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Easier To Run by Linkin Park

Album: MeteoraReleased: 2003
  • This is about someone who has a secret - something he wishes he could change. That person would rather run away then deal with his problems because it is just too hard. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Benjamin - Brooklyn, NY
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Comments: 37

This song expresses feelings that every person goes through. I LOVE Linkin Park they're awesome.Kia - Cabo Rolo, Puerto Rico
You mean this song was NEVER played live?!! Oh, man that SUCKS!!!Zero - Nowhere, Nj
if the people at VIZ Media in Japan put 'Bleach' fans in charge of compiling the soundtrack to the next 'Bleach' movie, i'd be very surprised if this song doesn't make the list.Charlie - Las Vegas, Nv
Sometimes I remember the darkness of my past.
Bringing back these memories I wish I didn't have.
Sometimes I think of letting go and never looking back,
and never moving forward so there'd never be a past.
favorite lyrics
Bitsis - La Vernia, Tx
The music is NOT Easier To Run in the music video.Jakqe - Stoughton, Wi
i cant listen it only says "the upcoming tours are really exciting for us. cant wait to get on the road. we're playing with great bands and the new material sounds great live. so, shows are gonna be awesome" it says that over and over and over and over again. it wont get to the song. what is up with that?Joey - Louisville, Ky
god no matter how old (only being 14) i get this song will always be my favortie.
So many things i had to runaway from...
And just wow this seriuosly gets to me everytime
Emerald - Places, Il
this song is also about me.....there is something that happened to me in the past that i would rather forget or runaway from....it is in fact easier to runBryan - Raleigh, Nc
This song is about me. I have a dark past and I can never look back. Im also afraid to move forward so that there wouldnt be a past.Mike Fuentes - Melvindale, Mi
this song is so frustrated, it's about giving up and running away from our problems and not facing it, every time i listen to it i get sad,even if we replace our pain with some thing numb i think that the pain will remain, we cannot replace our pain that easy.Naanoo - Kuwait, Kuwait
I love this song! this band is amazing. everyones's explanations below make so much sense. If you read Sara's story, its so sad. I love how lp writes songs that a lot of people relate to.Its Not Important - You Dont Need To Know, Iceland
I love it. For me, it means that the easy way out remains there... allways with you. But that this isn't the road to take, try to put an example, don't leave the ones you love with a broken life. I've made attemps for suicide, the choice to kill myself will stay right next to me. I think for the rest of my life. And though it is such an easy way to get rid of your problems, it hurts others so much... And there are so many roads to walk, why hike the easy one? As an edition, there are finally drums in this song of LP.Esther - Sauwerd, Netherlands
I can really relate to this song. I love how Chester sings, it really pulls me in.Danielle - Killeen, Tx
This song, more than any other, speaks to how I feel almost every day. I have been battling a sexual addiction for near 15 years - the "movies in my head" make me want to puke. I can only say that it's nice to know that someone else understands the level of pain that one person can feel.Dave - Denver, Co
My fave LP song!!! the album was brilliant!!Francesca - Preston, England
i totally agree rin... theres much much more behind this song, it, like many other LP songs, helped me to realize...im not the only one.Trina Snyder - Glendale, Ca
this song really explains what im goin through! all the linkin park songs have a different meaning that just touches you when you listen to it and imagine yourself in their shoes!Mikey - Galesburg, Il
one word. regret. the person has something in their life they want to run from. it's like they can't really seem to talk about it. if they face it, they go it alone. No one wants that.Fatal - Aurora, Co
I love this song. i have the CD. Yup. I dont really like ALOT of their songs like i like metaliica and S.O.A.D. but they're alright.Ashley - Chester, Va
i love this song everytime i listen to it soothes me takes away all the stress and anger totally relaxing. easier to run is that kinda song that makes you feel you can do anything it's encouraging and inspiringKirsten - Tyrone, Ireland
