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You Shook Me by Led Zeppelin

Album: Led ZeppelinReleased: 1969
  • This is a Blues classic that had been recorded by Muddy Waters and a slew of rock musicians looking to add some Blues to their repertoire. The song was written by Willie Dixon and J.B. Lenoir. The very first version was recorded by Muddy Waters because Dixon was his bass player.
  • How did Muddy Waters feel about getting the Led Zeppelin treatment? The year after their version came out, he said: "I feel good, sure I like it. I love it. I wish someone would call my name fifty million times a day. The more you call, the more people gonna hear. That don't bother me."
  • Jeff Beck, who played with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page in The Yardbirds, released a version of this song a few months earlier on his album Truth. In a 1977 interview with Guitar Player magazine, Page explained: "Beck and I came from the same sort of roots. If you've got things you enjoy, then you want to do them – to the horrifying point where we'd done our first LP with 'You Shook Me', and then I heard he'd done 'You Shook Me.' I was terrified because I thought they'd be the same. But I hadn't even known he'd done it, and he hadn't known that we had."
  • Jimmy Page played on many sessions for other artists and was a prominent member of The Yardbirds, but when this album was released, his guitar work became legendary not just among musicians, but also among fans. His solo on this was a great example of his talents.
  • Zeppelin frequently played at their early live shows.
  • John Paul Jones played the solos on electric piano and Hammond organ. Both were double tracked.
  • This was the first Zeppelin song to use a call-and-response blues style.
  • Page used his "backward echo" technique on this towards the end with Plant's screaming vocals and the guitar. Page first used this production technique, which involved hearing the echo before the main sound instead of after it, on the 1967 Yardbirds single "Ten Little Indians." In an interview with Guitar Magazine in 1993 Page recalled how the backwards echo effect came together on this song: "I told the engineer, Glyn Johns, that I wanted to use backwards echo on the end. He said, 'Jimmy, it can't be done.' I said 'Yes, it can. I've already done it.' Then he began arguing, so I said, 'Look, I'm the producer. I'm going to tell you what to do, and just do it.' So he grudgingly did everything I told him to, and when we were finished he started refusing to push the fader up so I could hear the result. Finally, I had to scream, 'Push the bloody fader up!' And lo and behold, the effect worked perfectly."
  • In 2000, Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes released a version of this on Live At The Greek, recorded at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles.
  • Jimmy Page was a big fan of Bluesman Willie Dixon. Page not only covered this song from Dixon's repertoire, but also "I Can't Quit You Baby." Both songs are featured on Led Zeppelin's first album. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
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Comments: 27

Led Zeppelin's version is great, but I think that Muddy Waters version is better. Still a great song.Thomas - Roswell, Nm
Zepplin introduced the world to the blues masters and I'm sure some artist's previously unknown became know due to them.Hope - Watertown, Ny
Truly one of the best blues cover versions ever done! Their name alone commands respect.Micky - Los Angeles, Ca
Ed, listen, from my point of view, there isn't a "worst" led Zeppelin song because they have such a spread of music like blues, rock, metal sounding stuff, and even pop. they have something for everyone so plaese just listen and consider.Garrett - Pittsburgh, Pa
Actually Jimmy Page used the reverse echo technique in the song "Ten Little Indians" when he was in The Yardbirds.Nick - Brisbane, Australia
This is an absolutely great blues song to sit back with a glass of bourbon and snap your fingers to.Jason - Denver, Co
This was played live from 1968-1970.Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
ive noticed how everybody is getting all upset over AC/DC "stealing" this song. But does it bother none of you that it was a MUDDY WATERS song first?Sheeberson - Wrightsville Beach, Nc
Yes, you can hear laughing during this song. Someone thought this was funny.Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
Huh, Ed... As for me, this is the BEST example of the Plant vocal possibilities. That "call and response" between Plant and Page in the end of the song really drive me insane!Dmytro - Kharkiv, Europe
This is the worst Zeppelin song ever.....Ed - York, Pa
Muddy Waters sang the first version in 1962 over an instrumenal track called 'Blue Guitar' by Earl Hooker (not Elmore James, Paul from Adelaide). This was released the previous year on the small Chicago label Age, but was bought by Chess reportedly at Muddy's own suggestion. Willie Dixon took all writing credit.Walter - Antwerp, Belgium
does the fact that ACDC robbed this song and sold billions of copies with no credit to zeppelin bother anyoneChristian - Penfeild Ny, Ny
ACDC is good but I'm gonna have to say Zeppelin is always going to be better than them. They are just a lot more creative and complex. So ACDC has heavy chord verses and chorus but Zeppelin goes beyond just chords and makes things a lot more intersting.Joe - Oakdale, Mn
Jimmy Page's You Shook Me Solo is a good one. And even though his solo albums really blow. You can get Outrider real cheap but there is a song called Prison Blues where Jimmy really shows his chops.Jerry - Eatontown, Nj
AC/DC's "you shook me all night long" is much better than this zeppelin song, even if it was made firstJames - Toronto, Canada
Hi all,
Have here an mp3 track by Elmore James - Blue Guitar. Same as Zepps You Shook Me note for note?

Understandibly surprised to read in here it was in fact written by Willie Dixon and recorded by Muddy?...sheesh! LOL.
Paul - Adelaide, Australia
I noticed someone laughing in the background too, Colin. It happens at 1:46 into the song.Elaine - Spokane, Wa
Jes, I believe the "moaning" you are referring to is Robert moaning in certain parts of his harmonica solo, in between blowing. It's kind of strange, but he moans/screams in 90 percent of their songs so it's almost expected.David - Swansea, Il
It's on I if you wanna get it! :)Dave - Canberra, Australia
i don't think this is one of the more catchy zeppelin tunes. it's good, but it's not as melodic or lyrical, i love the blues, but i feel zeppelin should build up more on thier blues. like heartbreaker, i like that blues. this was almost, too bluesy. although the more i read about zeppelin,t he less creative they seem, but they still make everything amazing, they're increidlby talented and i love them.Kika - Nyc, Ny
This song has a great beat!Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
Great song. The ending is awesome.Taylor - Austin, Tx
if you listen real close, between vocals in the the second verse you can hear someone laughing in the background...little imperfections are a zep trademark (ala the airplane on black country woman)and just add to their legend as simply the greatest recording artists/performers ever!Colin K - Sndy Creek, Oh
Whats with Roberts weird moaning during the song almost like he hit a button while he was drunk or something? HA HAJes - Canal Fulton, Oh
Page used backwards echo while still in the Yardbirds.Notably on the track "Ten LIttle Indians".Pants - Calgary, Canada
This is one of the few Zeppelin songs that takes time to showcase the musical talents of all four musicians. Awesome track.Adrian - Wilmington, De
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