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Sara by Fleetwood Mac

Album: TuskReleased: 1979Charted:
  • Stevie Nicks wrote this in 1978 with the help of her friend Sara Recor, a singer and model who the song is named after. At the time, Stevie was secretly dating drummer Mick Fleetwood, who had recently divorced. A few months later, Fleetwood fell in love with Sara Recor and broke up with Nicks. He and Sara were married but later divorced.
  • This is a very personal song for Stevie. It is about a combination of things going on in her life, including the band, her friend Sara and her relationship with Fleetwood, but she considers "Sara" to be her alter-ego and her muse - the "Poet in her heart."
  • The "Great dark wing" in the lyrics is Fleetwood. He had a loud red Ferrari, and that's how Stevie and Sara used to describe him when he'd drive up.
  • The album was eagerly anticipated, since it followed up Rumors, one of the best-selling albums of all time. This is one of the few songs on Tusk that went over well with most listeners. Much of the double album can be described as "experimental," with a lot of songs written by guitarist Lindsey Buckingham that sounded nothing like the songs on Rumors.
  • This was 16 minutes long when Nicks wrote it. They had to edit it down to under 5 minutes for the album, but Stevie claimed the "real version" has about 9 more verses and tells quite a story.
  • In 1986, Nicks checked in to The Betty Ford Clinic to kick her cocaine addiction. She signed in using the name "Sara." She wrote a song about the experience called "Welcome To The Room, Sara" that appeared on Fleetwood Mac's 1987 album Tango In The Night.
  • "Sara" may have been the name Nicks gave to her unborn child before she had an abortion. In 1977, she dated Don Henley, and later confirmed that she became pregnant with his child and terminated the pregnancy. Henley spoke about it in a 1991 interview with GQ, where he stated: "I believe to the best of my knowledge became pregnant by me. And she named the kid Sara, and she had an abortion and then wrote the song of the same name to the spirit of the aborted baby. I was building my house at the time, and there's a line in the song that says 'And when you build your house, call me.'"
  • Nicks wrote this on a piano, and it was very hard for Mick Fleetwood to put a drum track together for it. He used brushes to make it work.
  • A woman from Michigan sued Nicks when this was released, claiming she wrote a similar song that Stevie must have nicked. Even though some of the lyrics were similar, Stevie was offended by accusation and refused to settle. The other side gave up when it became clear Stevie did not plagerize the lyrics.
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Comments: 61

Sara from Pasadena, I would LOVE to hear more stories from you!!!Casey - Arkansas
My favorite song is "Sara' by Fleetwood Mac. My best friend of 30 years is named "Sarah'. She moved to Arizona to begin her third battle with cancer. The last time I saw her , I washed her feet with Holy water. We made our peace, said our goodbyes. I told her if this was the last time I ever see you, I am truly very sorry if I had ever hurt you. She said' NO, you have never hurt me. This song will keep me sane... from breaking.Thomas - El Paso,tx
Jul, 2014,

One of my favs of the Group and of Nicks as an Individual.

That said, man Fleetwood Mac were either doing song, drugs,..or Each other:):):)

Hey,... but it enabled them to give us great songs/memories.

I bet Christie (McVie) decided not to rejoin them for she felt her loins couldn't handle the (Potential) Chaos:):):)
Markantney - Biloxi, Ms
On January 27th 1980, "Sara" by Fleetwood Mac peaked at #7 (for 3 weeks) on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; it had entered the chart on December 9th, 1979 and spent 14 weeks on the Top 100 (and for 5 of those 14 weeks it was on the Top 10)...
It reached #2 on the Canadian RPM Top Singles chart...
Was the 5th in a string of five straight Top 10 records by the group; "Dreams" (#1), "Don't Stop" (#3), "You Make Loving Fun" (#9), "Tusk" (#8), and finally "Sara".
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
Oh, and, Sara, glad to see you here!Steve - Whittier, Ca
In 1988 or so the full 6:23 length was made available, and that has the chorus "Sara, you're the poet in my heart, never stop/never start" in the middle of the song as well as at the end, thus making a LOT more SENSE. Stevie Nicks certainly prefers the longer, especially as we know in the case of this particular sing, the full unedited version*. Love this and it has made me cry a lot...I've had the record since it first appeared in 1979...The later Stevie Nicks song "Gypsy",1982, is eerily similar.
