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Nasty by Pixie Lott

Album: Pixie LottReleased: 2014Charted:
  • This was originally recorded by Christina Aguilera as a duet with her The Voice colleague Cee Lo Green. Their version was earmarked for Aguilera's 2010 Burlesque flick, but wasn't used in the movie though it did leak online in the spring of 2011."A few other singers had recorded it and Christina was one of them so everyone wanted this song," Pixie told The Metro. "When I heard other singers had done it I thought "I need to get this!" It was a difficult song to get because there are so many old-school samples on it, like James Brown, that are hard to clear copyright on. But I got it."

    Pixie's interpretation of the tune was released as the first single from her self-titled third album.
  • The video was directed by Bryan Barber (Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man," OutKast's "Hey Ya"). Pixie told You magazine: "I wrote the treatment. I start out prim and proper, innocent and well-dressed, and then I see this guy and the clothes are transformed into something a bit more nasty. It was a cool video to shoot."
  • Pixie premiered the single on January 10, 2014 on Capital FM. "The thing is with this song, it's not nasty as in not being very nice, it's more about the naughty factor," she told the radio station. "It's more like a naughty nasty."
  • The singer named her third LP "Pixie Lott" because, out of all of her records, this one best captures her personality. "This album represents me the most out of all of my albums," Lott told Billboard magazine. "My last album had some dance tracks and some soul tracks, but this one is more centered."
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