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Album: One Hot MinuteReleased: 1995
  • This song is about bassist Flea and how when he was younger, he was small and got picked on a lot. During Flea's younger years he was by himself and a group of guys called him a name because he had pink hair, so he flicked them off. They proceeded to beat him up. When Flea came home, Hillel (Chili Peppers' guitarist) was making a big pot of soup. He saw Flea's beat up face and said, "Oh my God! What happened?" When Flea told him what happened, Hillel yelled, "Come on let's go get 'em!" But Flea just took one look at skinny Hillel, his soup, and back to Hillel, "Nah man it's alright." So the song is about two things, that story in particular, and also about the great feeling of being really small in a huge world. Flea has said he loves feeling as small as an ant when walking through a forest with huge trees. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ty - Hudson, WI
  • The line about the "Homophobic redneck dick" refers to the people that were beating up Flea. This line was not Wal-Mart friendly, and RHCP had to distribute versions of the One Hot Minute album without the song to the retailer.
  • Flea sang on this and played it on a Sigma acoustic bass. He wrote it and is the only one that played an instrument on the song. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    James - Guilford, CT
  • A popular Lenten vegetable in England during the later Middle Ages was the pea. There were no known "green peas" until after the 1066 Norman Conquest of England. In 1150 among foods stored at the Barking Nunnery, near London, were "green peas for Lent." Dried peas were one of the principal foods for the poor as they were cheap and filling. (From the book Food for Thought: Extraordinary Little Chronicles of the World by Ed Pearce)
  • This is the only song from One Hot Minute that the Red Hot Chili Peppers played live after John Frusciante rejoined the band in 1998. The band collectively chose not to play any songs they wrote with Dave Navarro. "Pea" is the exception as it only features Flea. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Adrian - Gettysburg, PA
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Comments: 12

this song is my fav song by the chili peppers :)
it's almost completely me (i'm a pacifist until you get to a certain point and i don't care if you can kick my ass or not i'm still gonna try)
Jennifer - Liberty, Sc
Im am 6 foot 1 and I love this song. People laugh when I sing and play it. But It means a lot to me...Mark - New York, Ny
this song is really easy to learn and play. sounds best on acoustic bass anyways, yehEmitremmus - Desolation Row, United States
flea was bullied at school 4 bein little and this song is showin that he is better than them
Louise - Durham
fantastic song. doin it 4 the little people! Go flea. i introduced this song 2 may m8s and they all luv it. especially tom. xx the swearin gives it attitude. dont mess wit little dudes.Louise - Durham
Such a simple yet incredible song to play, "I'm a litte Pea, I love the sky and the trees" ... geniusDanno - Sussex, England
i heard this song was written as "payback" and flea's stance towards all the rednecks -- id say much like a hippie, he hates "rednecks with shotguns" and he loves the environment... but flea definitely deserves a medal for his work on bass i mean it just makes the chili peppers what they areMarko - Melbourne, Australia
Of course the "videogame" character is in the videogame imitation Californication music video.Sir Psycho Sexy - Somewhwere In The Middle Of, Ca
I'm a little pea/I love the sky and the trees is a reference to Flea's love of nature and devotion to saving the environment, which can be seen when his videogame character is climbing up on a red wood.Sir Psycho Sexy - Somewhwere In The Middle Of, Ca
this is such a cool song, i think flea sounds kinda sweet singing itLiz - Surrey, England
it is about how flea changed from the little "Mike B the flea" to a more agressive person when he started playin bassBen - Padfield, England
great, great songJames - Guilford, Ct
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