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Right Hand Man by Joan Osborne

Album: RelishReleased: 1996
  • The music is based on a Captain Beefheart song called "Clear Spot." Osborne is a Beefheart fan, and played the song for Rob Hyman, Eric Bazilian and Rick Chertoff, who were working on the album with her. They played around with the beat and put it in 7/8 time to create an unusual rhythm. Beefheart got a composer credit on this.
  • Rob Hyman and Eric Bazilian are founding members of The Hooters, and along with producer Rich Chertoff, they worked on Cyndi Lauper's album She's So Unusual. After Hyman saw Osborne perform, he brought her to Chertoff's attention, who helped her get a record deal. On this album, they wrote most of the songs with Osborne, although Bazilian wrote her hit "One Of Us" on his own. For this song, Osborne came up with the title and wrote most of the lyrics.
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Comments: 4

It occurs to me as this song is about an unplanned overnight stay. And waking up and feeling all is well in the world after a good night of sex.Randy - Seattle, Wa
I could see this being about masturbation, that was my thought. I have liked everything I've heard by Ms Orborne. She is so yummy.Mel - Riverbank, Ca
I believe that the album "Relish" was released in 1995.Dominick - New York, Ny
Hey, this song is about masturbation. I read it in Spin magazine. I love this song. I think it's great when women talk about masturbation. It shows that we are really comfortable with our sexuality.Iris - El Paso, Tx
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