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Thank You by Led Zeppelin

Album: Led Zeppelin IIReleased: 1969
  • Robert Plant dedicated this to his wife, Maureen. It was the first Zeppelin song that Plant wrote all the lyrics for - something he did at the urging of Jimmy Page.
  • Jimmy Page sang background on this. You can hear him sing with Plant during the line, "Little drops of rain" until the part where Plant goes "My, my, my." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Lucy - Claremont, United States
  • Page played an acoustic guitar solo on this, something he rarely did.
  • This became a showcase for John Paul Jones' keyboard work during live shows.
  • This ends with a church organ that fades to silence and comes back about 10 seconds later. This creates a problem for radio stations, who must decide between accepting the "dead air" or cutting it off. Some stations run edited versions, with the silence eliminated.
  • In 2001, Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit and Was Scantlin from Puddle Of Mudd performed this at the MTV Europe Music Awards.
  • Some radio stations play this together with "The Lemon Song" because there's no pause between them on the album. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Adrian - Wilmington, DE
  • Tori Amos covered this song in her piano and singing style. It is on the extended "Crucify" single along with her versions of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Angie." Led Zeppelin was a big influence for her. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    sara - pittsburgh, PA
  • Jimmy Page and Robert Plant used a mellower version of this as either an opening number or encore for most of their shows from 1995 through 1998. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Chris - Whitesboro, NY
  • The lyrics, "If the sun refuse to shine" and "When mountains crumble to the sea" came from a Jimi Hendrix song called "If 6 Was 9."
  • When Led Zeppelin played this live, John Paul Jones would improvise an extended organ intro. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France, for above 2
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Comments: 88

Obviously a great song but also more than that it evokes great memories, and isn't that really how you measure a song on a personal scale?
Takes me back to 1980... hanging out with my buds, smokin' weed and listening to Led Zeppelin II over and over again. I may have only been 14 at the time but at that moment I felt much older than my years.

"Tears of love lost in the days gone by"

Thank You.
Michael - Montreal,que., Qc
Just a beautiful love song.Thomas - Roswell, Nm
Strangely nobody seemed to remember that Duran Duran did a cover of this song in their album "Thank you" ... which was quite magical as well. Zep's version definitely timeless, Duran Duran did a good cover to pay tribute to this wonderful song. Excellent stuff!Kelvin - Singapore, Singapore
Strangely enough, this song makes me think of Corrie Ten Boom, a middle-aged woman who became a leader in the Dutch Underground during World War II. She saved many people from death and was imprisoned in a concentration camp because of her work. She never married and for some reason, I imagine this song is dedicated to her. The power of music, I guess and the lyrics.Heather - Los Angeles, Ca
Sadie I agree with you! Jimmy Page is just the most sexiest thing ever,Y'all can have your Brad Pitts of the world.Brad Pitt can't play music that makes you feel 10 different emotions in one song.I have had a serious crush on the man since I discover Zeeppelin at the tender age of 13.Thank God I didn't listen to the tenny bopper stuff.Now at 42 I still have a crush on the muscial genuis that is Jimmy Page.
Most the ladies went for Plant nah not me ;the intellect ,dark brooding, wizardish,ozzing sex through a guitar like the master he his.
Oh yeah to all who doubt that is Jimmy on back up vocals....it is. I have a cd of Jimmy and Robert being interviewedform 1975 and Robert said Jimmy could sing.I have some cd of Jimmy singing a song called "She Just satitfies" from his session days and he plays harmonica.He not a bad singer.Oh he not Plant but,not bad.
Lisa - Blountville , Tn
A more traditional style of love song, and certainly better for wooing the girl of your dreams than "Tangerine," much as I love that even more.
This one expresses gratitude for someone directly, while the second is a sad look backward.
Fantastic opening lyrics "If the sun refused to shine/I would still be loving you/When mountains crumble into the sea/There would still be you and me."
