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The Three Bells


The Browns

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This was based on a song called "While The Angelus Was Ringing," which was originally a hit in France for both Les Compagnons De La Chanson and Edith Piaf. (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England)
The Browns were a family group from Arkansas - a brother and 2 sisters.
This was also a #1 Country hit.
The Browns
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Comments (11):

Jim Ed Brown, Jimmy Brown. Coincidence. Interesting, two sisters and their brother. And, Jeff from Austin, TX, the Brown sisters truly WERE hot. The chorus sounds a bit like the previous major #1 folk hit, "Tom Dooley"! I have always loved this song.
- Steve, Whittier, CA
My real name is Jimmy Brown. I was 5 when this came out. I took crap my entire childhood because of my name. People gooned on me because of the football player, the soul singer and yes, this song too. It was always, "Hey! Aren't you the___ (enter your choice here). I always wanted a different name back then until I discovered I could close the conversation by replying, "No, he was named after me."
- Jim, Morgantown, WV
Dick Flood sounds like a name for a porn star.
- Mark, Jefferson City, MO
An artist by the name of Dick Flood also released this song in 1959; his version peaked at #23...
- Barry, Sauquoit, NY
The song by Edith Piaf was "Les Trois Cloches."
- Karen, Silver Spring, MD
What a wonderful song. It makes me think of my family and the simple country upbringing that we all had. It's hard to believe that this song is 50 years old. WOW. Jim Ed and his sisters voices flowed like gold. I'm sure he is very proud of this song. It holds a very special place for me.
- Glenn, Dyersburg, TN
Jim Ed Brown also had some success as an actor.
- Stormy, Kokomo, IN
Those Brown sisters were hot back in the day.
- Jeff, Austin, TX
Mr Pearce is wrong, I'm afraid. This song was first introduced in French on Swiss radio as 'Les Trois Cloches' by its author Jean Villard, better known as Gilles, as early as 1939. Shortly after WWII in 1946, it was recorded for the first time by Edith Piaf with Les Compagnons De La Chanson. Later on, there were two English translations: 'The Three Bells' (1948) and 'While The Angelus Was Ringing' (1949), of which the first one was the most succesful, especially in the Browns' version.
- walter, Antwerp, Belgium
Jim Ed Brown's sisters were Maxine and Bonnie.
The song went to #1 on 8/3/59 for 4 weeks on the Billboard Top 40.
- Dan, Sterling, VA
Jim Ed Brown of The Browns still performs this regularly on The Grand Ole Opry.
- Homer, Versailles, IL
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