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Blue Gangsta by Michael Jackson

Album: XscapeReleased: 2014
  • This was one of three songs originally conceived by Michael Jackson in 1998 with Elliot Straite, a New Jack Swing producer who goes by the name "Dr. Freeze."

    "The main songs on which we worked are 'Break Of Dawn,' 'A Place With No Name' and 'Blue Gangsta'," explained Freeze on his website. "These three songs were our priorities… He adored them! Michael and I, we have a knack for melody. So every time I proposed something, it was easy for him to study the song because it was as if he already knew. I gave him some songs that he adored. He cherished them."
  • Both this song and "A Place With No Name" were reworked for Michael Jackson's posthumous Xscape album. Producer Timbaland replaced the original accordion-and-pianos arrangement with a synth-bass part and Trap drums.
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