*LP versions from still longer unreleased versions (see also Rare Earth's "I'm Losin' You" and maybe the granddaddy of them all, with over 2 hours of
time originally!, Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein") are certainly common.
Steve - Whittier, Ca
On December 9th, 1979, "Sara" by Fleetwood Mac entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; and on January 27th, 1980 it peaked at #7 (for 3 weeks) and stayed on the chart for 14 weeks.Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
Oh and BTW...sorry but there's no lesbian stuff...ahhh...but the singer undoing her espadrille shoe laces was the incredible voice of "When You're Only Lonely" and many more beautiful songs...Mr John David Souther!!!"
This better pass the polygraph test as it's all true! And I'm not even 1/2 wat thru!

Sara - Pasadena, Ca
Well, here goes. Yes this song is about oh so many things! My second job after high school in 1971 was at a dept store called the May Company. My boss of toys, sporting goods and luggage was a guy 8 years older than me but we had the same birthday, Oct. 2. His name... Jim Recor, and he had grown up with his bff, Kenny Loggins (House at Pooh Corner" for Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) in San Gabriel, Cal. Kenny was just forming a bad with Jimmy Messina (Poco,Buffalo Springfield). Well Jim Recor and I began falling crazy in love! J.Recor had a degree in business Mgnt and being Kenny's bff, the asked him to quit the dept store and road manage L + M on their first tour. Headliners included Jessie Collin Young, Linda Rondhasdt and yes...Superfly himself, Curtis Mayfield! At the Troubadour.
I was 17, my father a strict school teacher at Pasadena High School, and he was not amused at the thought of me going to HOLLYWOOD, hanging out with...MUSICIANS and being 17. There you have the inspiration for a song written for my parents, "Your Mama Don't Dance".
So I turn 18 and get married and moved to Lincoln Heights, the barrio, and Dad took a while to come around! I stayed in school and worked and by then L+M were touring with a band opening up for them that had this funny little chick singer that would twirl n around and around. This was F.M. touring their F.M. F.M. album L + M's opening act was Fleetwood Mac! We all thought they were a little crazy!!! So it's 1975ish
Time marches on, I begin modeling for Mary Webb Davis in L.A. Kenny Loggins goes solo and now opens for Fleetwood Mac. Jim Recor and Stevie had spent considerable time together. The night after I finished a gig for Hang Ten swimwear, I head for the Forum and right before she goes onstage for the biggest L.A. venue, the Forum for the Rumours tour...Jim introduces us and even in her platforms, I'm towering above her. She just STARES at me and says nothing. I pat her on the head and say "Oh Hi!!! Yes, you're Jim's lil road pal!!! Which is what he had said. So off she goes to climb the stage stairs and start the show.
I had impeccable stage manners and f.m.'s road mger sits me right at the side and center of the stage...kinda waving when she's look my way.
A few days later I leave for NYC to start an agency for Johnny Casablanca called "Elite". So both bands are touring together, I'm to meet Jim at the Park Lane but he doesn't show up to the lobby until it was light out. Stevie, Kenny, Jim had been recording " Whenever I Call You Friend". Hmmmm I'm thinking.
I'm going to stop for a while...see if you guys wanna here more...as a tease, the song "What a Fool Believes" and it's story would be coming up soon, besides "Sara"
I can only see one line at a time so I hope it's not one run on sentence. Let me know if you would like to hear more. I'll keep checking!
Sara Lynn Jones Recor Fleetwood (Burton, Hilton, Fisher.... kidding!). XXX
Sara - Pasadena, Ca
My wife read that Henley had a child from another relationship around 1975.I remember the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac touring together.Dan - Winthrop, Ma
Simply a beautiful song; what more can be said.Chris - Scottsdale, Az
I am a musician , Guitar player, I always have liked Sara, I used to be Male Stripper in 1978 and used Sara for my strptease act. Audiences really got charge out of it all.
