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Megalomaniac by Incubus

Album: A Crow Left Of The MurderReleased: 2004Charted:
  • Megalomaniac means self-exaltation, and to be crazy for big things. The song is about power crazed people and their destructive behavior. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Katt - England
  • The video had lots of images of famous megalomaniacs, including Hitler and George Bush. For a while, MTV refused to show it except late at night. MTV was under a lot of pressure after Janet Jackson bared her breast at the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, which they produced. They responded by banishing this and 6 other potentially offensive videos to late rotation, but this was the only one deemed offensive for political reasons - the others had too much sex. MTV eventually started playing this during the day, but before they did, guitarist Mike Einziger said, "It's ironic that this MTV scrutiny comes from an incident where someone bared their chest in public, while for the first time, our singer has his shirt on for an entire video."
  • Lead singer Brandon Boyd: "Lyrically speaking I know that there were a lot of things going on in and around the world and there were some very specific people in my mind coming dangerously close to having megalomaniacal tendencies and so I did my best to write those thoughts down." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA
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Comments: 39

I think its pretty easy what this song is about, Power hungry greedy people who have their own agenda and try to push it on everybody else. "Cut off your wings on principle alone" is referring to how you would take them down from their high and mighty throne just so they know they aren't that great. "We are all heaven sent" means that we are all God's creations and none of us is better than the other or should have reason to think that. "Your no Jesus, yeah your no f--kin Elvis" is pretty obvious to me that this person shouldn't think they are even as powerful as Jesus and that they are not even nearly as great as even Elvis, who was universally known as "The King". So pretty much its just telling all these ego maniacs to shut up because they really aren't as important as they think they are.Kristina - Bozeman, Mt
I agree with Anthony. Megalomaniac are Maniac's who love power and destruction. Therefore they seek power and above all to be above anyone else. And the Jesus part is added because it means you cant be higher then Him, no matter the power you are able to achieve there is no way your power is greater then his. Incubus has amazing lyrics. But Matt you are over looking the meaning of the lyrics.Bethmandy - Los Angeles, Ca
if brandon was doing the drugs, i guarantee that it inspired him to write the lyrics. Think of the lyrics, "We all here are heaven sent", and "You're no Elvis", this song is about a musician who thinks he's the king. That where the comparitive Jesus/Elvis line came from. "Cut your Wings on principle", either means that this musician, has paper wings,(not real), being able to fly and having wings are synonymous with living free to play music or live life. I, curious who's he's talking about, he also references being heaven sent. Does that mean that he and all other musicians are heaven sent? But the character he descibes has wings like brandon. If he gets loaded then sings cornball lyrics then brandon aint heaven sent.Matt - Calabasas, Ca
Lol, chill out Matt, its not like they are kids.anthony - North Cape May, Nj
He isn't using the Lords name in vain, he's showing how the common day megalomaniacs aren't as big as they think they are and contrasts them to Jesus. Learn to interpret.Terry - Midland, Mi
i thing that the word f*****g was unnecessary plus them using Jesus' name in vane.Matt - Houston, Tx
this is one of my favorite songs incubus has made!
there lyrics are so meaningful and really make you think!
Emma - San Deigo, Ca
9/11 was caused by terrorists, the loose change movie is a fraud, the entire movie has ben debunked. jfk asasonation ok maybe, but comon people lets use our brains here. lets not forget the fox special where they convinced half the country that the moon landing was a conspiracy.
stop spreading your propaganda.
