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The First Cut Is The Deepest


Rod Stewart

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This was written by Cat Stevens. It was a hit for PP Arnold in Britain in 1967, reaching #18 in the charts. Stevens never released his original version as a single, as he felt PP Arnold's rendition was a definitive version.
This is about a guy who has met a girl he wants to start a relationship with. In the song, he is explaining the hurt he feels because of his first love, and how it is keeping him from diving into this potential new relationship.
Sheryl Crow covered this in 2003; her version went to #14 in the US and #37 in the UK. It marked the first time a female singer had a hit with the song.
Rod Stewart
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Comments (23):

" I would have given you all of my heart. But there's someone who's torn it apart. And she's taken just all that I had. But if you want I'll try to love again. Baby I'll try to love again but I know". I think that anyone who has been through hell and back with a relationship can relate. But we all must learn to forgive and forget. The first cut might be the deepest but we can all use it as a learning experience and grow from it :)
- Nicole, Plymouth, MA
does anyone remember pp arnold?? class
- shirley, kelso, United Kingdom
Jill...This song is in 'The Heartbreak Kid'
- Dan, , NJ
i always thought this song was corny, until my first love broke my heart and i was able to relate. when a new boy stepped into the picture, it took me so long to trust him, and now that i did i am so happy with him. good ending :]
- Kayleigh, Sitka, AK
For me, the best version of First Cut was unfortunately never recorded. It was done live on a Cat Stevens TV special in the mid 70's by Linda Ronstadt. Check it out here:
- Tim, Boston, MA
At least give more credit to Rod Steward than to Sheryl Crow: he brought a different version, with pretty good guitar parts and mandolin.
She just kept everything from his cover, and could have used the same tracks if it wasn't for the sound quality (26 years between the two versions).
- P.A., Paris, France
how pathetic that this makes me cry, funny realy it came on the radio the other day when i was at my girlfriends place and i had to hide under the covers cuz i started crying my eyes out cuz it reminds me of my " x "
- Prashant, ktm, Other
Keith Hampshires version is hands-down the absolute best version - in addition to his powerful voice - the trumpets in this version send shivers down my spine - absolutely awsome!! If you haven't heard it - you owe it to your self to give it a listen!!
- Rick, Hamilton, Canada
Can anyone tell me which movie this song is from? Thanks
- Jill, Australia, Australia
I like the Cat Stevens, Keith Hampshire, and James Morrison versions. The other two sing fine but eave out or change important parts of the chorus from Cat Stevens' original song. It also is funny how worse became worst in different versions. Listen to all five versions and see if you can catch it.
- AJ, Greenville, NC
Keith one time you Help me out and I will never forget that!! The songs I still have.
Hope to hear from you..

Greetings Angel Wynton
- AngelWynton, Valkenswaard, Netherlands
Hampshire's version is very good although I'm partial to Cat Stevens's version maybe because it's the origianl. Rod's Stewart's and Sheryl Crow's renditions are insipid; both of which cut out the third line of the chorus ("when it comes to being loved she's first)which in my opinion the song loses something. I haven't heard the other versions.
- Chris, Boston, MA
i like Sheryl Crow's version. Besides, Sheryl Crow went through a breast cancer scare AND a broken off engagement to Lance Armstrong
- Caitlin, Upper Township, NJ
I still believe Cat Stevens earns by far most credit for this song... He has really proved he's an outstanding songwriter, also through Wild World
- Markus, Stockholm, Sweden
Allison Krause does a respectable version.
Olive, String Branch Texas
- Olive, Spring Branch, TX
Hey Pete and Dana are both right so lets stop the bickering. Keith Hampshire is the best version
- Brian, Melfort, Sask, Canada
btw, agree that Hampshire's is the best version.
- dana, Edmonton, Canada
Keith Hampshire is a Canadian, not an Englishman.
- dana, Edmonton, Canada
Englishman Keith Hampshire also sang this song in the 70's by far the best , really belts it out
- pete, nowra, Australia
I agree
- Aiedail, Carnation, WA
it's hard trying to commit to a new relationship after being hurt by a first love...
- Sam, Dublin, Ireland
Yes, Tom, but wasn't it already at No.1 the week before the Sex Pistols controversy?
- Dave, Cardiff, Wales
This wasn't really no.1! The Sex Pistols 'God Save the Queen' sold more copies but the record companies wouldn't let it be no.1 because of its controversy!
- Tom, Trowbridge, England
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