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Asylum by John Legend

Album: Love in the FutureReleased: 2013
  • Producer Dave Tozer told SonicScoop that the vision for the song started from a joke. He explained: "The initial concept for the chorus was that you're in a relationship with Fiona Apple! (laughs) I love Fiona Apple, but people look at Fiona and say she's a little eccentric or disturbed or whatever, but I think she's the best songwriter of our generation. I think there's so much beauty there. The idea is that you're with someone who might be unusual or eccentric, they might be a little unconventional, but you want to get inside of that headspace with them. Want to be in the crazy. There can be beauty in the crazy, and you want to surrender to it."

    "That's an interesting narrative," he added, "and you can really paint well with a thought like that. I wanted to make these atmospheric gnarly sounds circling out of nowhere, like they're inside your head. I wanted it to be the sound of a mental breakdown... but beautiful (laughs)."
  • During an interview with Tell Me More host Michel Martin on 89.9 WWNO, Legend explained that on Love In The Future he explores "that idea of being in love and being committed to someone being somewhat irrational." He added that this song, "kind of just takes it, musically and lyrically, a bit further than some of the other songs, but I think it's still in that theme."
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