around but now the memorys and the taunt is making her feel insane. i love this song so much it's brilliant it really is smart good one to amy and it is so sad it has had me in tears. She makes me just want to go find her and hug her lol! XxLucy - Manchester, England
This song can claim to be the only song ever that has made me cry! I think it's about a girl's boyfriend being dead and how much she misses him.Grace - Fairfax Station, Va
its about her son, who died when he was six years oldHannah - Charlotte, Nc
I think Amy lee did a wonderful job. Me and my ex-boyfriend both thought it was about how she waited around for this guy. Did everything for him "when you cryed I wiped away your tears" and he always wanted someone else. Now she is saying if you want to be with someone else then just go.Mandy - Chandler, Az
Everybody thinks they know what the song is about but it could be many different things, especially since, apparently, the writer has not said what it is about. As a song writer myself, I know that my lyrics and music come straight from God....the source of of all true love. Therefore, I believe this song has 2 parts. The Chorus is sung by God, while the rest is the emotions felt by the child...the created of God. The part saying "Ive been alone all along..." probably relates to the human lonliness that we all experience because only God fully understands us and knows us. Though some speak of it being about a 'bad' relationship, it is not since love always has its struggles...its the forgiveness and mercy that is important and that is a huge part of what makes Love...and God..who He is.Anter - Dallas, Tx
Well, I heard that It was about her Son, because it does have a motherly edge to it. It could, however be about a lover of somesort if you wished. It wouldn't be about Bonnie, because Hello is dedicated to Bonnie,Sue - Swindon
this is a great song. i think it's about two people that love each other more than life, like romeo and juliet. amy lee has such a great voice.Melody - Jacksonville, Fl
This song, along with "Bring Me To Life", was featured in "Daredevil".Adam - Poplar Bluff, Mo
And no... Amy isn't dead, she is alive and kickin'Moya - Zoutleeuw, Belgium
This song is sung from the POV of Mary to her son Jesus after her was Crucified... "my immortal..." HELLO?!?! Who do you think Her Immortal IS? Its not about love or a relationship... Its about a mother missing her son after his death.Justin - Pittsgrove, Nj
me and a friend did this song as a duet for kareoke one night on a cruise recently, and well by the end of it, we were both in tears, because i've found when i sing this song, the emotion is so overwhelmingly powerful, it does that. also, this song brings my mom to tears when she hears it. I use this song to warm up my voice before band practice, because its such an amazing vocal range, that matches my voice perfectly!! i love this song so much...Mara - Las Vegas, Nv
I really like this song.It has touched me very deeply.But I have heard that Amy Lee has died.Is that true?Ashley Johnson - London, Ut
This song is a classic. I remember hearing it and it just grabbed me. All of Evanescence's music is great. Their songs are the kind of songs you can play over and over again.Sam - Chicago, Il
My Immortal has helped me a lot on my poetry ever since that song came out I had at the time 30 poems and now I have 50 to 60 poems. To this day it still helps me on poems and it helps me with the lost of my grandmother I was the last person that she forgot from Alzheimer's the reason is I was named after her husban Mark and I called her Dear since I can remember. My ex-gf thinks its for her though that I listen to it to make her feel bad but no its not.Mark - Anchorage, Ak
I'm almost certain this song is about the death of someone close to you.

But in that same breath, I think it could be a song of pining for a lover. But I think for that to be true, it would have to be some sort of deep-as-hell, soul-to-soul relationship that, when ended, causes you to mourn for years on end after its over, much as you would after the death of a loved one. That type of love is kind of rare and, though I'm sure everyone who wants a former love back would/will say they know what I mean, it probably isn't the case.

