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I Am by Crowder

Album: Neon Steeple Released: 2014
  • Previously best known as the frontman of David Crowder Band, this was released as Dave Crowder's first solo single. He penned the song with Ed Cash in Franklin, Tennessee. Cash, who has also worked with such songwriters as Chris Tomlin, Mark Hall (Casting Crowns), and Amy Grant, was named the "Producer of the Year" at the Gospel Music Awards for four consecutive years (2004–2007).
  • Dave Crowder: "The name of God, I Am, evokes the idea of presence and being. For me, that is one of the greatest hopes for the Christian faith, that no matter where you are in life, you live and breathe in the very presence of God and He has given access to himself, the creator of the universe."

    "The brilliance about relationship with the divine is that we find in these moments that we feel the desperation, this clinging. we hold to this hope and find that He's actually holding us in his hands much more intensely than we could hope or dream."
  • The song was recorded just after Cash had worked with a choir group of orphans from Uganda. Cash was moved by the sparkle in the children's eyes when they sang about Jesus despite all they'd been through and the experience led to the lyrics in the first verse:

    Take me in with Your arms spread wide
    Take me in like an orphan child

    Crowder said that he hopes the listener will embrace the message, "We are displaced people and God takes us into his arms."
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