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Jack Daniels & Jesus by Chase Rice

Album: Ignite the NightReleased: 2014
  • Chase Rice is known for his love of partying and alcohol but this piano ballad shows another side of him.

    I've seen the light, I've seen the darkness
    Only God knows where my heart is
    I've got my strength and Lord knows I've got my weakness
    Oh, I'm lost somewhere between Jack Daniels and Jesus

    "It's my life in a song," he told Taste of Country. "It's a pretty down time in my life."
  • Rice told Radio.com this is the most honest song on Ignite the Night. "My brother's name is in the song. I didn't hold back at all on that one," he said. "When it comes to music, I want to show them exactly who I am,. It goes into depth about my family, my dad passing away, drinking too much sometimes."

    "For me, alcoholism has never been a problem but there are people out there who have related to 'Jack Daniels and Jesus' who have said its changed their lives," he continued. "They said it made them throw the bottle down. If I held back on that song maybe it would have never happened and their lives would have never been changed. That's why I never choose to hold back on any of my songs."
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