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Get Me Some of That by Thomas Rhett

Album: It Goes Like ThisReleased: 2013Charted:
  • Thomas' father Rhett Akins teamed up with Michael Carter and Cole Swindell to write this song. The narrator uses a popular expression to describe his desire to pick up a girl. He sings:

    "I bet your kiss is a soul saver, my favorite flavor, want it now and later.
    I never seen nothin' I wanted so bad.
    Girl, I gotta get me, gotta get me some of that."

    Thomas said in a cut by cut just before the release of It Goes Likes This: "I did not write this song, but the reason I recorded it was because of the catchy melody it has. I can' t wait for everyone to hear it on the record. It's also one of the most recent ones I cut for the record and I think everyone will want to shake their money-maker on this one."
  • The music video, which follows two people as they fall in love at a party, was directed by TK McKamy, who also worked with Rhett on his visual for "It Goes Like This." Rhett's wife (Lauren Gregory Akins) has a role when at the end of the clip when the singer notices her from across the room.
  • Rhett Atkins told the story of the song to Roughstock: "I had been friends with Cole and Michael for a long time," he recalled. "My association with Luke (Laird, producer) is how I met those guys. Actually, Cole used to open for me around 2008/2009 when I'd play in college towns in Georgia. Cole would open and do a little acoustic set before I played. I knew Cole from back then, and I knew Michael from Luke. They write for Sony, who I write for, and we'd been talking about it for a while … how we need to get together and do something. They had written a few Spring Break songs with Luke, and then they had Craig Campbell's single ('Outta My Head'). Then they started getting cuts on Luke's Crash My Party record. So we all got together. "

    "Cole and Michael played me the first three lines of the chorus," Akins continued. "They said we just kind of came up with this out on the road with Luke this weekend, but that's all we have. When they played me those lines, I was like I'm in -- big time! That sounds like a smash. We just sat there and hammered it out for the rest of the afternoon. Then we went and demoed it a week later."
  • This wasn't specifically written for Thomas Rhett. "We thought his record was done," Akins told Roughstock. "We pitched it to a few people, and they passed on it, just like 'It Goes Like This' was passed on by some pretty big artists. We were scratching our heads going we think this song is so awesome, so why is it being passed on? I think it's just one of those things where a song is meant to be where it's meant to be. Both of these songs I truly believe were meant for Thomas Rhett. I think that's why they were both passed on by a bunch of people. I sent it to him, and he called me saying, 'Dad, I'm cutting that! That's a smash!' He went in and cut it with Luke Laird, and they just killed it. It sounds great. Thomas Rhett sounds great. It's fun. It gets you moving. I think it's exactly what Thomas Rhett needed for his follow-up single to 'It Goes Like This.'"
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