-=The Prynce

The Prynce - Dillon / Hamer, Sc
God can we trade Amy Lee for Alliya back please?Jerry - Somerville, Tn
i agree with mainly everyone but it could be about a broken relationship. but she is saying that she is sick of him and rewinding every bad thing about him trying to see negative things about their relationship. but she really does love him(or her)lol, no matter what she trys to do with her conscience. "ive tryied soo hard to tell myself that your gone." or this could all relate to ben moody the former guitarist of evanescence on the same scale they could have and apparently did have a love relationship with each other.Martin - Belfast, Ireland
k i kno that this is kinda conceited but i love amy and evanescence and i think that i'm a really good (but not perfect singer) and some peeps have told me i sound just like her!
nuf said!
Kara1 - Shawnee, Ok
Well, I sang karioke(sp?) for the first time and My Immortal was my first choice, but I was afraid of trying to fill her shoes. I've been told I look and sing like her (how lucky is that?!!!) But I won't steal any of her flame, because she is so very talented. I get chills listening to her sing. You can easily extract emotions with the sound of her voice, not just in this song, but in all songs. And I hate to admit it but I only truly enjoy Amy's voice when it is full volume on my aiwa. Abbi,24Abigail - Ballwin, Mo
Amy Lee is awesome! This song is beautiful!Lisa - New York, Ny
Ok I LOVE Amy Lees voice. It is strong and powerfull and beautiful and definatly goes with the strength of her lyrics. This song is SO awsome! It matches the exact feelings of mine when my jerk of a boyfriend ETHAN SAMUAL PETERS broke up with me for my freind MEGAN BATTLES. All of the songs she sings and writes can relate to some one some how and that is why I love it!It shows what a jerk SO many guys are and can be. It tells how they can use, abuse and simply discard our thoughts feelings and emotions in a relationship. Thanks AMY!
- secret
Secret - Tipton, Mo
Amy Lee is just so original and such a great strong voice that fits with anything. What she means is that she loves him so much that I want to be there for you to be confotable and I wont let anything happend to you but it hurts at the same time when I protect you. I want you to leave and go away because I love you but this pain is so real and it hurts and everytime ur with me I want you to be with me more time but it hurts so bad so its better u leave so I dont have to feel this difficult pain. Evanscence rocks! Atlese Amy Lee does.Casie - Denver, Co
I really like this song first that I heard of Evanescence. It's sad but really goodSarah - Chicago, Il
Amy Lee said that she can't relate to that song. Ben wrote it and when Amy sings it live, she sometimes seem a little distant while singing it. Ben writes lyrics out of nowhere, Amy always writes about her feelings and life, this song is different.Janiina - Porvoo, Finland
Okay. This is kind of dif. for me. i really love Amy Lee's Music but i am not her number one fan. i had never thought that there could possibly be anyone as dark as me and i dont know her personally but i saw her and i found new life in myself. see looks like a person that has had a painfull past and i relate to ppl like her in general. i would love to meet this girl. i have changed but seeing her put her pain in her music has made me feel the need to put my pain in to my passion which i have not found yet but i know that i will eventually discover it. thanks to Amy Lee and her music i wouldnt be the person that i am today.Tiff - Washington Court House, Oh
I played this song for graduation and had all the girls crying. Amy has the looks and voice to be a pop, country, whatever, but she followed her heart into Ev...Back to the song. My Immortal means alot to me in different ways. When the guy I thought was the man of my dreams left me, I did nothing but sit outside and play My Immortal to my cat, Alex. I would lean against the tree and play it for hours and hours. I also played it when my uncle died. So, My Immortal is very close to my heart.Zora - Memphis, Tn
This song means so much to me. Last year on one of the last days of school, one of my closest friends and a girl who was a very significant part of my class, played this song. Everyone in my class cried (even people who werent that close to her). Whenever anyone in my class hears this song, we think of how great she is or we start to cry.Caroline - Baltimore, Md
I think Amy Lee can sing really good and she is one of the few people that can sing rock and then softer songs and have it sound really cool!!!!!!!Lana - Taranaki, New Zealand
This girl can belt one out. I favor rock bands with voices. Like Smashing Pumpkins dude. Amy is the greatest singer I have heard in my life. She could have been the biggest voice in country music today with 10 times the money. But she respected her roots and is now a very powerful rocker. There has never been a voice like hers, ever! JimJim - Milwaukee, Wi
i think this song is about a relationship that ended when one of the ppl in the relationship died or commited suicide. i greatly relate to this song- when i was in 8th grade my first "real" boyfriend killed himself. the first time i heard this song it was on his birthday (coincidentaly) and i cried my butt off for like and hour. amy lee has a beautiful voice in this song, the song itself is beautiful....Sara - Anoka, Mn
well, i just love this i'ts very pretty.! sublime.Jon-michael - Augusta, Georgia, Ga
this is a very beauitful song.!!Jon-michael - Augusta, Georgia, Ga
This song is for any person who has been in a bad relationship. If you look into the words you can see how the relationship was. How he/she took care of the person by wiping away their tears, and taking away all of their fears, it's like holding their hand through life. It was a co-dependant relationship and now that they are no longer together, he/she is still dealing with the pain that the other person caused, and he/she can't get away and can't get over the relationship even after all this time. Look at the fact that "And though your still with me, I've been gone all along", he/she is still haunted by the memories of the relationship, and through the whole thing he/she was never really part of it, because they were to busy taking care of the other person, and that person never bother to see them. It could be a male or female that was the care taker. You would know this if you were in a co-dependant relationship, Amy Lee has even described the song as this. I wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy.Melissa - White Bear Lake, Mn
This is probly how id feel if i broke up with my boyfriend.1st time i heard it i cried. Amy-lee's vocals are amazing.Lucy - Penrith, England
Keith from Chicago, IL writes:

"Actually, the single version of this song is a hidden track on Fallen, known as "Even In Death". The piano version is the normal listed version of the song."

Wrong. Even In Death is a song from their album "Origin".

The original piano version of "My Immortal" is also on "Origin".

Mark from NYC, NY was pretty close on his comment but "My Immortal" is about Amy's struggle between Christianity and another religion (Wicca).
Ashley - Cincinnati, Oh
Amy Lee is a wonderful live singer when she's not trying to be enthusiastic about it. When she's calm, like in a little private performance, or the songs are quiet like My Immortal... wow. Amazing. But in a packed concert, like on the DVD, she lets loose to entertain the crowd just a bit too much and loses control over her voice--enough to make me cringe: especially the line "So I don't know what's real and what's not" in Going Under. Just... please, Amy. Calm down. You might snap those golden vocal cords.Jonie - Alameda, Ca
I ealized today what the song means to me. See I have Bipolar, and I have been having a hard time dealing with my life lately. And to me it is like she is talking abotu herself. Almost like what Mark said her and God, She is having a hard time dealing with her past and the wounds in her life have not healed and even though it seems to go away it never really goes. I always feel alone and hurt. I listened to it like 20 times today and it just described how I felt. I have had some thoughts of suicide this week and have been fighting a demon inside me over this. And this song sorta helped me today.Angel - Glen Burnie, Md
Okay, this song is clearly about suicide. The fact that after the video plays on much tv the kids help phone number comes on kind of gives it away don't you think. Also the lyrics strongly sugguest it. Like when it says "You used to captivate me, by your reasonating light,
but now I'm bound,by the life you left behind." It's meaning she still has to deal with the pain of him leaving.
Brianne - Regina, Canada
I think this song is actually a conversation between one person and God. I mean think about it. The two who started the group are both Christians. I think they were just putting the Truth into writing for everyone to hear. In the first stanza she is talking about how she is tormented by her sins. Whe she says "your presence still lingers here, and it wont leave me alone" she is feeling the guilt from her sin because God tries to tell her what is right, but she doesnt want to hear it. Then when it says"these wounds wont seem to heal", she realizes that she cant heal her hurts all alone, she needs God in her life. The chorus is God telling her that, although she cant feel Him, He is always there helping her. In the verse that says "you used to captivate me by your resonating light, but now i'm bound by the life you left behind" she talks about how when she was first a Christian, God seemed so good and so great. But after she stopped seeking God, the joy goes out of her life, but she is still bound by the life Christ gave up on the cross. At the end of the song, she still hasn't resolved her issues. Then she realizes that her faith has been so shallow that when she was tested, she failed. This is when she feels all alone. Even though we can't feel him, if we let Jesus into our lives, he will do such wonderful things. But he's not going to force his way in. You have to be willing to let him change youMark - Nyc, Ny
I Think That Amy's Song Is Basically About Her Wanting Her Boyfriend To Leave Since He Said He Was Going To But Though He Hasnt Done That Yet She Is Feeling Very Alone.
(I've tried to so hard to tell myself that your gone but though your still with me i've been alone I'm alone).
Jordan Mcelwee - Fort Smith, Ar
I think the song is about losing a child or someone close to you to suicide. 'but now i'm bound by the life you left behind' just suggests suicide to me. Such a gorgeous song, definately one of my favorites!Amanda - Fort Worth, Tx
I cannot pretend to know exactly what the writer was thinking when this song was written BUT if you have ever lost a loved one to Alzheimer's Disease, you cannot hear this song and not think that this is exactly how you feel. I work in a nursing home and watch families struggle with this terrible disease on a daily basis. If that is not what the song is about...it should be.Anonymous
From what i heard Amy Lee is a very down to earth person not a snob, if you want the meanings to other evanescence songs go to www.amyleeobsession.tkChelsea - Oklahoma City, Ok
There's not very many songs that send chills down my spine, this one did. I love everything about it. Songs like this one goes straight to the heart.Priscilla - Rutherfordton, Nc
the Guitar in it, was just added because Rock stations turned them down because it was too "classical" so it was added so it would be played on Rock stations.Mark - Ontario, Canada
I think the song is kinda about breaking up with someone, still being in love with them and being "just friends" and knowing thats all it will ever be..Rachel - Slc, Ut
When I first heard this song, I cried immediately. It's beautiful. To be honest, I'm not a fan of female vocalists but Amy Lee's voice on this song just amazes me, I love the piano in it also.

