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Love Gun by Kiss

Album: Love GunReleased: 1977Charted:
  • Paul Stanley said of this song: "I wrote 'Love Gun' while on a plane to Japan. That was written in my head, the whole thing. And then when we landed, I had to play it to make sure it worked and it was all there. I think most of the time when you write songs that are great, you know it. I always thought 'Love Gun' was a great song, and today, I still think it is a tremendous song. It's probably the song I enjoy performing the most. To me, 'Love Gun' is quintessential KISS and probably one of the five essential signature songs. I played bass on the song. I was at a point where I liked going to Electric Lady recording studios and recording demos on my own and coming up with the parts and arrangements. With some songs it was clearly a matter of giving people parts to play because the vision I had was complete. A song was not only a song but it was an arrangement. So it was easier to go into the studio and say here's what the picture looked like. If I remember, no one was available to come and play bass, which was all the better. The bass part just made sense. We did the song 'Love Gun' on May 18th and on the 19th we did the vocals." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ken - LaSalle, Canada
  • Perhaps the best explanation of this song's lyrical content comes in the 2008 movie Role Models, where Seann William Scott's character is court-ordered to join a Big Brothers-like program and gets a very difficult and rambunctious boy. He finally manages to bond with the kid by introducing him to Kiss, and when he plays this song, he tells him: "Paul Stanley wrote it about his dick. Seriously, this song is called 'Love Gun.' And it's about Paul Stanley's dick, and how this girl's gonna get some of his dick!"
  • The Spinal Tap song "Big Bottom" makes a play on this with they lyrics, "My love gun's loaded and she's in my sights. Big game is waiting there inside her tights." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
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Comments: 13

I've seen several live videos if this sing from the non-makeup days, Paul Stanley would introduce it with a story, every story ended the same way: Paul Stanley gets laid.Gerald - Stockton, Ca
Anybody else notice that the rhythm of this song is similar to that of Foreigner "Cold as Ice" ?David - Lakeland, Fl
Spinal Tap don't make reference to this song on Big Bottom, they just make refernce to the euphonism "Love Gun"Luke - Manchester, England
who searched this song only because it was on the movie 'role models'?Jonathon - Sumter, Sc
I love this song. I am sure you guys know that song is about his penis.Wudstock - Dallas, Tx
Awwww....perfection! Kiss at its best.Gregg - Raceland, Ky
I never gave this song any thought until I heard Tommy Shaw's [STYX] version, which ROCKS! Saw KISS last year in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. AWESOME!Eric - Mentor, Oh
If you were around when the original 'Lovegun' album was released, enclosed was a .45 calibre handgun made of folded cardboard and paper which if you were to make a 'chop' motion, it would make a 'BANG' sound. Paul Stanley has stated in previous interviews that this is his favorite KISS song that he has ever written.Randy - Colerain Twp., Oh
This was the album that got me into KISS back in '77...and I'm still there today. I love Stanley's songwriting, and this is my favourite KISS song...so much so, it is the licence plate on my car. At least the chicks get the meaning of it when driving in and around Perth!! Great song off a classic album during a phenominal decade.Ken - Perth, Australia
This song is the first song KISS performed on the dvd KISS Rocks the Nation Live! dvd.Randell - Sydney, Australia
love his pentatonics on this song.James - New York City, Ny
This is song is AWESOMEPhil - Niagara Falls, Canada
One of the greatest KISS songs ever written. The studio version doesn't really give it justice. This song rocks live. The guitar solos just kick major ass.Frank - Staten Island , Ny
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