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Stranglehold by Ted Nugent

Album: Ted NugentReleased: 1975
  • Nugent didn't sing lead on this. Derek St. Holmes, who was the vocalist with his band, did. Nugent resented the attention Holmes received on stage and eventually sang all the hits himself. His explanation: "There's only one alpha wolf, and that's me."
  • Right up there with "Thunderstruck" as one of the most swaggering, guitar-driven rockers with manly appeal, the lyrics are rather violent, with the singer letting some poor girl know that he has the upper hand now, and is willing to burn her house down if he has to. Nugent claims the misogynist, violent lyrics were part of his act and should not be taken literally. This did not make women's groups feel any better.
  • Cross Canadian Ragweed did a cover of this song on their album Soul Gravy after the last song as a secret song. They also use it to do band intros at their concerts. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Cole - San Angelo, TX
  • The song can be heard in a television commercial for the Volkswagen Jetta, which follows the history of a young guy's vehicle purchases from his first 10-speed bike to a questionably legal speedster. Years later, now a doting dad he chooses the Jetta after learning it is a 2012 IIHS Top Safety Pick.
  • This classic rocker features in a number of movies including Bad News Bears, Dazed and Confused, Invincible, Rock Star and Superbad.
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Comments: 30

I just saw Uncle Ted last night for the millionth time! I love the guy. He's songs are amazing, love Stranglehold, Great White Buffalo, Free For All, Hey Baby, and of course, Motorcity Mad House ~ but then again I'm from the Motor City so I'm a little biased. Its always funny to me how the some of the "Women's Groups" trash Ted yet when you go to the concerts the ladies are LOVING him! When it comes to Ted, I'm actually proud to say I'm from Detroit (and that's saying A LOT)!Pamela - Macomab, Mi
PLEASE - what are the REAL lyrics to this song? Whoever put the lyrics up here REALLY got a lot of them wrong - a LOT of them. SO many, in fact, that all I really want to know is the last line of 2 verses, and are they the same words? First one starts with: "You ran the night that you left me." Last line of that verse is ....what? Certainly NOT "you better cross your way" the lyric that's posted here. Repeats again after the refrain "come on come on." The very last line of the song is... what? Again, NOT "you better cross your way." Just can't tell if they're the exact same words, or changed just a bit.Adrianne - Buffalo, Ny
Recently saw "Uncle Ted" Nugent in concert along with Styx & REO Speedwagon (2013). He still rocks. Years ago in the 70s, when I was about 18, my brother asked me to take him and his friends to a Nugent concert (with Cheap Trick). Seeing Nugent's live concert made me a fan. My husband and I laughed at all the f-bombs he drops and whether I agree with his opinion/politics or not, I love his passion and outspokeness. It's refreshing. "Stranglehold" is an iconic rock song and singing along to "come on, come on up...." and then screaming the last refrain...whoa, pure rock.Camille - Toronto, Oh
Stranglehold is one of the best songs EVA!!! Stands the test of time....will always rock. I never appreciated it when I let others influence what I listened to but once I really listened to it, OMG...way good song. LOVE IT!!Patricia - Houston, Tx
Ted's best song,in my opinion.BIG jam in the middle.Nice changes too.Dane - Green Cove Springs Fla., Fl
I cannot believe no one from Michigan has commented about my Uncle Ted! He was the first concert I went to...WHIPLASH BASH in 1990 on New Year's Eve! I've been turkey huntin' on his ranch in Leslie, MI, and my dad has received a few huntin' dogs from him. Great Hunter! He's definately the most energetic and crazy man I've ever known, for being completely drug-free...lol!Kymberli - Wellington, Co
I love this song, and love Ted. I grew up listening to his music, have seen him in concert and, enjoy the fact that he is "Crazy Uncle Ted". He plays a mean guitar, and the lyrics to Strangle Hold are, in my opinion, one of the best sex(y) songs of all time. I'm a Woman, I love dancing to it, and the Fems group can kiss my butt. Just because I am a woman (and straight) doesn't mean I can't appreciate a damn good beat and a man that can wail!Anne - Orlando , Fl
Think 10 and Bolero then think raw sex. A woman could be singing it to a man too. How's that for the ubersensitive womens' groups?
All you goofballs who want to be selective about what amendments to the constitution . . . how long do you think your freedom of speech will last if the freedom to defend yourself? Defend and support all of it or leave.
And it's not the lyrics but the kick-ass guitar and bass that make this a Nugent classic.
Lalah - Wasilla, Ak
I saw them in '76 in Offenbach, Germany at The Stadthalle. It was definately St. Holmes singing then.Bill - Los Angeles, Ca
Uber-macho song, and what a wailing solo from Uncle Ted!
I must admit that St. Holmes really has great pipes on this, too.
Oldpink - New Castle, In
Can everyone please just comment on the music!...I look forward to seeing Ted next week in Cincinnati. He once played "Red House" by Hendrix as part of his encore...Nice touch!Jp - Cincinnati, Oh
Lester, if u want to get rid of guns u might as well get rid of knives, and chainsaws and everything else that could possibly kill someone. Out of every trillion shots fired in america only one is fired illegaly.Bam - London, Canada
You mean Legs and Tush were also criticized by women's groups? Oh me, oh my.

