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Always by Bon Jovi

Album: Cross RoadReleased: 1994Charted:
  • This was written for the film Romeo Is Bleeding, which explains why the opening lines are:

    This Romeo is bleeding
    But you can't see his blood

    Jon Bon Jovi didn't like the film (he described it as a "B Movie), so he shelved the song and released it later. The film got its title from the Tom Waits song.
  • The sentiment in this song - "I will love you, baby, always" - would be very sweet if it was reciprocated, but it's clear that the girl has moved on, and his obsession with her is rather unsettling.

    The song is very poetic, but kind of frightening if you're the object of his obsession, since he's not going to let it go:

    I'll be there
    Till the stars don't shine
    Till the heavens burst
    And the words don't rhyme

    Good luck getting rid of this guy.

    "It's a sick little twisted lyric," Jon Bon Jovi explained. "So many people feel it's so romantic and so wonderful, but truthfully, this guy is practically a stalker. He's a sick human being."
  • This was Bon Jovi's best-selling single in the UK, where it sold over 560,000 copies.
  • Bon Jovi didn't play the electric version of this song live for five years. The acoustic arrangement that appears on the This Left Feels Right album was performed during the Have A Nice Day tour (2005-06), and no version was performed on the Lost Highway tour until April 20, 2008 in Des Moines, Iowa when the original version was played. After the Des Moines show, "Always" became a semi-regular for the rest of the tour. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Lee-Ann - Perth, Australia
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Comments: 37

to: - Maria, porto, Portugal the answer to your question is Jack Noseworthy- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_NoseworthyArcangelofjesus - Saint-leonard, Qc
to: Piergiorgio, Padova, Italy - the words are "...through the wind, through the storm, through the driving rain, I'll crawl all the way home, baby, baby, baby - To lie in your arms, just to taste your kiss, just to hear you say baby, your all that I've ever missed"Arcangelofjesus - Saint-leonard, Qc
I adore this song!!!Ellie Peña - Bogota, Columbia
Nick at the end of the video clip you see her leaving before he sets fire to the place. . I love this song it has lots of memories attached to it.. Bon Jovi RocksRuth - Nowra, Australia
I saw Bon Jovi in Sydney in December and I was so upset they didn't play this! beautiful song, really pulls at the old heart strings, about all the things we wish we had said and done and the mistakes we can't take back. very real sh*t. love you Jon!Ny - Canberra, Australia
I was at the des moines show where they played the original version for the first time in 5 years, it was awesome. That was such a great set list.Randy - Virginia Beach, Va
Who is the blonde guy? I think that is jon bon jovi but I don't have shure. please tell me. thanksMaria - Porto, Portugal
Hello, I've seen there is no answer to a question below: "could anybody tell me the words that Jon says ending the song in Live in London 1995".
I know that Bon Jovi changes the ending words avery time during his live exhibition. I believe all you have listened to the Live in London 1995. That interpretation is particurly beautyful for me, and I would like to understand the words that Jon says ending the song. Could anybody help me?
Thank you in advance
Piergiorgio - Padova, Italy
Great song. I do believe that Jon used Dire Straits Romeo and Juliet and a strong base for this song. Many of the themes are the same (stars, dreams, loaded dice etc.) and some lyrics are almost directly sampled "I can't do(sing) a love song like the way its meant to be"Brandy - Minneapolis, Mn
One of the best versions of this song is on the 100,000,000 bon jovi fans cant be wrong box set. it is a first draft type demo version. its dont slightly different in a different key. however, Richie's solo kicks ass, the drum track is much more intense and John's vocals hit the roof! His range is unmatchable in the music biz. He is the most amazing tenor voice out there. He nails notes in the stratosphere in the demo version and will blow your mind and take your breathe away. get the box set. BON JOVI IS THE ALTIME ROCK GODS!Keeri - Airdrie, Ab
I absolutely adore this song, I think its bloody brilliant, but everytime I watch the video to it I think the bloke in it looks alot like bon jovi himself singing, must be the lips.
can anyone help me there ?
Lana - Manchester, United Kingdom
In this Left Feels right Jopn explains that it was written for a Gary Oldman B grade movie about someone who had a really sick mind and obsession about a girl. He goes on to say it wasn't written as a love song because this man was really twisted, but he is glad that people see the glass half full instead of half empty. This guy definitely saw the glass as half empty. That's why at the end of the song in This Left Feels Right dvd, you will see Jon shake his head in a :disapproving type of way" about this man in the song.Jenni Pridham - Meadow Heights,
Always (the electric version) was not played live for 5 years. The acoustic arrangement that appears on the This Left Feels Right album was performed during the Have A Nice Day tour (2005-06), and no version was played on the Lost Highway tour until April 20 2008 in Des Moines, Iowa. After the Des Moines show, Always became a "semi-regular" for the rest of the tour.