Keep it up Steve Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. Swede
David - Lttleton, Co
Sara in Pasadena: J.D. Souther is incredible. I can still remember exactly where I was when I first heard "Only Lonely". I was swept away.Ekristheh - Halath, United States
I thought at the end of '79 this was out as a hit in S.D., CA. My favorite, best composition of music and vocals!Michael Scott - Punta Gorda, Fl
The song is eerily reminiscent of a situation that I had encountered in my last year of college in that same time frame. I had fallen in love with a young actress, named Sarah, whom I idolized while on the stage. Too bashful to actually approach her, I decided to write her. I worked three months on a poem that I thought would win her over. (She was the poet in my heart) In fact, I explained my bashfulness in terms of a fish who had the bends ("downing in a sea of love", of course, is far superior). Well, she wrote back and I finally got the chance to meet her. But, she explained that she was seeing another guy, a young actor. I had met my match, and it was over in just one short meeting. As I departed, I told her that I wanted her to succeed - no matter what. I told her to keep going - to never stop trying - in her acting career (never change and never stop). I often thought of the words "when you build your house" as her finally reaching stability in her life and possibly calling me.
Odd to be true. Perhaps it was God sending me solace through the artist, and then perhaps it was all just a strange coincidence. But, I thank Stevie for her beautiful melody, and every time that song plays, it raises my heart to a crescendo as I think of her.
Keith - Pittsburgh, Pa
Sara Fleetwood is in the Feb. 1995 issue of Playboy.The song Sara is my favorite song.I have the 8min 48sec. version and it is beautiful.My best friend of 20 years Sarah does not like any of the Sara songs.Oh Well!Tom,El Paso,TxTom - El Paso, Tx
There's alot of truth here. But not the lesbian stuff. She changes her thoughts on this depending on how she feels about me, and the others involved in the song. It has been so much over 30 years! Basically I think she wanted to convey the love of the innocence of a good persons soul. How much she wants to protect innocence. yeah..Sara from "Pasadena". By the way. Does not J.D.Souther have a great voice. Peace...xoxSara - Pasadena, Ca
I was sitting at my desk at work back in November of 1979 when I first heard this song, and it knocked me out!! It is simply the most beautiful, haunting, and evocative tune I've ever heard in my life. It should have won Record of the Year at the Grammys. Everything about it is so fine, in particular Lindsay Buckingham's ethereal background vocal. This is definitely Stevie's masterpiece.Paul - Washington Dc, Dc
i believe this is written about her unborn child; seeing her sing it live ive seen her literaly holding back tears; and the very last lyrics says it all " its a heartbeat; and it never really dies".Kim - Flat Rock, Mi
I had a daughter who was stillborn and we named her Sara because of this song. The idea was that this is such a gorgeous song (and we love the name) that every time my wife and I heard it, we would be reminded of her, and such a difficult time in our lives, and it would give us a warm memory and a good feeling, if that makes any sense.Matt - Boston, Ma
what about- sara- the cleaning lady version ? debra,ceres,caDebra - Ceres, Ca
hi my name is sara....because of this song. i love this song soooo much i can listen to it whenever i feel sad i listen to it to make myself feel better. or when i am happy no matter how i feel. my dad is a big time stevie nicks fan and a huge fleetwood mac fan and i guess he has passed that down to me. my sweet 16 birthday party is coming up soon in 2 weeks and this is my entrance song. it shows how much this song means to me and has impacted my life, its amazingSara - Mahopac, Ny
I agree with natalie. I read about it a biography about the Eagles.Liz - Smallville, Ks
WOW, look at all the speculation. on you tube you can actually see stevie herself talking about her friend sara and mick falling in love, and how hard that was for her. she says this song helped her come to terms with it all. i think i would believe stevie, unless its another smokescreen.

don henley? id be embarrassed to say that i had even fallen for him.
Callmepresh - La, Ca
I came here searching for the sheet music to sara. Sara is, if I remember correctly, 2 chords on piano in close range together, back and forth. Quite simple really however it is the beat that is unique. Right now in the background the local pbs radio station is playing a live sped up version of White Bird by It's A Beauitful
Day and the percussive rythm is identical to Sara's. Hmmmmm... Mabey the drums isn't the only thing Mr. Fleetwood had trouble with while performing Sara. It is what I call a staggered beat, one which comes naturally to me somehow on a drumset.
