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Jumper by Third Eye Blind

Album: Third Eye BlindReleased: 1997Charted:
  • In our 2015 interview with lead singer Stephan Jenkins, he described this song as "a noir about a guy who jumped off a bridge and killed himself because he was gay," adding, "It was really about bullying."
  • Stephan Jenkins said on the PBS show In The Mix: "It's not just a song about some guy offing himself. 'Jumper' is really about understanding. Everyone carries demons around, they carry some sort of scar around. The message of Jumper is that there comes a time when you have to put the past away." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA
  • Jenkins told us that this song has changed meaning over the years, as shifting attitudes toward gay rights and inclusion have made the song a celebration, in a way. "'Jumper' has become a really positive song," he said. "When I wrote it, I wrote it as a lament, and now I sing it as a sense of arrival and more exalted, so that one's definitely changed."
  • This song is used in a scene in the film Yes Man in which Carl sings and plays the guitar to this song to convince a man not to commit suicide. >>
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    Alec Thorp - Yorktown Heights, NY
  • The title is never sung in the lyrics, which led many people to believe it was called "I Would Understand," which is repeated throughout the song. >>
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    Tiga - Mount Carmel, PA
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Comments: 37

There are a lot of ledges in life, a lot of ways for a person who has run out of hope to throw themselves away. The next hit of meth, next bottle of booze, next bad relationship, or the literal ledge / bullet / whole bottle of pills. What's beautiful about this song is it's message of love and self forgiveness and that it reminds people that you can reset life without killing yourself if you just choose to. In today's world you are rarely ever in a room where there's not some kind of a broken heart or tragedy just a couple of seats away.. this may have been written about a very specific situation but I think it's transcended that. Most of us know someone who's approaching some kind of ledge, right?Ryan - Cary, Nc
Alright look... lemme say something.

This song is excellent; it's got a great sound. It's simple but it manages to get inside of you and stay there... I get it. Also, it is a fantastic song to play on guitar. Finally, the fact that this song has so much meaning for so many people is amazing. If you have that song that means so much more to you than anyone else, you gotta cherish it. The fact that this song is so important to so many people is proof that it's a really well written piece of art.

That being said... Third Eye Blind is just another band. Their sound is different, sure, but it hasn't stuck yet. And I don't think it will. They have a few great songs... but to say that are a mini-zeppelin is preposterous. Their few years of popularity are all but over.
Jace - Whitehall, Pa
this song gives me great strength during the rough times and im only 14 a lot of bad things have happened to me i felt like killing myself until i heard this song i cried everyday i wasnt emo it was just how i felt i get bullied almost every1 hates me i have a few real friends and they understand how i feel i love this song so much....-Andrew,Modesto,CAAndrew - Modesto, Ca
This song was actually influenced when the death toll from the Golden Gate Bridge was about to reach 1,000 during the late 90's. The band is based in San Francisco so it's their own way to reach out to those who are contemplating of committing suicide by jumping.Ryan - San Francisco, Ca
This song means alot to me. My fiancee had cheated on me and took my daughter from me. She kept putting me down and telling me that her and my daughter would be better off if I was dead until one day I decided that I had to die. I planned it out for a week long and when the day came I took every pill in my house. I was in the ICU for a week. Now I listen to this song for strength on the hard days.Chad - Bangor, Pa
most songs have acual meanings and it annoys me that people just inturpret it to wat they want it to mean and thei to lazy to find out or listen hard enough to find out wat it means but this song is up for interpretationDerek - Shrewsbury, Ma
i love the lyric you "you could put the past away" i no it means that you should forget all the stuff that put u on the ledge but its always tome that if u jump u could just put yourself out of ur missruy and put the past away foreverDerek - Shrewsbury, Ma
this was in yes manDerek - Shrewsbury, Ma
This song is artistic, It doesn't have a "meaning". It's meant what you interpret it to be. I love it.Travis - Toronto, On

