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Public Service Announcement by Of Mice & Men

Album: Restoring ForceReleased: 2014
  • This is the opening track on Of Mice & Men's Restoring Force album. Frontman Austin Carlile told Kerrang! magazine: "The first line of the album is 'These are the hardest four years of my life.' That could be taken as the four years of high school, or four years of service, or who knows what."
  • Carlile was arrested and charged with leading an assault in late March 2013. However, when it came to the hearing the judge lowered these charges to a misdemeanor offense, of which the singer was found guilty. He sings here about feeling like a wild animal in a cage, prodded and poked at by the band's critics but unable to react:

    "I'm well aware that I did three days alone in a cell.
    A simple easy price to pay for something that I felt."

    Carlile told Kerrang! magazine: "People know what happened, they don't know my story – so why are they talking about it. Who the f--k are you? That hurts me, because if you don't know about something, you don't talk about it."
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'These are the hardest four years of my life.' are not the opening lyrics from the song Public Service Announcement. However, they are the opening lyrics in the song "Glass Hearts".Adelaide - Canada
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