I found it on YouTube this Halloween night and watched and listened and wept. Now I must go and find the notes and play it on the keys. I will dedicate it to Anabell of Cornish, who, against all odds, taught me the majical ways of the piano, gave a reason to live then passed away at 33. She is the poet of my heart.
Kevin - Boise, Id
Sara is the Patron Saint of Gypsys--- maybe that was the 'poet in her heart'.Conan - Armtipo, Mo
stevie wrote this song about her unborn daughter sara,whom don henley was the father,apparently between tour schedules in the late 70s,she had an abortion and wrote this song for herNatalie - Dublin, Ireland
Came here because this song has come in to my head now. Funny how my mind does that to help tell me what is going on. Just broke with a friend over differences in love.Burt - Boulder, Co
In my opinion, and from what I take from the song, I believe this song is about Stevie's relationship with Don Henley. When she says "he was singing and undoing the laces" - I think she is referring to Henley singing (which he does very well), and unlacing maybe her chamois, corset, or boots. I think if there is anything about a "baby" in this song, it must be a baby that she and Henley conceived, but for some reason was never born - miscarriage or abortion? Who knows. Anyway, I think the part when she sings "Sara, you are the poet in my heart..." she is remembering something that Henley said to her, but it wouldn't sound right for her to say - "Stevie, you are the poet in my heart," so she changed it to the name of her alter ego, or maybe the name she was going to use for her baby if it were a girl, so you she writes "Sara, you are the poet in my heart." I also think that when she says "I think I had met my match," she is once more referring to Henley. If any of you out there are into zodiac signs, you will know that a Leo (Henley) and a Gemini (Stevie) can be a very passionate and intense pair. The only problem is they argue with the same intensity and passion that they love. I know because I'm a Leo who has been through it with a couple of Geminis, both relationships had their very high HIGHS and very low LOWS, but both were very intense. Don Henley has said that it was tough on them, with all the traveling they had to do seperately, and all the time they spent away from each other while on the road. He said it was hard on him, emotionally, riding in a limo to the airport to drop her off for a tour, etc., and having to say good-bye. It seems to be the reason they broke the relationship off, even though they remain close, as I saw them in concert together about 2-1/2 years ago, and they seemed so comfortable as they sang songs together on stage. They had sort of a nostalgic vibe going on, and you could tell there was still some feelings between them. They even slow-danced together on stage during one of her songs. Also, I think it rings true that if Henley says he was building a home around this time, that she would say - "When you build your house, then please call me home" or "When you build your house, I'll come by." Another thought - Stevie and Don Henley recorded the beautiful song "Leather & Lace," together, which I have heard was written for and about Waylon Jennings and Jesse Coulter, but Stevie decided she wanted to record it with Don Henley, rather than to give it to Jennings to record. The hint at the top of this comment section says that it is being posted by a woman named Sara from Pasadena, CA. Is this woman Sara Fleetwood? I don't know. But she says the guesses about this song are close, but people are missing who the "HE" was as in "He was undoing the laces." When she says he a songwriter of the highest quality and that he sings like an angel - if she is not talking about Henley, than the first person that comes to my mind is Dan Fogelberg who was also a Leo, and who was directly recording and performing during the same era, and was part of the group that was The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Browne, etc. I know Fogelberg sang back-up on quite a few Eagles and Jackson Browne songs, as they did on his albums at the time. Fogelberg, who passed away in December, 2007, from prostate cancer, did have the voice of an angel and was known for his songwriting skills. I love Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, and Stevie Nicks is a favorite of my 28 year old son, who can remember listening to Fleetwood Mac virtually from the womb. I remember seeing Fleetwood Mac on their Rumours tour, and later tours, and seeing Stevie solo on several occasions, plus the concert she did with Don Henley. She is a consummate singer-songwriter and is the "Queen of Rock-and-Roll!" I am sure Stevie will tell us fans what "SARA" means if and when she gets ready to. For now, I think it holds different meanings for everyone, but, whatever it's about, it's a beautiful, nostalgic, and haunting love song. Rock On Stevie!!Kate - Marietta, Ga