Lead singer Stephan Jenkins has said that the song "comes from a story our manager told us about a high school friend of his who was gay. He went to a conservative school in San Diego [with] all sons of military types. Being gay was just not acceptable. He offed himself--he jumped off a bridge."[citation needed] The song is also about Jenkins' own difficult, often alienating childhood experiences, he says, "My parents divorced, and that hurt me. We were poor and I went to a rich high school. I was dyslexic and had Attention Deficit Disorder, which I still have. So I carried all these things with me. One afternoon I had this epiphany. I said 'You know what? I don't have it all together. I come from stuff that was really difficult, and that's me. That's who I am.' I embraced that. There's a line in the song that says, 'Everyone's got to face down the demons/Maybe today we can put the past away.' It's very much a song about putting the past away."
you guys are dumb 4 thinking there 1 hit wonders every1 of there songs are godly! and they will probably be like a mini Zeplin and will not be forgotten :D
Jordan - Hutchinson, Mn
Remember when Jim Carrey Sang this in The Yes Man.Alex - Austin, Tx
it's really a great song. I love itElizabeth - Ithaca, Ny
You are all trying to explain what the song means. But, it means whatever you interpret it to mean. The beauty in art is not the art, but it is that it is open to interpretation. it means to ypou what it means no one is wrong... There is no real meaning, its whatever you want it to be. Great song.Billy - Chicago, Il
I have never heard the main guitar riff flow so smoothly into the solo, as in this song. Brilliant guitar writing.Phil - Spotsy, Va
oh, wait, I see the idiot who did the *cough 'one hit wonders' cough* garbage
slaughter him.
Tyler - Traverse City, Mi
I don't think anyone said they're a 'one-hit wonder'
also, please note that the aforementioned 'solo' is not a solo at all, but in reality, a crescendo.
Tyler - Traverse City, Mi
this song is amazing. third eye blind has written some of the best messages in their songsPaige - Mantua, Nj
This song is sick and so is T-E-B because they are highly influenced by Led Zeppelin.Tim - Boulder, Co
this song its about someone commiting suicide.Molly - Needham, Ma
my friend sang this to me on the phone and at first I thought he was being awkward, but now I think it was real cute.Sam - Windham, Me
I've heard this song alot, since I was pretty young. As far as the meaning goes, only the artists really know that. But my specualtion is it's about all the absurdity and craziness that life involves, and that at times it seems like it would be better to have it over with. It's a great song, and they are not one hit wonders, althought they seem to have fallen off recently.T - Mclean, Va
This song saved my lifeQuin - Alpine, Ut
the guitar solo in this song is probably my favorite solo ... everBrettt - Voodoo Lounge, Tx
I felt like this song was about someone who had a friend with a drug problem. He wanted his friend to "step back from that ledge." They were living a life of drug related lies.Telling his friend they needed help would make them angry so he would "if you do not want to see me again, I would understand" All their friends are leaving, and he is telling him that everyone has demons or problems and their are other ways to deal with them, he is willing to help him and put the past away. "And your friends have left, You've been dismissed, I never thought it would come to this, And I, I want you to know,Everyone's got to face down the demons, Maybe today, We can put the past away"Kristen - Chesire, De
You have to be absolutely retarded to think Third Eye Blind is a one hit wonder. Third Eye Blind is amazing. Semi Charmed Life was probably their biggest hit but not my favorite because it is all about crystal meth. However Jumper is an amazing song and the first song i learned on guitar. The solo is also amazing and quite easy to play.Aj - Hanover, Pa
what are you talking about? Semi-Charmed Life is definately their biggest hit ever. I dont think they are one hit wonders at all...they are an amazing band who have made a ton of music that will never be matched again...music isnt what it used to be. But...Semi-Charmed Life is their one absolutely PERFECT song.Kristin - Manhattan, Ny
BTW, the guitar solo (although short) is awesome. Rarely can a band have the solo flow that perfectly out of the main riff.Max - Austin, Tx
I don't see how you can call a band with 3 albums (a fourth plus an EP on the way) one hit wonders. On top of that they're first two albums both went at least platinum. And on top of that, most fans agree that neither Jumper or Semi-charmed Life are the best songs on their first album. Narcolepsy and *especally* Motorcycle Drive-By are bigger fan favorites. You wouldn't call the Gorillaz a one hit wonder and they only have one platinum album.Max - Austin, Tx
I love this song! It was introduced to me by my brother when I was little, and I've been hooked to it ever scince. I love that you guys interpret the songs, although when I listen to it all I think is 'what a sad song'I guess I'm just not that deep. Furthermore, I disagree with that "one hit wonder" stuff, they had tons of hits out there saying it cuts them short of what they accomplished, which was a lot more than I could ever do.Amber - Austin, Tx
i can see what he means by them being one hit wonders i would call hit 3 hit wonders of some sort...but anyways this song is well written i personally believe it means about friends and the other friend once him to rethink about suicide but tells him he would understand if you want to do thisCameron - Seward,pa, Pa
Hpw could you call Third Eye Blind one hit wonders?? They have heaps of great songs, including never let you go and semi charmed life. Third Eye Blind rock!! THis song is awesomeMegan - Christchurch, New Zealand
I love this song from Third Eye Blind. My friend committed suicide and this song helped get through it....

-Jacob, Houston, TX
Jacob - Houston, Tx
It's about a friend of the lead singer that was gay and came from a military family. Knowing that they would never be able to accept it, he committed suicide.Kittie - Boston, Ma
Wow, looking back at when I was like 6, Third Eye Blind was my favorite band, I knew all the words and used to have the cd. Of course I was 6 so I didn't know what the words meant, I used to think it was about diving into a swimming pool. Ahh, so naive.The Jorge - Hell, Other
this song was about a homosexual who killed himself. and third eye blind didnt think someone should have to kill them selves for being gay.Sam - Katy, Tx
I love this song. It?s a great song just like ?How?s It Gonna Be?? Third Eye Blind is a great band with a great sound.Jared - Norwalk, Oh
After watching this video and listening to it many times, I imagined this song to be about the lead singer?s attempts to stop his friend from committing suicide. The reason his friend is ?on the ledge? is because the singer has slept with his girlfriend. The singer pleads innocence, saying that his friend has been living in lies (the girl never loved you...and my sleeping with her meant nothing). Even though I understand your anger, please, please don?t make this huge mistake of suicide.

Imagination aside, I respect the writer?s wish to save someone in honest fashion, even though it might cost him a friendship. As least he has tried to do something, while many do not have the strength to try.
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