George - Jackson, Nj
I can definatly picture the Dubya when I hear this song for sure!Jessica - Detroit, Mi
speaking of megalomaniacal...who reading this has done their own investigation into 9/11??? more likely, who believes exactly what the US government told them about it?? google some independent investigations and learn a very horrifying reality about some truly sick and dammed neo-consJim - Toledo, Oh
I don't see why everybody thinks that their earlier stuff is better. This album is tight and I believe its better than Morning View, even though a lot of people would disagree with me. Songs with strong political views, especially if they're against gov't actions are usually looked down upon by networks like MTV. I tend to like them because it shows that those bands aren't corporate sell-outs and they can stand out against atrocities committed by our government. Other bands are too worried about scoring record deals to include those kinds of messages in their songs. Rage Against the Machine is another band that is extremely anti-gov't.Hmmm - Los Angeles, Ca
to scott-not the only incubus song with f-word,not by a longshot, but the only single with the f-word.Brian - South Bend, In
They Stole the Riff From Devo's "Freedom of Choice" 'nuff saidRed - Mt. Jilly, Mt
1st of all Brandon Boyd has admitted numerous times that most of his lyrics have been made up after he smoked up... although i hate when people do any type of drug, Brandon has a beautiful mind whether he is high or not, he is simply amazing - the band is superb, i really believe i could just listen to incubus for the rest of my life and no other music ... they are that good and for megalomaniac... they are simply stating their place on many political topics and the imagination put into this song and the video is imply incredible, so love it or hate it, u must respect it!
RoBb, Brick, NJ
Robb - Brick, Nj
Alright...to begin with, Incubus has not taken any steps 'backward,' they have simply done what every other artist out there does: evolved and made new albums. There is no possible way for one album to be exactly like another. It's called music, not monotony. And the song, of course, is just about people who have too much power, think too highly of themselves, and have as a result hurt mankind in some way. The examples used were ones that were easily recognizable, such as Hitler and George Bush. And if they are on drugs, so what? There are more bands out there on drugs than there are not! The video doesn't 'make it obvious they were on drugs'...it's imaginative and visually appealing. And if you still think they were on drugs for the video, I'd LOVE to know how they could perform in, create, and design a music video while being f***** up. I'm sorry, but work like that requires sobriety.Megan - Sobieski, Wi
I truly think that this song is about both the world and the singer fred durst from limp bizkit... the verse you are no jesus you are no f***ing elvis could be about him because he has a tattoo of both of them.Evan - Martinez, Ga
I understand now the el guapo reference....nobody has mentioned what I originally thought Megalomaniac was about and that is the lead singer Scott from Creed....the reference to hear you on the radio and also its obvious Scott references Jesus a lot with Arms wide open and such....anyone else see thisBryan - Johnson City, Tn
Kevin, Kerry lost because the American people are stupid. On another note, why are all of you arguing over the meaning of this song? Okay, clearly this one is about politics to some extent. As far as El Guapo (which the band has been quoted with saying is true), the band being on drugs, being full of political bs, going backward with their sound, or having the song be about an unknown acquaintence, just believe what you want to believe. http://www.incubusonline.com/index.phpTim - Pittsburgh, Pa
The Warmth and Make Yourself also have the f-word.Stefany - Kansas City, Mo
hey scott...definantly not the only incubus song with the f-bomb...off the top of my head 'leech' does tooMatt - Waterloo, Ny
I heard this song was about Paul McCartney, cut off your WINGS, lots of other lyrical reffeences to.John - Shelby, Nv
Only incubus song with an F- word?Scott Baldwin - Edmonton, Canada
Does anybody even understand this song??? It's not about Bush at all as they stated in their interview. And for all you Bush haters out there, Kerry lost.Kevin - Garden City, Ny
I think that the song 'megalomaniac' is an excellent song and it sounds very meaningful. Why does the video clip make it sooo obvious that they are on drugs? Just because you have to think a little bit about what it might mean doesnt make it obvious they are on drugs.Kate - Wellington, New Zealand
In an interview with some of the band members, they stated that the song "Megalomaniac" was not about George Bush being power hungry.
It was actually related to a friend of theirs but they used Bush as an example in the video to get more attention.
Incubus is also putting the political image forward because the band does have some strong political beliefs.