It is a very special song. Most of you are pretty close, but no one has guessed who "HE was singing...and undoing the laces, undoing the laces" is. Tip...He's a songwriter of the highest quality, sings like an angel and works with only the best. I remember what every line meant to her and how it's evolved throughout the years.Sara Fleetwood, Ca.Sara - Pasadena (sierra Madre), Ca
Posted 11/27/2007. Fleetwood Mac is one of my all-time favorite bands! I like a lot of music, so that's saying a lot for them if I may say. Like Heart & Blondie perhaps (and ABBA maybe - although a different genre), they are one of those rare bands that successfully captured a good blend of male & female within a band (and also a rare English-American blend as well). Several of their songs rank among my list of all-time favorites - the Christine McVie songs "Say You Love Me", "You Make Loving Fun", "Songbird", and the Stevie Nicks songs "Gypsy", "Landslide", "Silver Springs", and of course "Sara". This is such a beautiful haunting song! Great great song. Unfortunately, one of the few good ones from "Tusk". "Rumours" is of course one of the greatest albums of all-time, but the 1975 "Fleetwood Mac" album is also a really good one as well! 1982's "Mirage" grew on me & I like that one just as much as well. The whole album is good. I really like the countryish Stevie Nicks song "That's Alright" from that, and though Lindsey Buckingham is still experimental his songs are not bad on this one as opposed to the bizarre "Tusk". "Tango In The Night" from 1987 is atleast a fair album that generated several 80's-flavored hits. Their latest "Say You Will" from 2003 is not bad for comeback album of sorts. Unfortunately, no Christine on this one but Lindsey does a good job and his songs are probably the best on this one. I really like "Steal Your Heart Away" & "Peacekeeper", and also "Say Goodbye", "Bleed To Love Her", and "What's The World Coming To" by him. Stevie's "Say You Will" is also good. I'm glad to have seen them in concert 4 times now (1987 - no Lindsey though, 1997- "The Dance", 2003, & 2004). With all due respect to all those Peter Green purists, Lindsey & Stevie's addition to the band made the difference. Fleetwood Mac's music & mystique has ensured their rightful place as one of the greatest bands in history in my humble opinion.David - Deerfield Beach, Fl
Haunting and Beautiful

One of the best ever...........
Gerry Walsh - Melbourne, Australia
I was named after this song, I have to say, it's very predictable that my mom would name me after a song like this.
I love the name and this song but I honestly don't think it's the most appropriate thing to name your daughter after.
Sara - Burbank, Ca
I've always loved Stevie Nicks' voice, but wasn't always a fan of Fleetwood Mac. This is probably due to the fact that the only CD of theirs lying around my house was Tango in the Night .The songs here aren't too bad, some of them undeniably brilliant, but the production is way too slick for my liking - that horrible over-polished sound that only late 80's could produce, Yuk!.
Just recently I found out the meaning of the song ' Landslide ' Being in my late 20's with the eventuality of never realising my dream of becoming a famous musician looming ( cliche', I know ); and more unsure of myself then ever , I could definitely relate to Nicks' lament to getting old. Not long after, my dad gave me his copy of 'Tusk' on cassette .The first thing that struck me was how diferent it was to 'Tango' : the songs seemed more sttripped down, and the production a little more earthly and low-fi (though I'm sure it was considered state-of-the-art in 1979). And then came 'Sara' ... oh my god Sara , one of the most beautiful 6 or 7 minutes of my life - and to think that I could have lived without ever hearing it ! Well anyway, I'm not the type of person to scrutinise every lyric in a song. I prefer seeing a song as a whole greater then the sum of it's parts, and this whole will evoke a meaning a lot more personal. But the moment I heard Stevie cry ' Sara, you're the poet in my heart', I remembered a song from Tango called ' Welcome to the Room... Sara'. It became quite clear that Sara was her ( very likely imaginery ) muse. ' Welcome...' is probably about her suffering from writer's block, whereas ' Sara' is more of a celebration and an ode to her enigmatic muse ( among other unrelating topics, I'm sure ) .
Like I said I've always liked Stevie Nicks, and now the added imagery of the young wild gypsy-like girl alluding to a mysterious muse whenever she seeks inspiration, just makes her even more enamouring and intriguing ... somebody bring me a time machine!
Warren - Jozi, South Africa
Not really sure what I think, except that the Henley and abortion angles seem to ring the truest to me. I think it's wonderful that she survived all of those things to bring happiness to so many of us for so long.
