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Waiting for Superman by DAUGHTRY

Album: BaptizedReleased: 2013Charted:
  • The first single from rocker Chris Daughtry's fourth studio album Baptized was inspired by the real life experiences of incredible women. Said Daughtry: "Women everywhere. Moms, daughters, sisters, friends. And I hope the message continues to inspire and be a source of strength."
  • Daughtry penned the song with Martin Johnson, who is the frontman of Pop-Punk band Boys Like Girls, and songwriter-producer Sam Hollander, who has also worked with Gym Class Heroes and Katy Perry. "I remember walking into that session with Martin and Sam and he had this line, 'Waiting for Superman to pick her up in his arms,'" recalled Daughtry to The Hollywood Reporter. "I had just gotten back from the Man of Steel premiere and I thought, of course the fans are going to be, like, he wrote a song about [the movie]. It was really fun to write that because it was coming from the third person, as opposed to me writing about myself or something where I'm in the story and it's all about what's happening between me and whoever's in it."
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