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Da Hui by The Offspring

Album: SplinterReleased: 2003
  • This is about a tough but fair group of Hawaiian surfers who live on the North Shore of Hawaii. If you were to mess with them, you could get a beating; hence the line, "Don't f**k with Da Hui."
  • The video was filmed on the North Shore of Hawaii, and featured four guys of Da Hui. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Hunter - Atlanta, GA, for above 2
  • The four guys were, as follows Johnny Boy Gomes, Kala Alexander, Sunny Garcia, and Makua Rothman. As a further explanation of what the song is about, it's about a white guy novice from the mainland who's intimidated by the band of hardcore surfers. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Sara - Reno, NV
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Comments: 10

my native language is russian.the word "Hui" in our language means "Penis"...Mikhail - Lugansk, Ukraine
i was confused at first, but i guess if that is what they want to talk about....Soso - Somewhere, United States
I listened to this song, and I thought it was hilarious!Jeff - La Pine, Or
This is what Dexter wrote on their official website:
So I?ve seen a lot of stuff posted on our BBS about Da Hui so I thought I?d just explain it once and for all. Da Hui (pronounced Da Hooey) are a group of tough, but fair, native Hawaiian surfers who live on the North Shore of Hawaii, where you find some of the best, and gnarliest, surf. If you?re gonna surf the North Shore, you gotta give ?em props, cause you?re surfing their backyard. If you?re respectful of them and stay out of their way, they?re cool, but if you?re not, you?ll probably get a beating. And that?s not only from insulting them, but it?s also dangerous surfing out there. The North Shore breaks big, especially in the winter, and often over shallow reefs just under the surface. If you cut somebody off (?take off? on ?em) or make them fall, they could get really hurt or killed. Definitely not for novices.

I?m sure that many of you have been to a different neighborhood, city, or part of a town where the streets are known to be run by some pretty tough locals. Unless you have some sort of chip on your shoulder, you?re going to try to be respectful of those locals, and do your best to earn some respect for yourself. Feeling uncomfortable when you?re out of your element is something that I think everybody can understand. On the other hand, we are all just people, and if we treat each other with respect, we can get beyond our differences and learn to make the most of this world together.

So I decided to write a song about Da Hui just from hearing about their legend of being badass. There?s been tons of surf songs, of course, but I thought it would be cool to write a surf song about a white guy from the mainland who?s intimidated by Da Hui. It was as simple as that. And I wanted it to sound punk as hell. When we finished it, we were stoked, and we played it for our friends who surf, and they were pretty into it too. One of our friends knows Da Hui and played it for them, and they gave it the thumbs up. Since this friend of ours, Paul, makes movies, we asked if he could get them to make a video of the song with us. They agreed.

So it was on. We flew to Hawaii, paid for the video ourselves, and shot it in two days. The four Hui guys in the video are Johnny Boy Gomes, Kala Alexander, Sunny Garcia, and Makua Rothman. They?re all world class surfers ? in fact, Sunny won the world championship a couple years ago. You might also recognize Kala from movies like Blue Crush, and Makua surfed the biggest wave of the year last year (66 1/2 feet!). So these guys are the real deal. The video turned out great, thanks to Paul, and we sent it to surf shops and surf magazines. Which means, of course, that it?s on the internet so I?m sure you can download the video and the song.

All in all, it was a great experience, and also inspiring to meet guys that are such awesome surfers. I?ll tell webdude to put up the lyrics to this song so you guys can check out the full lyric scene. If some of it doesn?t make sense, ask someone you know who speaks surf!
Sarah - Salisbury, England
On the Splinter album it was firmly agreed that what the band needed was a return to their original punk routes. Da Hui was set out to achieve this.Preecey - Sheffield, England
weird mp3, doesn't follow the true offspring styleMatija - Zagreb
This is a good song, it's short, fast, and entertaining like a good punk song should be. I think it's a sign that the Offspring are moving back to their roots.Anaximander - Fort Wayne, In
I kind of think this song is a bit pointless. It's only a couple of minutes long, and it's not that good anyway.Matt - Birmingham, England
As a further explanation, it's about a white guy novice from the mainland who's intimidated by the band of hardcore surfers.Sara - Reno, Nv
The four guys were, as follows Johnny Boy Gomes, Kala Alexander, Sunny Garcia, and Makua Rothman.Sara - Reno, Nv
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