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Rat Race by Enter Shikari

Album: Single Release OnlyReleased: 2013Charted:
  • This was the third stand-alone single released by Enter Shikari in 2013, following "The Paddington Frisk" and "Radiate." It finds Rou Reynolds railing at mundane existence:

    "The purpose of the rat race defeats me.
    When we're gone, what's left behind?"

    The phrase "rat race" conjures up the image of the futile efforts of a lab rat trying to escape while running around a maze or in a wheel. It is generally used in reference to the relentless struggle to get ahead of one's rivals, particularly in a competitive work context.
  • Bob Marley, Billy Idol and The Specials have all recorded songs titled "Rat Race," the latter achieving a 1980 Top 5 placing on the UK singles chart.
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