I was going through rough times emotionally and it made me think of my boyfriend :/ (I thought he wanted to leave me.....um yeah too much info there) :X

I just heard it today though and it didn't affect me negatively at all...funny how songs can affect you certain ways at certain times.
Jill - Charleston, Il
I dunno...I could be way off...but to me, this always seemed like a sad song about loving someone who doesn't return your sentiments. Everyone seems to equate "But though you're still with me, I've been alone all along" to talking about someone who's passed away who's still with you in spirit...but I see it as yeah, they're there, but for all they're doing, you might as well be alone.Billy - Pittsburgh, Pa
my immortal is favorite song from evanescence's album fallen. it's a very good song.Brittny - Baton Rouge, La
Evanescence are nothing without Ben....
My immortal and hello, are their greatest songs..simply magical.
Sam - Dublin, Ireland
Actually, the single version of this song is a hidden track on Fallen, known as "Even In Death". The piano version is the normal listed version of the song.Keith - Chicago, Il
Just a beautiful song that rocks and sends shivers every time I hear it.Hayley - Vic, Australia
i really enjoy this song because my father died and my mother would always be there for him and she would wipe away his tears and protect him and when i listen to this song it reminds me of my dad and how much i love him and this song means a lot to me rock on Evanescence!!! much loveKristie - Bagley, Mn
My favorite part of this song is where the guitar solo kicks in.Billy Ross - Hagerstown, Md
I really love this song. It describes how I personally feel. I lost my mother a couple of years ago, and the song makes me remember only the best of her. I can identify with all of Evanescence's songs, and wish only the best for Amy Lee and the others.Amy - Pretoria, South Africa
Ive read several articles interviewing former guitarist Ben Moody that put Amy Lee across as a snob. Ben was a hell of a guitarist and had one guitar solo that blows your mind in the song "Haunted." I dont know, and im sure very few people know all the details at to why Ben left, but i just happen to be a huge Cold fan and Terry is a big loss.. seeing as how Kelley Hayes also left the band.Mikael - Pleasant View, Ut
When my cousin, Carolyn, played this song for my Aunt Terry, Aunt Terry cried because it was so beautiful. When you cry, I wipe away all of your tears. When you scream, I fight away all of your fears. Such sweet and compassionate lyrics. They truly mean a lot, and they sound like something my mother would say to me!Annabelle - Eugene, Or
Wouldn't you be ticked off if your guitarist left right before a performance??? That's exactly what the moron Ben did in the European leg of the tour. He left poor Amy and the band hanging. Amy is not a snob.Josh - El Paso, Tx
Amy Lee said that out of all the songs on the fallen album this is the only one that she hates.Randell - Mounds, Ok
Ben Moody played guitar on this album, it wasnt untill later that Moody left and Balsamo stepped in. Evanescence is a very good live band but Amy Lee is a snob.Randell - Mounds, Ok
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