Why not Strut, by Bob Seger then? geezzzus.
Dale - Santa Fe, Nm
ted only says one line in the song, i don't think that is considered trading offAnus Bung - Des Moines, Ia
One of the best riffs ever Nuge is a god!Bam - London, Canada
Morgan, there are parts of the constitution that have been changed because Americans didn't want them anymore.Lester - New York City, Ny
Nuge DOES sing on it. He trades vocal passages with St. Holmes...Bryan - Morgantown, Ky
Whats wrong with being a proud NRA member? We have a right in the constitution to own weapons. Do we get rid of parts of the constitution just cause someone doesnt like it? Rick Derringer never sang this song. Deringer is the name of the man who made pocket pistols in the 1800s.Morgan - Weatherford, Tx
I heard that Rick Derringer sang the lead vocal, and it was so good that they named a gun after him (Derringer), which of course made Nugent happy.Stephen - Kamloops
I've read that the vocals for Stranglehold were done by both St. Holmes and Nugent.Mike - Gettysburg, Pa
So on the studio Stranglehold song that I listen to, it's not Ted Nugent singing? What years did the Nuge do all main vocals and what years did he not?Jesse - Edison, Nj
Ted was a freak of nature and this song epitomizes his lifestyle..he still plays a mean axe....too bad he's a proud NRA member who carries guns and likes to push his values on people. Saw him live in 1984 with Blue Oyster Cult...Ted came onstage to play for Godzilla and Cities on Flame....awesome stuff.Mike - Warwick, Ri
Meatloaf sang lead vocals on Free for All. This was after Derek St. Holmes was fired the first time. He was brought back for the Cat Scratch Fever albumnGary - Windsor, Mo

Derek St. Holmes is now singing with the Paul Reed Smith Band.
Kathy - Stevensville, Md
'Aynsley Dunbar (of Whitesnake fame)'

You need to give Aynsley a bit more credit than that. He was the drummer for John Mayall and the Blusebreakers, Frank Zappa, Journey, and Jefferson Starship. He also did significant work with Bowie, Flo and Eddie, and Lou Reeed.
Mack - Terre Haute, In
Ted is not your average guitar player. this song is not one of his best though.Mgjghh - Hghfghfg, Mt
I saw Ted play in a little bar in Marquette, MI., in 1980. He came in from his hunting camp and simply wanted to jam with the house bands instruments...it was freafing awesome. Only 15 of us in the bar...couldn't possibly get any better than that!Shane - Madison, Wi
I saw him first with the Damn Yankees (twice) and then finally solo a couple years ago opening for KISS. He had just a three piece with Aynsley Dunbar (of Whitesnake fame) on drums, I believe. I thought his vocals stood up well, and his guitar work was great. They played tight.Todd - Denver, Co
dont worry brian i thought the same way....dude but who cares the guitar kicks ass!!!!!Ben - Aguadilla, United States
Damn I feel like an idiot, I could have swore the Nuge sang. When you see him and you hear the voice, it looks like that's how he would sing lol. Well none the less, he had some AMAZING guitar work here. Great song.Brian - Paoli, In
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