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Loves Me Like a Rock


Paul Simon

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This is one of Simon's more spiritual songs. It's about a mother's love. Note that Paul Simon was the rare songwriter who used "rock" to mean a piece of stone rather than a musical form. He did the same thing on one of his first songs, "I Am A Rock." (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
Background vocals were provided by a popular Gospel group called The Dixie Hummingbirds, which formed in the 1930s. They released their own version of the song later in 1973 on their album We Love You Like A Rock, and toured with both Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder. A few years earlier, The Staple Singers made the transition from Gospel to Pop, but The Dixie Hummingbirds didn't catch on with a wider audience.
Here Comes Rhymin' Simon was recorded in Muscle Shoals Alabama with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section.
The line about the president and "the minute the Congress calls my name" seemed, however intentionally, to resonate with the big news story of the day - the Watergate investigation that brought down president Richard Nixon in disgrace. (thanks, Charles - Charlotte, NC, for all above)
The O'Jays do a cover of this song in the movie The Fighting Temptations. (thanks, Dave - Bronx, NYC, NY)
Paul Simon
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Comments (10):

Paul wanted to do a gospel-feel type song, without it actually being a gospel song (Paul is Jewish). And he wanted to have fun with the lyrics. This was recorded in early 1973, around the time the Senate Watergate Committee was holding its famous hearings and Paul couldn't resist the playful reference.
- Ken, Louisville, KY
Great song, and the Dixie Hummingbirds knock it out of the park. Apparently, they came up with the backing vocal arrangement on their own (per Phil Ramone).
- Magic Kenny, Irvine, CA
Love this song. The Dixie Hummingbirds are awesome.
- mike, San Marcos, CA
In my mind, this is about Nixon and that makes it an even better song than I otherwise might think it is.
- kevin, Reading , PA
I like the way the speaker's (Nixon?) means of justifying himself shows a corruption of his soul. In the beginning he is "consecrated" by some religious rite, an outpouring of God's mercy. Then he is "consummated", referring to the act of consummation which makes complete and is justified by the marriage rite, but at the same time refers to the sex act in corrupt terms: "snatch a little purity". Finally, the speaker is not justified by God at all buy by his own power: the Presidential Seal.
- Henry, Los Angeles, CA
I wish Congress would ask the current president the same thing.
- Heather, Los Angeles, CA
I read in an interview Simon gave that the lines "My momma loves me....." are specifically about Nixon, that no matter how many dirty things he did, in Nixon's mind it was ok because his mom loved him.
- Madison, Los Angeles, CA
THis song plays at the end of th movie Zathura as the credits are rolling.
- Lalah, Wasilla, AK
This is just a good old gospel song. You can't help tapping your foot and singing along!
- Jude, Thomasville, GA
Great underrated song.Great lead vocal and great background vocals.When this song comes on the radio I listen and sing.
- Johnny, Bridgeport, OH
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