The original electric version of Bed of Roses had also not been played since 2003. This Left Feels Right version was played on the Have A Nice Day tour and the first part of the Lost Highway tour. Original Bed of Roses made its comeback on May 20, 2008 in Abu Dhabi.

The Barcelona show on June 1 featured both Always and Bed of Roses, but because they are quite hard to sing, it's rare to hear both in the same show.
Lee-ann - Perth, Australia
At Twickenham 27/06/08 they played Always and Dry County! Two of the songs the hardly ever do live, it was imense!Jessica - Oxford, United Kingdom
This is a resonse to the comment about bon jovi not playing always live. Actually they do play it live (I know from first hand experience) on each tour but they alternate it with bed of roses so you will either hear one or the other but never both at the same show.Sali - Xxx, England
I'm answering the comment left about who the dark haired girl is in the video "Always" by Bon Jovi, it is Carla Gugino you were right, check IMDB.com down at the bottom in "other works" it mentions the video. I had the thought. : )Samantha - Albuquerque, Nm
This song is the best it has the best film clip. My sister had it at her wedding as the bridal waltz and the whole room was in tears. although I was wondering if the film clip is based around a film/movie??????? because its so great. Could some one please tell me the name if it is.. it would be muchly appreiecated.Jess - Yass, Australia
Acctually, it's not strange they don't play it live. I heard a romantic interpretation: Jon wrote this song to his girlfriend because she died and he never got to tell her how he felt (I seriously doubt this, because he's been with his wife since he was 17, and she's alive and kickin'). The real reason is that Jon's vocal abilities aren't what they used to be and the song is very demanding. Too bad...Sofija - Novi Sad, Serbia
Everybody thinks that this is a real love story, a real love song, but this is a song about a stalker who can't let is ex girlfriend go. he going crazy. (watch the clip from the song) Jon explains this on the dvd this left feels rightBjorn - Amsterdam, Netherlands
extreamly good song!Richard - London, England
Can anyone tell me the actresses name who plays the Girl (Dark Hair) in the video clip Always. I thought it was Carla Gugino (who was in spy kids and now TV Threshold) but its not her I dont think - but she looks similar. Can anyone help me out. FANTASTIC FILM CLIP !! I ABSOLUTELY MELT EVERYTIME I SEE IT! JON ROCKS !Jill - Sydney, Australia
They just played it the other night in Philly on the Have a Nice Day tour. It was done in the This Left style.... pretty awesome.Kitch - Lewisburg, Pa
Some one who has listened Always live in london 06/25/2005, can tell me the words jon bon jovi says ending the songGerson - Caracas, South America
I love this song! It's amazing and the lyrics are so meaningful. This is my favorite song by Bonjovi!Corrie - Calgary, Canada
This is such a great song, my favourite Bon Jovi song (closely followed by Livin' On A Prayer)! Nick, I think it's just the memory of her in the video, sorry. Great video, thanks for bringing it up! Very similar to alot of Aerosmith's videos, but better!Chrissy - Manchester
My girlfriend and I are constantly fighting about the video to this song. I think that he kills his girlfriend, and at the end of the song, he sees her ghost. she thinks that she escapes the explosion at the end, and his memory is haunting him. Any suggestions?Nick - Boston, Ma
I love this song. I was 14 when it was released. I remember taping Video Hits and my Mum started to get mad at me so she came and hit stop on the VCR - I managed to hit record but I lost some of the guitar solo. I recently downloaded the clip and now I've got the whole thing. Love the video clip, love the song. 22/7/05Debra - Brisbane, Australia
This is a great song...good lyrics and well arranged. ahh memoriesMadeline - Melbourne, Australia
i really feel the sincerity of this song everytime i hear this. i've always dreamt of singing this one!!!it got so much emotions in it!!!Noli - Manila, Other
quality song - brings back the old school disco memories !!!Adrian - Merthyr Tydfil, Al
I think you cant pass Bonjovi the band is great together and everyone of their songs are fantastic! Every song has meaning and i think there should be more bands today trying to do the same, instead of having a beat and keep saying the same sentence over and over in the song and people not understanding what they say anyway!Zoe - Perth, Wa
Seriously the most passionate and bittersweet song ever written. Is there any other love song that can make you feel every emotion that he is feeling? ROCK ON BON JOVI!!!!Heather - Jacksonville, Fl
This song is my personal all time songNicola - London, England
this song rules. old memories.........yeaaaaaah!Sarah - Missoula, Mt
poetry..........Sam - Dublin, Ireland
stangely enough, they rarely play this in their live showsJulia - London, England
I adore this song!
It is so well arrange, lyrically, and especially musically. I can listen to this over and over and over...
Annette Anderson - Jacksonville, Fl
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