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When She Loved Me by Sarah McLachlan

Album: Toy Story 2Released: 1999
  • This song is sung off-screen in Toy Story 2 by the character Jessie in a flashback sequence that explains her history. Sarah McLachlan performs the vocals of the ballad, while actress Joan Cusack does the speaking voice of Jessie.
  • The song was written by Randy Newman. McLachlan recalled during a Reddit AMA: "Funny story. When that song came through our office, my manager said 'you're probably not going to like this.' And so I listened to it, and I started crying right away, because Randy Newman singing that song reminded me of Kermit the Frog singing 'It's Not Easy Being Green.' So I instantly fell in love with it, and I got to tell Randy that story, and he loved it too."
  • This was nominated for the 2000 Oscar for Best Original Song, but the award went to Phil Collins for "You'll Be In My Heart."
  • Cover versions include ones by Steps on their 2012 album Light Up the World, Michael Crawford for his LP The Disney Album and Bridgit Mendler from the compilation record Disneymania 7.
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This emotional and touching song reminds me of my cousin, Ashley. The lyrics take me back to the great times I used to have with her when I was young. Now she is older and has a boyfriend. I feel so heartbroken and hurt that we haven't seen each other or talked at all. I cry every time I see the lyrics or even listen to it.Andrea - Baltimore
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