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Black Diamond by Kiss

Album: KissReleased: 1974
  • Kiss closed their eponymous first album with this track. The band would often play "Black Diamond" as the closing number of their early concerts.
  • Paul Stanley told Classic Rock magazine: "'Black Diamond' was a song that I wrote about New York. New York was very dear to us, and life there was all we could write about. Seeing hookers on the street, whether we lived it, we saw it and it kind of gave us something to fantasize about."
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Comments: 3

The first album was released on February 18, 1974.Ghostryder - Ky
The album was released in 1973, not 1974. 1974 saw the release of Hotter Than Hell.
The Kiss self titled LP contains Black Diamond, Nothin' To Lose and Firehouse.
Debby - Usa
Black Diamond is about a black female prostitute.
The song is sung by both Paul Stanley and Peter Criss together.
Debby - Usa
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