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Bedtime Story



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This video was Madonna's most expensive she had ever made. It cost $5 million, and was the most expensive video ever until Michael and Janet Jackson's "Scream" in 1996. Madonna said the video ruined her hair at the time. (thanks, Kent - Latrobe, PA)
MTV did a special to promote the video called Madonna's Pajama Party. In the special, they premiered the video and Madonna read a bedtime story at a New York club.
This was written by Björk, Nelle Hooper, and Marcus DeVries. (thanks, Jessica - Saint Louis, MO)
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Comments (5):

The title cut to Bedtime Stories is a sad song. Madonna is ready to cry on her sad dance floor. In this sad song, Lady Madonna bursts into Wet Tears running down her sad face. She cries
"Today is the last day that I'm using words because they are useless and don't stand for anything. I'm traveling in the arms of unconsciousness!" Her first Kabbalah lesson, in Bedtime Stories, Madonna feels baptized by water. She cries "And Inside/We're All Still Wet/Longing and Yearning/How can I Explain How I Feel? Madonna is angry and downright scared about the way the media have treated her over the years. Bedtime Stories could well be her saddest dance piece. And when Madonna cries that she'll never explain her life again to her detractors, she is being sad, brave and Our Lady is simply telling her own truth about her life. Brilliant, Madonna!
- Leo, Westminster 1, MD
Cool, creative video. The song introduced Madonna to techno music.
- Theresa, Murfreesboro, TN
At the beginning of the video monitor flashes: Subject: Ciccone, M. Madonna is lying down, subject to an expirament, As the fluid seeps into her body, the screed reads: Lucid.

The video then goes into fantastic dreamland. In this world she says that word, "don't function anymore," "How can they explain how I feel?" The video says that she is leaving logic and reason through the arms on unconscious.

This is one of her best videos ever! Thanks Bjork and Madge!
- Hype, Austin, TX
Definitely one of Madonna's better song's...and by far one of her best videos! I found it to be like a Dali painting, surreal and filled with curious beauty. The collaboration with Bjork on this song was a very wise move. This song is even further proof that Madonna's style is always changing, and she refuses to stay "safe" with her talent. I'm not too sure on what the meaning of the lyrics are, but they're still interesting and somehow moving. Brilliant song, and a beautiful video, well done, Madonna!
- Reese, Calgary, Canada
Bedtime Story was written by Bjork and when questioned about it she said she DID NOT write it for Madonna but wrote it as a favor for a friend. Madonna took this personally so that is why she has a Bjork look-a-like tied up and is spanking her in the Human Nature video. I LOVE both of these videos...the imagery is so incredible in Bedtime Story and the concept for Human Nature just rocks plus Madonna looks so freakin hot in cornrows and black patent leather!!!
- John, Seasttle, WA
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