A Demon Hunter - Away From You :)
I love incubus and i dont think they are talking bout bush. I think its mostly bout hitler and El Gaupo. Listen to the songs. They arent money hungry they aint against the goverment they are just singing is that so hard to beleive.Deso - Sacromento, Ca
Megalomaniac rocks hard. Why shouldn't incubus be able to express thier thoughts on politics and Bush? "Bush Lied People Died" that was great Jimmy Carter, Pearl Jam City. As for the whole digressing back into thier early stuff..Thier early "stuff" was great to.Don't be a hater just because you became a fan when MTV decided to air then primetime. incubus rocks and they always will.Maya - Sisseton, Sd
Of course Incubus smoke drugs. Has knowone seen the cover book for S.C.I.E.N.C.E. But this song has nothing to do with Drugs. Its all about the horrible facists that we will face in our lives
like El Guapo from 'The Three Amigos'
Tim - Auckland, New Zealand
I used to like Incubus. But their last album is suddenly full of political BS. Oh wow, another band who hates the government. Shocking! Incubus is in it for the money. To jump on the bandwagon and start badmouthing our government only means more money.Ben - Bakersfield, Ca
Did no one actually read our hear the interview with Incubus when they explained this song? It's all about El Guapo. The bad guy in the comedy "The Three Amigos." It's about how everyone has an El Guapo, and for the band, the song is their response to El Guapo.Josiah - Minneapolis, Mn
this is all about ANTI-FACISM!!! it's that simple!!!Joel - Manila, United States
Never was a big Incubus song, more into the older music and the grunge scene but this song and video is absolutely incredible. This song describes George Bush perfectly, and its good to see perceived mainstream bands uniting against Bush as well. I'll keep closer track of this band now, good song, might be the best video I've ever seen. Bush Lied People DiedJimmy Carter - Pearl Jam City, Az
Jairi, assuming you're referring to Incubus, first off they are not kids. Secondly, they aren't on drugs, they are just showing the rest of the world their take on politics and how disgusted they are with all of the power hungry "megalomaniacs" there are in the world.Tim - Pittsburgh, Pa
i like the song, has a good feel and is pretty well written. im suprised nobody has commented to any detail on its political value. i think this song and some other songs on this cd give you a clear picture that incubus is a liberal band who probably isnt thrilled with the current U.S. status. also the video where the eagle/man eats a bunch of people, i doubt thats random or the effects of drugs - think about it eagle (what does an eagle represent) tearing up other people, hmmm....Alex - Seattle, Wa
First of all, Incubus is a great band, but I think with Morning View they became a little too commercial and everyone knows what happens when a band becomes too commercial. They start to suck for everyone who has been listening to them for a long time and new listeners absolutely love them. Anyway, this song, according to the band is based on the movie "The Three Amigos" with Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short. The movie has a powerful man named El Guapo who constantly bullies a small town in Mexico. Steve Martin's character says at the end that everyone has an "El Guapo" in their life, whether it's their family or friends. Brandon Boyd claims that this song is about a few "El Guapo's" he knows in his life, but refuses to name them.Jamie - Richmond, Tx
After looking for the word "megalomaniac" in the Ramndom House Webters College Dictionary (C)1997 and being unable to find it. I looked up Megalomania and got this: megalomania, n. 1. a highly exaggerated or delusional concept of ones own importance. 2. an obsession with extravagant or grand things. [1885-90] Just look at the video. What more evidence do you need that these kids were on drugs?!?Jairi - Crawfordsville, In
Their early stuff was the best thing to ever happen to anyone. They didn't take a step backward, but forward. They were always at the perfection level, because they're Incubus in the first place. This is not a "textbook of wasted potential"Tim - Pittsburgh, Pa
Everything Incubus has ever done has been great. They're incredibly creative and Brandon Boyd is an great artist. I absolutley love the new album and this single could not make me happier. Their sound is starting to go back to their older stuff, while some of the songs on the CD sound like the newer. I may hate politics and all that jazz, but Brandon Boyd makes it worthwhile :-)Sarah - Fayetteville, Nc
ok hi my name is alatriel and i am an incubus fan(hi alatriel!) ok now this song is good enough but it sounds too much like the early stuff. i thought maybe they would progress with their style(morning view was so good, guys you were so close to perfection!) but instead they merely went backwards(to quote another song,"could not kiss/just regress') they are still good but this is a textbook case of wasted potential.Alatriel - Lothlorien, Other
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