Greg, OKC, OK
Greg - Okc, Ok
I've always heard that this song is about her MISCARRIAGE...not an ABORTION. Don Henley said it himself. She was looking forward to having a baby with Don. The song is about how she thought her baby would bring her the happiness she always wanted. She was going to name the baby Sara.Nikki - Houston, United States
i first saw stevie do this song one late night on tv, it just come on in between tv shows,it said on the bottom of the tv around 1998
as the song started (stevie nicks live tusk tour 1979,sara
i remember her wearing a bright red long dress she look liked she was a bit under the weather, but the way that song was done was just awesome,never forget that night...
michael sydney aus...
Michael - Sydney, Australia
it makes me really sad that they don't perform this song EVER live. Mick says that the drums are too stinkin hard to keep up with. if you've seen a live version of that song from the 70's you'll see how high and sweaty mick was performing this song. i think that was the only way he could pull it off. i like to listen to this song at dusk. i picture this song with a sort of violet-deep blue hue to it...it holds tons of meaning to me.Holliee - Waterloo, Canada
The lawsuit by Carol L. Hinton of Rockford, Michigan claimed that Carol, a professional lyricist who'd had a number of her songs recorded by other artists, submitted the lyrics to "Sara" to Warner Brothers in November 1978. Stevie proved her version came first, by presenting the court with a demo copy and lyrics dated July 1978. In a 1982 interview, Stevie does not dispute the possibility that Carol may have picked up on "Sara" telepathically, as Stevie was focused on the song very intently and may have sent out "vibes". This is the only case I know of in which a well-known artist suggests that people who claim a rock star or other famous personage is contacting their minds are not simply obsessed or mentally unbalanced.Ekristheh - Halath, United States
This song is in fact one of Stevie's most personal, right up there with "Silver Springs". She stopped performing this song because she felt it slowed the shows down too much. On the 2004 leg of the "Say You Will" tour the song was brought back. While performing the song, the 1979 video footage was shown on screens behind her. The song is about many things. Stevie's unborn child is indeed an inspiration for the song.Al - Stafford Springs, Ct
very, very sad song...Sara Mackenzie - Middle Of Nowhere, Fl
Stevie finds this song the hardest to perform live as it is so personal to her. She performed it ONCE last year on the say you will tour and once in the behind the mask tour in 1990. It was on the set list for Rock a Little tour of 85 but was dropped after a few weeks as it is so hard for her.Stevie - Bradford, England
Oh that is so fantastic - best laugh I've had in weeks!! MONTHS!! You're right, Stevie from Bradford, what kind of numpty would name a band without checking he had the lyric right first? Dead Sara...that is so funny! Get yer coats, lads!!Eloise - London, England
My sister is named after Stevie Nicks and we are both huge fans. This is my fav song.Stevie - Bradford, England
Lorri, Elk Grove, CA - My Heart is with you. I hope your family pull together and are soon reunited.

With Love
Chris x
Stevie - Bradford, England
Which ever numpty named his Band 'Dead Sara' really is a numpty. She doesn't say Dead...it's "Said Sara, your the poet in my heart'Stevie - Bradford, England
My band is named after this song, ".....dead Sara, you're the poet in my heart....." I was thinking about having my band name Dead Sara when my guitar player had texted me questioning the same thing I was thinking. I answered back "How the hell did you know what I was thinking!?" And the rest is history.....www.deadsara.comMoxley - Hollywood, Ca
definitely about abortion. I love the bass and drums. this song proves that fleetwood mac had the best rhythm section ever.Rick - Humboldt, Ia
My brother bought me this CD when i was like 9 because of my name. He didn't know the story behind it until after he got it, so he took it away because he found out the history of it. He gave it back to me last year and I love it. :-DSara - Quinton, Ok
love this song ,,,,, always think of my nan when i hear it ..her name was sallyPete - Nowra, Australia
Stevie Nicks is my favorite singer and song writter of all times. she puts so much meaning and feeling into all of her songs. it is like her diary for us to hear. The song "Sara" is one of my many favorites. I think from reading about it over the years it has alot of meanings not just one. i think it some lines are about mick "'great dark wing' and some are about her relationship with don'When you build your house, I'll come by'
and "the poet in my heart" was probably about her friend sara and it i think also has some stuff in there about the unborn baby All I ever wanted...was to know that you were dreaming...and there's a heartbeat that never really died...smile for my Sara..."
