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Always Be Your Girl


Celine Dion

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This was written for Celine Dion by the husband-and-wife songwriting duo of Dana Parish and Andrew Hollander. The couple were inspired by Dion's documentary on the OWN network, in which she which talked about her struggle to conceive (Dion's first son, René-Charles Angelil, was born in 2001 and twins Nelson and Eddy nine years later after her sixth treatment of in-vitro fertilization). "We didn't know she was making a new record," Parish told Billboard magazine. "We were just really inspired by this documentary and her life with her children. So the next day we got together and wrote 'Always Be Your Girl' about what she might say to her kids."
This was the first cut that Dion recorded for Loved Me Back to Life and the song continues to stay close to her heart. She told Billboard magazine: "I have a picture of [Rene Charles] right now in front of me because, for the first time, I let him go to Montreal by himself with his godfather and one bodyguard. I said, 'Listen, I'm going to let you go to Montreal without mama.' And when I think of 'Always Be Your Girl,' that's what I thought about with him, when he's going to leave and when he's going to meet his wife and have his heart break and things like that. I'm always going to be there. 'I'm the first woman of your life, I'm your mother'- that will never change. But it made me tear a little bit inside, in a good way. This song was mainly for him, but of course I will translate it to my twins a little later on. They're far from flying on a plane by themselves."
Celine Dion
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