Yes, love songs can get a bit tiresome do to being so ubiquitous, but this one expresses it so poetically.
Oldpink - New Castle, In
To Anthony -- I feel your pain, bro. But sometimes God gives us a life lesson to move to the next step. I went through your pain, and thought I would never recover from heartache. Led Zep songs kept me fighting. And now I married the fantasy dream girl from my high school, the most beautiful and sweet girl at my school. Although we both went different ways, and lived different lives for 2 decades, we met by chance (high school reunion) and I didn't "chicken out" this time... I told her how much I admired her back in school, and she didn't believe me. I endured 2 years of dating her and dealing with each of our personal issues with family etc... now, we've just surpassed our 3 year marriage mark by four months, and each day we fall more in love... (being older helps your maturity level).

I was disappointed so many times in my life, and dated hundreds of women, many of them models and actresses, but I found my wife, the girl my friends and I talked about when we sat around listening to Led Zep after coming home from a party with no chicks! I got her! She's mine, and I'm never letting her go. When we listen to Led Zep, we share our hometown, our memories of school, mutual friends, even after spending 20 years of other life experiences.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Led Zep says -- eternal love is when you know you found it, and it comes when you know you are there and you know your partner is there too. Look deep, find the answer.
Bloodaxe - Lincoln, Ne
This is a beautiful song. It has one of Jimmy's best solos.Marley - Springfield, Nj
I heard this song quite by chance the other day and it brought back memories of care free days. I purchased the CD and this is my favorite song on it.Ted - Cape Town, South Africa
This was played live from 1970-1973. The last time it was played was at Madison Square Garden at the same concerts that produced the live album The Song Remains The Same.Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
It's actually a Hammond organ, not a church organ.Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
Posted 2/25/2008. "Thank You" for this song!David - Deerfield Beach, Fl
The actual title of this song is not found in the lyrics. The only thing close is "Thanks to you" so it is not in the song. Fred Durst doing this song should be a capital offense. And this song WAS on Zeppelin's first Box Set, Track 6 on CD 1.Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
zeppelin could play it mellow or bang the gong. i saw them in st. louis in 1975. best concert i have ever been to.Rick - Tuscola, United States
The version of this song from March 21, 1970 in Vancouver is amazing. The solo is one of Page's best.Nick - Albany, Ny
This song doesn't seem to fit in well with the other songs on Led Zeppelin 2. It sounds nothing like any of the other 8.Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
Can somebody name all the Led Zeppelin songs featuring an organ? I believe I know of 5:You Shook Me, Your Time Is Gonna Come, Thank You, Since I've Been Loving You, and Night Flight.Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
The backing vocals are Page's.Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
Actually this song fades to silence for about 15 seconds, not 10. But if you are playing it on a computer, you can put the speaker close to your ear and you can still hear the organ, albeit very faintly. Oh, and the organ part of the song makes me feel very sad, I usually stop listening to the song when I hear the organ part at the end. I am serious, it scared the fricking crap out of me the first time I heard it. The first time I heard it was just after I had woke up, that might be partially why the organ still scares me.Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
Why wasn't this song included in all the Zeppelin box sets? Did they think people didn't like it, or what?Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
I want this song played at my wedding!! (I'm sure everyone has said that already lol) It is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Robert's voice is heavenly *sigh*Melanie - Seattle, Wa
This song is very happy, but the organ is very sad.Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