That is why I LOVE STEVIE is because sara is just one example of MANY MANY Awesome songs that have so much meanung
Melissa - Seattle, Wa
I've loved Stevie Nicks ever since Rumours. Sara is one of my favourite songs of hers (after Rhiannon and Storm). Personally, I think Stevie probably writes her lyrics much less specifically than we think. Songwriting is hard - you can take a subject as your inspiration but after that, a song often has a life of its own and takes you where it wants to go; dealing with rhyme and form and keeping a mood going often means deviating from whatever originally inspired you. For what it's worth, my own view is that she wrote this with her friend Sara in mind, but knowing that had she gone ahead with the abortion, she would have named the child after Sara, too. Don't look too deep for meanings, just love the song!Clare, United KingdomClare - London, China
Personally I think this song is about Mick, Lindsey and Don Henley - all rolled into one. I definately think Mick is the great dark win - the house could be Don's. He was singing - Lindsey. I don't know - that's just my theory that it's a mixture of all those relationships.Lauren - Denver, Co
I'm not sure what I think about the story behind the song... it sounds interesting at the very least, but Fleetwood Mac is one of my very favorite bands, and I think that its members are truly talented musicians. When I found this song, I immediately felt connected to it: my name is Sara as well, and it was written only shortly before I was born (though my parents would not have known this song). You can criticize it all you want, but just keep in mind that Stevie's song is much more than what a lot of "musicians" are writing these days. PEACESara - Tucson, Az
stevie and mick were carrying on while he was still married, they ended it and only after that did mick and sara get together. the song had been pretty much retired from live performance because stevie thought that it didn't transfer well to the stage. it reappeared on the 2004 leg of the Say You Will tour. stevie emerged nightly wearing the same outfit she wore during the Tusk tour for the song, towards the end when she moves to lindsey's mic, the screens cut from the current performance to one twenty-five years old, quite a crowd pleaser!Mariel - Clearwater, Fl
ah you have no idea how long I have waited for an explanation regarding thease lyrics. for obvious reasons. i don't think its about abortion though and further more I think Fleetwood was a creep to do that to Steavie, Sara was a bad girl, and my name a drug clinic how fun...I would recommend bob dylan's sara for all the Sara's of the world. and for saranading a sara. ha that's funny.Saralysette - Ashland, Or
I believe this song is about the abortion. Just listen to the drum part--it sounds just like a heartbeat.

"All I ever wanted...was to know that you were dreaming...and there's a heartbeat that never really died...smile for my Sara..."
Tracy - Madison, Wi
Is it just me or did Sara seem like more than just a "friend" to Stevie?Cher - Ny Baby!!, Ny
Great song from a great poet. My ex girlfriend got me into Stevie. I too her to a concert and it was a magical evening.Frank - Staten Island , Ny
Together with The Beatles' A Day In The Life, this is one of my favorites songs ever. The piano melody at the beginning, Stevie's peculiar voice and the drums entrance, all combine for a very unique piece of art.
Eduardo, San JosÃ?, Costa Rica, Central America.
Eduardo - San Jose, Other
This song and its author are also very personal to me. My daughter Sara is one of Stevies BIGGEST fans, I even had the good fortune of miraculously getting front row center at a concert two years ago for my Sara's 12th birthday...Stevie touched her and and well..the rest was history. Its a long story but in a round about way MY sara was named after this song...I miss her alot, some tough stuff came down in OUR house with regard to my husband and an old addiction issue rearing its head during time of stress (both lost jobs, losing house etc) and then Sara's best friends mom having some alcohol addiction issues...all hit her hard and at the same time...some accusations were made and well...their dad has kept them (she and her daughter Sophie now 12 herself) since last June...I listen to this song almost daily....hoping that through STEVIES addiction issues my Sara can understand what a struggle it has been for us to overcome...and also know that without faith and the Lord in HER life...Stevie couldn't have made it either...where there is FAMILY...there is ALWAYS hope....I love you honey..and thank you Stevie...your music has touched the souls of two generations....I pray it will assist to heal our fractured family and bring us back together...peace and love :-)Lorri - Elk Grove, Ca
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