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Deuce by Kiss

Album: KissReleased: 1974
  • Gene Simmons: "'Deuce' was written in my head on a bus. I heard the lick, the riff, the melody, the whole thing. 'Deuce' was written on a bass. It was a very linear song. As soon as the riff came, the first verse came, then I wrote the bridge, and then I wrote the chorus. We arranged it right on the spot and knew that it would be a staple for years. In fact, when we first went on tour with our first record, it was the opening song of the show and we would come back for encores and not have any songs left and do 'Deuce' again. Then if we got a second encore we would do 'Deuce' again. Lyrically, I had no idea what I was talking about. Sometimes stuff means a lot, sometimes it means nothing."
  • Paul Stanley: "The beginning of the song was me ripping off the Raspberries. The beginning of 'Deuce,' the thing that starts it off, is me, bastardizing 'Go All The Way.'"
  • Ace Frehley: "It's my favorite KISS song. When I auditioned for KISS, they said, "We're going to play you a song for you to listen to, and then try playing along. The song was 'Deuce,' and they played it as a three-piece and the song was in the key of 'A.' I thought, 'That's easy enough,' so I got up and wailed for four minutes playing lead work over it." >>
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    Ken - LaSalle, Canada, for all above
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Comments: 20

I thought the song meant you know your man is working hard so give him good sex.Stix - Illinois
A Deuce is a half oz of coke. Duh.Gino Schafer - 48231
Thanx to John from Seattle! Your answer was the best & pretty much what I thought! Knowing Gene like I do. I've done some art for him & he was nice enough to call me! Love that man!Juanita - Glendale Az
This is an easy one. Deuce means 2, as in going number 2 or taking a s--t. So, to say "he's worth a deuce" is saying "he's worth a s--t" so treat him right.Bryan - Douglasville, Ga
I always thought they were talking about anal sex...hence #2=deuce.Michelle - Detroit, Mi
I always thought "He's Worth a Deuce" meant that a man was worthy of having sex with 2 bisexual woman at the same time. ie, getting a "blowjob in stereo", etc.Malcolm - Adelaide, Australia
A Deuce is paying 20 dollars for a blow job.Tony - Moreno Valley, Ca
i think it means he worth having sex with twice in one night. regardless, its not about taking a dump.John - Tujunga, Ca
We used to play this 1, always went OFF!
We did the movements too!
That was a laugh!
Axeman - Melbourne, Australia
We used to play this 1, always went OFF!
We did the movements too!
That was a laugh!
Axeman - Melbourne, Australia
I dig that rocking side to side thing they do towards the end of the song when they play it live. I wonder who came up with it.Jason - Denver, Co
'Deuce' is also slang for sh!t- possibly in regards to a 'No. 2'.Randy - Colerain Twp., Oh
This is one KISS's best songs ever and one of my favourite songs too!Randell - Sydney, Australia
yeah, i always thought deuce was about a encouraging a woman to cheat on her manHaggai - Hobart, Australia
I thought the Duece was getting laid twice. But whatever it is, the guy's worth it...if the gal's still with him!!Fyodor - Denver, Co
Deuce is definatley one of Kiss's most hard driving songs,the first time i saw them[8 times all together],Roosevelt Stadium,N.J.in 1976,they opened their set with Deuce and to this day some 100 concerts later have never seen a band even come close to rocking out that hard,a Kiss fan for life,Kevo.Kevo - St.augastine, Fl
The main riff in Deuce is ripped off from the Stones tune Bitch addmittingly by Gene.Listen it's slowed down a bit but it,s there.It does,nt matter great song anyway.Andrew - Toronto
In school, we always thought that the deuce referred to a woman's fine "pair" and that the guy coming home was worthy of being "flashed" or more... How dumb.
Anyway, there is a killer version by Lenny Kravitz Kiss My A** tribute album, whats even cooler is Stevie Wonder appearing, playing harmonica!
Matt - Charleston, Sc
This is a KISS Klassic! Opened the show on many tours. Ace shines on this one.Frank - Staten Island , Ny
On genesimmons.com, Gene stated that "worth a deuce" means "twice as important," but in an admittedly sexist way. Basically, if a man works all day to pay the rent, and his girlfriend sits around all day, then the man's opinions and wants are twice as important. He says as much in his second book too, and admits that it was a rather sexist but prevalent attitude in the early 70s.John - Seattle, Wa
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