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742617000027 by Slipknot

Album: SlipknotReleased: 1999
  • This is the intro track to Slipknot's self-titled CD. It contains some guitar scratches and weird sound samples. Some of the dialogue was taken from a Charles Manson documentary. The dialogue is: "The whole thing, I think, is sick."
  • 742617000027 was the shipping code on their 1996 self-released album, Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat. All the band members wear that number on their jumpsuits.
  • When Slipknot played this in concert, it opened their set and was often accompanied by a clip which is taken from a film called Gummo. The sample can be found when the two kids are smashing and breaking car windows. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Nick - Paramus, NJ, for above 3
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Comments: 20

Victoria, Green Day aren't punk rock...

Sham 69
The Damned
The Clash
English Dogs
The Undertones
New York Dolls
Macc Lads

All punk rock
Luke - Manchester, United Kingdom
...and I find it amusing that once again someone has fallen flat on their arse while attempting to make me look like an idiot online... Let's see where you failed John:

1. I am typing this on my phone so mistakes may occour.
2. There is a big difference between a couple of typos (with correct information provided) and typing "dis iiiiis der best song evaaaa" like a wanker.
3. I know the difference between (sic) and sick.
Luke - Manchester, United Kingdom
I find it amusing that Luke, you have two typos and you're telling somebody how to spell :P 1- its Tacoma, not Tahoma. 2-there's no "n" in "to." Also yes, darkstar is wrong. Corey Taylor was still working at The Adult Emporium when MFKR was recorded, and it wasn't "pulled off the shelf." It was just a promo album and there were only 1000 original copies made. That is why Slipknot considers MFKR and the unreleased Crowz album to be demos, and their first real album to be the self titled one.John - Forestville, Ny
(sic) is used to indicate that a quoted passage, especially one containing an error or unconventional spelling, has been retained in its original form or written intentionally... Using it without this context is bad grammer... (ha ha)... Not as much as Tahoma guy, learn nto spell for Pete's sake.Luke - Manchester, England
slipknot is teh best band ever sooo booyaaaaAndrew - Tacoma, Wa
anyone who says Metal all sounds the same either doesnt listen to it or has no idea what they are talking about.Justin - Franklin, Va
(sic) doesn't have the same effect if this isn't played first. If you hate metal, don't search for the songs. If you can memorize a phone number or two, you can get this song title down. The whole thing I think is sicVanessa - Orlando, Fl
the whole thing i think is SIC..
Love it..

punk rock isnt better...music is music..i like punk and greenday and everything, but we listen to this and,dont be a butt about it.
Victoria - Corpus Christi, Tx
I doubt Slipknot to MFKR off of shelves because it was too personal for Corey. Corey wasnt even in the band when they recorded it. Anders Colsefini was the vocalist then and Slipknot hired Corey a year after MFKR was made and pushed Anders to percussion so Anders left.Justin - Franklin, Va
This song confused me. I could not really understand the lyric.Joel - Columbia, Sc
742617000027 Is The Barcode For Slipknot's Very First Album MFKR (Mate Feed Kill Repeat) That Was Only On Shelves For A Week Because It Was Too Personal To Corey.Darkstar D. Manson - Hell, United States
Charles Manson started a cult back in the 70's called "The Family." They went around killing famous people and writing, "Death to the Pigs" on walls in blood.Max - Austin, Tx
Hard lyric to learn :)
Many words in it :P
Jeroen - Lisse, Netherlands
this is a really weird songRob - Uniondale, Ny
short song, wierd title.
still my favorite band though!
- Tampa, Fl
Wow after reading that I am kinda confused.Rachel - Raleigh, Nc
Charles Manson wrote songs for the Beach Boys then went insane for not getting credit, but that's a whole nother story.Carlos - Oxnard, Ca
How could some one remeber the name or should ii say "number" of this song, it's soo long!Hassan - Nyc, Ny
The Charlie Manson-what?Mariah - Miami, Fl
its the charlie mansonKirk - Pana, Il
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