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The Devil Is A Lie by Rick Ross

Album: MastermindReleased: 2013Charted:
  • This single from Rick Ross' sixth album finds The Miami boss and Jay Z spitting rhymes over Major Seven and K.E. on the Track's horn-laden beat. "We're pushing the envelope once again and it's just one of those records I can't wait to hit the streets," said Ross before the song's release on December 19, 2013. "We went in another direction but it's just one of those records that's gonna speak for itself and everybody's gonna have their opinion of it, but it's most definitely what the streets need."
  • Jay addresses the Illuminati rumors that have plagued his career on his verse. According to this conspiracy theory, the world is controlled by the Illuminati, which masterminds events and dictates world affairs through governments and corporations with the ultimate aim of a totalitarian, one-world government.

    The theory follows that Hova must be among the ranks, since he is so successful and influential. The Roc Nation leader takes umbrage at this accusation, questioning on this song why a black man can't be successful without it being part of a plot.
  • This was the sixth collaboration between Ross and Jay, which started with "Hustlin'" from Rozay's 2006 debut album Port of Miami. The hook-up was followed by such song's as the Hova and Dre team-up "3 Kings" and "F—WithMeYouKnowIGotIt," off the Roc Nation boss' Magna Carta Holy Grail LP. "Me coming into the game in '06 off of my first single, which caused a big war, at the end of the day, it was the conversations I had with Jay Z that ultimately made me choose Def Jam Records," Ross told MTV News.
    "Ever since then I always came to the table with new records to let him check me. From my second album, to my third and fourth, anytime I needed a collaboration, he always made it happen. He's been out of the country [for] some events, I've [called] him last minute and he made it happens. So there's was always been that genuine respect."
  • Major Seven and K.E.'s horn-based beat samples Gene Williams' 1970 soul single "Don't Let Your Love Fade Away."
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