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Staircase at the University by Morrissey

Album: World Peace Is None of Your BusinessReleased: 2014
  • This satire of academic expectations depicts the suicide of an over-pressured student. Producer Joe Chiccarelli recalled to Radio.com: "I went through that: I got a scholarship, and my parents were like, 'You're not going to coast by, just because you got a scholarship!' I went to Catholic school, so I understand guilt. Who can't relate to this song? Everybody at some point in their life gets that torture from their parents, to different degrees. It's so universal."
  • Chiccarelli found this a difficult track to put together in the studio. "There were those long musical sections that Moz really wanted in there," he explained. "So I had to figure out what to do, to keep your interest. There's one section where the strings are featured more, one section where the guitar is featured more. There were definitely challenges."
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