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Walk Me to the Bridge by Manic Street Preachers

Album: FuturologyReleased: 2014
  • After this song was premièred, Manic fans speculated whether the "bridge" is the Severn Bridge, near where Richie Edwards car was discovered. Such lyrics as "We smile at this ugly world. It never suited you," seemed to enhance their theory. However the band's Nicky Wire told The Quietus the song has a different meaning. "'People might have the idea that this song contains a lot of Richey references but it really isn't about that, it's about the Øresund Bridge that joins Sweden and Denmark."

    "A long time ago when we were crossing that bridge I was flagging and thinking about leaving the band (the 'fatal friend')," he continued. "It's about the idea of bridges allowing you an out of body experience as you leave and arrive in different places."
  • According to vocalist James Dean Bradfield the '80's synthpop power track was influenced by Simple Minds. He described it as, "an emotional European driving song with early Simple Minds synths and a Heroes-esque Ebow guitar solo.'"
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