I love this song, it's so beautiful. Robert Plant is beautiful as well, so is Jimmy Page. I would love to have this song at my wedding (I wish my wedding was to Plant though then he could sing it for me. just dreaming)Shannan - Wilmington, De
The best version of this sondg is on Led Zeppelins BBC Sessions disk 2 song 10. It will blow you away.Phil - Fakeville, Canada
My husbands main job for our wedding (10yrs ago)was to pick out the music for our first dance, thats when Thank You became my favorite song, we quoted some of lyrics on our wedding invitations. I am thankful for Thank You and my husband.Corinna - Boise, Id
i agree with emily,but i think that JIMMY PAGE is most beautiful man in all universSadie - Mitrovice, Al
I am crying as I write this because I had it played at my wedding in 1993, and, alas, my marriage did not last. I love my ex, and she is a good woman, but I am a loner, so after 10 years together, and 4 being married, I left. It was the right decision, but still sad, so every time I hear this song, or am reminded of it, it gets me choked up. "Together we shall go until we die...." - I didn't live up to that. On a humorous note, I put a notation in the church bulletin for the service that the song fades out and then returns, and requested that the moment of awkwardness be allowed to pass! In the video, you can see the minister start to speak, and I 'shush' him with a hand motion. PRIORITIES!!Anthony - Southboro, Ma
No doubt an amazingly beautiful song. I've often wondered about the backing vocals of many Zep songs, this one in particular. I don't know who does them. My guess, and it's purely a guess, is it's Plant overdubbing his own vocals. The voice quality is nice. I know Jimmy and Bonzo don't sing. It could be JPJ. I'd be interested if anyone has the definitive answer to this.David - Youngstown, Oh
This is just the absolute most amazing songs that Zeppelin has done...one of the best period. Cannot wait to have this played at my wedding one day!Kelli - Lexington, Ky
this song hass to be one of the most beutifull songs out there the vocals the guitar and the organ just make this song so beutifull i trully plan to marry to this song.Angela - La, Ca
I'm sure Plant actually wrote alot if not all ledzep I&II lyrics. His contract obligation
held him back from being credited.
A.ahn - Ak, Australia
Led Zeppelin at their best. My Favorite song of all time. Hands downPete - London, England
Jesse from Toronto, it's actually John Bonham singing the backing vocals. It says so in some of the notes inside the LP. He can be seen singing it on live versions as well.Tyler - Goffstown, Nh
This song has been with me since it came out as a child. Im 43 now and 'Thank You' has and will forever move me. I planned to wed to this on a beach or church. Im not into commitment lately. This song can move me like no other-----and there are alot of hot songs-------this one is pure beauty.
Ruth - North Attleboro, Ma
This song is very pretty and the organ gives it a nice surreal feeling. But it's another example of Zepp throwing together some not-quite-polished lyrics that needed another week or two of work ("your hand in mine, we walk the miles" --what is that? Sounds like a rejected line from Tea For Two.)Dirk - Nashville, Tn
I dedicate this song to my friend Jamie, coz its her favorite Led Zeppelin song.... I hope she reads this.. I love the song too. it means a lot.. Such beautiful lyrics. WowXavier - Pune, India
Lets all donate money for a noble cause. To hire some goons and Kill Fred Durst for butchering classics like Thank you and Behind Blue Eyes!. Here's my $10.... Feel free people and kindly donate generously... CheersXavier - Pune, India
Yeah Kent, I'm just cruising through Zep II and was wondering about those backing vocals...I dunno who they are, since it's a bit hard to distinguish the singing voices of the other members...hmm...I'd like to think it's PageyJesse - Toronto, Canada
Jimi Hendrix lyrics are a lot like this, but they aren't Jimi Hendrix lyrics. He covered them from I believe it was Howlin' Wolf, if it wasn't howlin wolf it was another one of those old blues players from the 50s.Alan - London, England
I agree about this song; beautiful, and a showcase for JPJ's keyboard playing. In reference to the latter, of course, see also "Your Time Is Gonna Come." I agree about the overplayed songs; I could live the rest of my life without hearing "Stairway", "Kashmir," or "D'yer Maker" again, but I never get tired of "Thank You."Mac - Evanston, Il
