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Lindsay Lohan

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This was written by Jeff Coplan and Robert Ellis Orrall. It was used on the film soundtrack for Freaky Friday, which Lohan starred in with Jamie Lee Curtis. The song helped propel the soundtrack album into Billboard magazine's Top 20 in under three weeks.
This was Lindsay Lohan's singing debut. She did not play guitar on this but did learn all the chords so she could perform it for the film. (thanks, Mike - Mountlake Terrace, Washington - USA)
Lindsay Lohan
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Comments (5):

I do like this song, a lot, and it's funny, cuz my boyfriend or my ex boyfriend or the guy-I'm-taking-a-break-from or whatever even likes the song and sometimes late at night we'll be talking and then we'll start singing this song and it makes me crack up every time. But yeah, it's a good song, and I like the lyrics. These lyrics remind me of the guy I mentioned earlier, and they still do. SO...yay song! ^^
- Jailene, k-tOWN, WA
I agree with brian you can totally tell thatshe can't play she doesn't even act like she can play. i thought that being such a "great actress" they could give her acting lessons on playing the guitar or somthing.
- melanie, Milwaukee, WI
hey listen up
first, she didnt play it because if she did her hand wouldnt be moved to a lower section on the fretboard when it has a high pitch
second, she didnt play it because if she did her hand wouldnt be moving during a bend or a hold
third, she didnt play it because if she did, on single notes and solos she wouldnt be using her hand, she'd be using her fingers
fourth, she didnt play it because if she did she'd be striking the strings at the right times, not just up and down randomly

how can you love her so much?? especially after her lipo??
listen to real music, and if ur gonna comment on her guitar, have some knowledge about it before you do
- Brian, Boulder, CO
i miss lindsay lohan, but i know it is impossible for me to see her bec. she's too far away
- bianca, philippines, MA
i love the song, love Lindsay, love the way she did the guitar on the movie.
- Rhona, Corpus Christi, TX
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