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Ma and Pa by Fishbone

Album: Truth and SoulReleased: 1988
  • Fishbone lead singer/saxman Angelo Moore wrote this song with their guitarist, Kendall Jones. "That's about my mom and dad," Angelo said in our 2013 interview. "My mom and dad were going through a divorce at the time and I was up in my room writing it down, just writing down what was going on. I brought it to rehearsal, the lyrics. Kendall and Norwood [bass player Norwood Fisher] had some musical riffs that they had put together, and the lyrics fit right in there. They fit right in, and 'Hey, that's a song right there.'"
  • Despite the song's subject matter, it is still done with Fishbone's trademark party vibe, as Angelo Moore sings about the devastating effects of divorce over some funky riffs. Moore has a lot of energy, and even his most personal songs are expressed with some tempo.
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