This is the best love song ever. No contest.Joel - Stockholm, Sweden
My future wedding song!Kristina - Sioux City , Ia
puts me off to sleep,..u might have seen zeppelin live at madison square,robert plant, before stairway, says,"this is a song of hope"...so is this.Vik - Delhi, India
I'm telling you, I was born in the wrong era. When most people around 14 would probably think of playing some sexually perverse rap song on a date, I would think of playing this song. It is so beautiful, and the organ only adds to its majesty. The vocals are deeply moving, and so is the guitar solo.Collin - Midland, Tx
very mystic. great song.Jordan - Shokan, Ny
The organ on this is great! It and Plant's vocals set the mood for the song. it's definitely a romantic song.Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc
This song is amazing. It's even better live than in the studio. Page always played a great solo while performing this song. My favorite version has to be Montreux, 1970. Page is perfect. Plant puts his all into the vocals, Bonzo threw in some great fills, and Jonsey played great too. The only thing I could think of that I would change would be to lengthen the solo on the studio version, it's amazing, but too short. I would of also liked to hear an acoustic live version of it.Chad - Reading, Pa
led zeppelin never seem to fail to impress! great song- love the guitar solo, and the organs when plant is saying "If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you" I love the way he says it- sort of delayedOlivia - Perth, Australia
hey grey, I think they were very pretty! Just take a look at plants beautiful hair and eyes!Olivia - Perth, Australia
a classicNiall - Dublin, Ireland
Anyway this song is beautiful. i love plant's voice and the keyboards on it.Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
Fred durst and classic rock songs should have warning labels on them saying that they never be mixed! HahaHa just kidding! Fred durst and Limp Bizkit suc, though.Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
the BBC Sessions version of this song is amazing the solo is one of pages best, and bonzos drumming is amazingChris - Portland, Or
The song actually does not fade out to silence. I cranked my stereo up to the loudest it could go, and you can still hear the organ playing very quietly.Taal - Australia
a great "making up" song.John - Brighton, Mi
I think this is one of the best songs of all time. Jimmy's solo is awesome, JPJ's organ solo at the end is awesome, Plant's voice in this song is awesomem, and Bonham's drumming is awesome. In conclusion, I here by dub this song awesome, and in the presence of all it's awesomeness I say i've had a bit too much caffine.Taylor - Austin, Tx
DuranDauran did this song on a tribute.Nick - Solvang, Ca
FRED DURST DOING THIS SONG= actually, I can't even begin to describe. It's pretty bad, though. Good song before he came alongJosh - Las Vegas, Nv
i never thought about that... ha! im having this at my wedding..Nick - Baton Rouge, La
i never thought about having this at my wedding...this song is so damn beautiful! and im a guy, and i never say stuff like thatNick - Baton Rouge, La
i dont necessarily think led zep stole hendrix's lyrics. i think when you have a line like: if the sun refused to shine, then always you have to have a line like when mountains crumble to the sea. the two go together, the sun burning out and the mountains falling. an apocalyptic pair if you willAdriana - St. Louis, Mo
This song is great, it brings a smile to my face. Robert Plant is one of the most beautiful men to ever walk the planet, mind and body.Emily - Detroit, Mi
I absolutely love this song, it's hard not to. Saw Fred Zeppelin (tribute band) play it live and I cried.Alia - Nottingham, England
If there is a better song about devotion in the world than "Thank You" I havn't heard it. Lyrically, Musically and as always The Passion they put into this piece is just masterful. one of the first Zep tunes I learned how to play. Anytime I pick up my guitar-my wife looks at me like constantly until I play it for her. It's her all time fave Zep tune and to me in their Top 5.
Rock On!
Bryan - Brunswick, Ga
Stand by Me also has similar words ...
