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White Flag



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In battle, a white flag signals surrender. By stating there will be "No white flag," Dido indicates she will not give up on the relationship. The term "Shipping" (Dido lyric: "I will go down with this ship") can also refer to fan fiction, where fans create relationships (thus the "ship") between characters that they hope will happen. Dido's song is based on reality, however. It is about her split with her boyfriend Bob Page, who is the guy she wrote the song "Thank You" about. They were engaged, but split up in 2002.
In the UK, this is Dido's biggest hit. She did top the UK charts with "Stan," a duet with Eminem.
Dido wrote this with Rick Nowels, who also worked with Michelle Branch on her hit "Game Of Love."
This won the award for Best Single at the 2004 Brit Awards.
The video features actor David Boreneaz, best known for playing the title role in the TV series Angel, a spin-off from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
A Neo-Nazi website misinterpreted the meaning of this song to be about white supremacy and used it as their theme tune. When she heard about this, Dido was disgusted that her music was been used to promote racial hatred and successfully had the website closed down. (thanks, Adam - Dewsbury, England, for above 5)
This earned Dido an Ivor Novello Award for International Hit Of The Year. The awards are held in honour of Ivor Novello, the British musician and songwriter who died in 1951.
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Comments (16):

An awesome song for all relationships.
- alma, laredo, TX
i caught my dad singing along 1 day wen we were listening 2 the car in the radio. my dad always likes great asongs, so i listened 2 (i mean, really listened) & now i luv it. truly do. its an amazing song.
- tori, partyin mardi gras style, LA
I have listened to this song for years but i'm just really crazy about it recently. I don't know why but there must be a reason!
- Thao, Cantho, Viet Nam
I was introduced to Dido with "Thank You" by a girlfriend. I included "White Flag" in the playlist I put together after we broke up. Quite a parallel between her writing the songs and my listening to them.
- Tom, Dallas, TX
i absolutely love this song. it makes me cry. im currently in a residential treatment facility for suicide attempts and a major depressive disorder that was mainly sparked by a terrible break up. this song tells exactally how i feel. 'im in love and always will be'
- Benjamin, Monroe, WA
Best song ever. Let me take that back. One of the best written songs-EVER.
- Eleanor, London, England
This song is a love at first hearing. Amazing song and it truly needs a big heart to keep loving after your girl is gone and still love without expecting anything from her.
- harry, thomson, NV
Not many songs along this line of thinking have been written. It's okay to love my old girl in my heart till I die though I know she is not going to come back and has moved on.
- Glenn, los angles, CA
Arguably one of the best songs in the world evvvvvvver. You lost your lover and you still love her without affecting her. Truly terrific song backed up by a great tune. It's not a surprise Dido won so many awards for this song.
- scott, bellevue, WA
You know what Dido means if you've loved once in your lifetime...and it got too late for you to convey it to the other person...Wondering why she just released 2 albums with this kind of talent. Hear it with repeat-on and the beat/lyrics will sink into your soul.
- jesse, seattle, WA
I have liked this song ever since I have heard of it but have never imagined I would be relating my life with this song.

Yes, there will be no white flag. I'm in love, and always will be......
- alen, chicago, IL
I love this song, it makes me feel like no matter what in a realtionship you can give it up or try to keep it alive. It's an amazing song.
- Sara, Traverse City, MI
I too love this song. I do find complete humor in the fact above though.

'A Neo-Nazi website misinterpreted the meaning of this song to be about white supremacy and used it as their theme tune'

I can just see a room full of skinheads sipping wine with Dido playing in the background. Crying on each others shoulders about how hard seperation from their cell mates is. ROFLLMAOROFLLOLOLOLOL
- Ben, Pensacola, FL
This is the best song ever the momment I first heard I loved it I looked up the lyrics and found the tittle, then I bought the CD and had it in my Cd player on repeat. I can really relate to this song and it helps me get through to my feelings. Now that I've heard this song I never want to listen to any other voice or song. This is an amazing song, I absolutly love it.
- Elle, railand, WA
this is a very good song!probably of the century!
- Gerald, tacurong city, Other
White flag is a real song and for whatever reason that she worte it I really don't care, but love what it says and kinda says what I feel... in a way!
- Jo, AA, Africa
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