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Album: Hypnotic EyeReleased: 2014
  • Heartbreakers guitarist and Hypnotic Eye co-producer Mike Campbell told Uncut magazine about the song's Byrds-style jangle: "That was a leftover from the Wildflowers era that Tom found a demo for and brought in. It dates back quite a way, so maybe that's why it got some of that jangle in it," he said. "I thought it sounded more like AC/DC! But yeah, Tom and I play guitar a certain way and from 'American Girl' onward, we found a harmonic, drone-y sound, sometimes with open strings – I guess you'd call it a jangle."

    "We love Roger McGuinn, among many other guitar players," Campbell added, "so I love that sound, and it's tended to creep in throughout our career."
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