If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
And the mountains should crumble to the sea
I won't cry, I won't cry, no I won't shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me
Baz - Melbourne, Australia
this song always makes me so sad...i love it!!Carrie - Somewhere, Wa
The backing vocals during the bridge are more prominent than on any other Led Zeppelin song, and are probably Page.Kent Lyle - Palo Alto, Ca
I'm 17 and just bought this album yesterday. Thank you is already one of my favourite Led Zeppelin songs; I didn't think it was humanly possible to write such a beautiful song! So, among other things, Led Zeppelin invented the power ballad (if you can call 'Thank You' a power ballad)! Hearing people say they've played this at their weddings has made me thought about what I would have if I ever get married. This would almost definitely be in there nad I wouldn't mind having 'Open Arms' by Journey and 'November Rain' by Guns N' Roses.Tom - Trowbridge, England
My eyes are welling up just thinking about it.Todd - Philadelphia, Pa
Anyone know why Plant was able to rip off Hendrix's lyrics from 6 to 9?Neal - New Lenox, Il
God I hate Fred Durst. Not only did he ruin Sanitarium by Metallica, he ruined this too. He also covered a Tool song but i forget which one.Ian - New York, Ny
this song is beautiful i especially love how it fades to silence and then comes backMelissa - Green Bay, Wi
In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever composed. I've grown tired of some Zeppelin standards (please no more "Stairway" and I don't ever want to hear "Kashmir" again) but "Thank You" has a timeless quality to it.
A relatively obscure song, it was never released as a single (The Zep didn't do singles) nor was it ever included in any of the numerous box sets that have been released since The Zep broke up. It never got as much airplay as the infamous "Stairway" either. It is relatively unknown to non-Zep fans other than an awful Duran Duran version that was included on the Enconium tribute album and on the soundtrack to "With Honors". And please don't remind me what Fred Durst did to this song! :(
But as far as being one of those songs that means something to a lot of people, I think the comments section on "Songfacts" says it all. It was played at somebody's wedding, "my boyfriend put it on a CD for me", etc.
I'm going to have this song playing at *my* wedding. Thank you Robert Plant for writing such an awesome song.
Mr. Fugu - Springfield, United States
one of zeppelin's prettiest songs...though they weren't exactly a pretty band..and yeah..hendrix does have lyrics a lot like those of Thank youGrey - Knoxville, Tn
One of my favorite songs ever. I love the drum progression during the bridge... just amazing.Tony - Tampa, Fl
UI think this is such a beautiful song, I walked down the isle on my wedding to it!Myrene - Papakura, New Zealand
one of my favorite zep tracks!!beats Stairway to Heaven by a long shot!Harvey - Jackson, Mi
Yep this song is beautiful.....my boyfriend included it on a love song cd he made for me :DJill - Charleston, Il
Fred Durst is notorious for butchering classic rock songs. Thank You and Behind Blue Eyes are two perfect examples.Caitlin - Philadelphia, Pa
Hendrix has a song that has similiar lyrics.Blackdog - New Milford, Nj
Of all Zeppelin songs, Fred Durst covered Thank You?? Disgraceful.

One of their most beautiful tracks, great lyrics and I love the acoustic solo.
Sam - Nanaimo, Canada
I agree with everyone else, but I must add that Bonzo's drumming on this (like on "Night Flight") is awesome and most often overlooked.Adrian - Wilmington, De
Fred and Was actually performed it with Jimmy!Jim - Bethlehem, Pa
the most beautiful song ever. the middle instrumental is simply astounding. jpj's organ at the end, powerful. love it.Kelly - Los Angeles, Ca
I agree with awfs. Fred Durst doing Thank You?? No Thank You!!Jimmy - Philadelphia, Pa
ese huevon de limp bizqit no tiene derecho a cantar esa cancion, es una obra de arte, y esos gringos de mierda lo unico que hacen es cagar la musicaAwfs - Fsda, Md
Not bad for the first love song Plant ever wrote...not bad at allFarzad - Gainesville, Fl
I LOVE this song. It is mine and my husband, Patrick's, song. We had it played at our wedding in 1999 and for my first anniversary present, he had a montage of our wedding put on video set to this song. I was so touched and I love him so much.

Lisa - Russellville, Al
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