A guy from near where I live was a Huge LP fan and when he killed himself two years ago, his suicide note was the lyrics of this song and the words, "Mom, this is what I wanted to say to you and I never did." It caused this huge uproar but when we - the ones who knew the guy - explained the song to his mom, she just collapsed and wasn't mad, just so so sad because he had all this pain and he never told her. Ever since, this song has meant suicide to me, even if that's not what it was written for. A beautifully moving song by a great band.Sara - Quinton, Ok
everytime i hear this song i close my eyes and let it engulf me and throughout the whole song i jsut cant move. this song, to some extent, expresses a part of my life and i think the same goes for all lp songs. this song is so emotional and i think everyone goes thru a time at some point in their lives where they dont want to confront their emotions and they want to pretend like nothing is - or ever was - wrong with them.Kayla - Rancho Cucamonga, Ca
Hey! But Rob did a great job in Faint! That's a real fast song.Alyssia - Melbourne, Australia
I think this song relates to not just one area of life, but all areas that all people go through in everyday life. Whether its abuse, broken heart, or past life, it has deeper meanings that we may think.Pao - Sacramento, Ca
i agree with nick. LP's songs NEVER have enough drums. on this song, however, the drummer does a great job playing the complicated pattern. he makes it sound so simple and smooth. i always wondered if he used an electric kit or an acoustic one though.Ryan - Los Angeles, Ca
this song is about something really hard that someone did n he is like desperate n da only he is thinking to do is 2 avoid his problems running away ....n he also wishes 2 change things he did before ....he only needs 2 disappear 4 a while 2 think about the mistakes he did ....he needs 2b isolated 4 a while 2 think how can he probably can fix all of this mess ." IT EASIER 2 RUN REPLACING THIS PAIN WITH SOMETHING NUMb"Marcia - Lima, Peru
This song is a song generally for those who either: have a "dark past" or can't turn around and face what they need to do.Bob Dole - Seattle, Wa
Overanalysis. Many artists intend multiple points of view. Many others write their lyrics abstractly on purpose. I write stuff like this all the time that can pertain to many sorts of problems. This as well as most of Linkin Park's songs can be about whatever you see it to be. That's why the lyrics are so general, and not specific like "Rhinestone", the original demo of "Forgotten".Dude - Tx, Tx
i agree with Phillip, about Chester being sexually abused. i very much think that's what this song is about. for me when i listen to it, i think about beleiveing people when they lied to me and stupid things i did and stuff like that.Kelly - Hybridgirl_kelly, La
i just love this song i just keep thinkin of my past it i guess talks about living in the past and never moving forward tht my thought though.Rebecca - Peoria, Az
chester bennington was sexually abused as a child, i'm thinking that's where the lyrics "something has been taken from deep inside of me, something i've kept locked away, no one could ever see, wounds so deep they never show, they never go away" "sometimes i remember the darkness of my past, bringing back these memories i wish i didn't have"Phillip - Eureka, Nc
About time. These guys actually used real drums. I also think the guitar in this song is great and one of the 2 LP songs in which u can hear the bass guitar. Great song.Gabe - Utica, Ny
I listed this one as my favorite song.. and the what's listed as the expliantion is BS... there's more to this song... I see something like trauma, abuse... "the darkness of my past"? "Memories I wish I never had"? That sounds pretty dark to me... geh... maybe I'm just seeing it from an overly feminine point of view.Rin - Brick, Nj
Well I know the song means more then this, but I am going to give one situation to explain better...
I beleive its about how somone had a problem; for example they are inlove with someone, and they desided to express there love to that someone only to get heart broken, and was hurt for sometime.
Now they feel the same way toward someone else, but only this time they run, not to have a relationship at all, but to run away and replace the pain with numbness...or in this case nothing at all.
Sara - Grand Falls - Windsor, Canada
I consider this song to very dark and very emotional because it talks about someone running from their problems and even though they feel like someone took something that was very important from them, they still feel really bad to where they wish they could take back everything, but they can't. so that's when they decide to pretend to be okay when they're really not.Will - Eliington, Ct
Finally an LP song with actual drums.Nick - Paramus, Nj
I love this song it is a very expressive song by linkin parkMichelle - Pueblo, Co
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