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Hearts And Bones by Paul Simon

Album: Hearts And BonesReleased: 1983
  • Simon wrote this about his relationship with the actress Carrie Fisher. When he says they "Return to their natural coasts," he means he is from New York and she from California. Other songs Simon wrote dealing with his relationship with Fisher include "Allergies" and "She Moves On." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Mike - Swansea, MA
  • Paul Simon is Jewish, Carrie is half Jewish, hence the line, "One and a half wandering Jews." When asked if he made a conscious effort to put religious overtones in the song, Simon replied: "No, it wasn't conscious. In fact, I thought it was actually funny. One and one-half anything is funny." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Neil - London, England
  • For the Hearts And Bones album, Simon took a different approach to his songwriting. He explained in a 1990 interview with SongTalk magazine: "The language starts to get more interesting in Hearts and Bones. The imagery started to get a little interesting. What I was trying to learn to do was to be able to write vernacular speech and then intersperse it with enriched language. And then go back to vernacular. So the thing would go along smoothly and then some image would come out that was interesting and then it would go back to this very smooth, conversational thing. By the time I got to Graceland, I was trying to let that kind of enriched language flow naturally, so that you wouldn't really notice it as much. I think in Hearts and Bones you could feel it, that it was coming."
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Comments: 6

Carrie Fisher says in her one-woman show that this song is about the two of them along with "She Moves On" from Rhythm Of The SaintsRick - Toronto, On
Maybe the best song ever !!! :)
so much honesty and pain coursing through it, and so much awe and respect for love's awesome power.
Mikeymouse - New York, Ny
Some great songs about a marriage and breakup (from his male view) are Tunnel of Love, Two Faces, and Brilliant Disguise from Bruce Springsteen's Tunnel of Love Album. He must have felt some intense guilt when he wrote these songs.Ron - Denver, Co
Newsflash Clive! This song is certainly about marriage. If your a fan of Paul Simons music, I challenge you to describe what he did mean.
Thier divorce was FINAL in 1984. The judicial system is by far a McDonalds drive thru (as it almost should be here in America).

In reference to the song "Landslide" Written by Stevie Nicks, she had a vision of where her and Lindsey Buckinham's relationship was moving and wrote a song pretty much describing the downfall of that... and she did it well before they had actually broken ties (or the chains, as it were)

This song describes more than just the initiation and loss of Carrie Fishers love, but also what he had hoped for.

Toward the end of the divorce:
"One and one-half wandering Jews
Return to their natural courses
To resume old acquaintances
Step out occasionally
And speculate who had been damaged the most
Easy time will determine if these consolations
Will be their reward
The arc of a love affair

This a beautiful song, as most of his Paul's songs are.
Scott - Columbus, Oh
As this song was written in 1982 and released in 1983 - it can hardly be about Paul Simon's DIVORCE from Carrie Fisher as they didn't divorce until 1984. It is about their relationship at the point the song was written. It is not a marital song.Clive - Llandudno, Wales
This is the best song ever about the hardships of marriage. "You take two bodies and you twirl them into one/ their hearts and their bones/ and they won't come undone." Even though this song is about divorce, I find something very reassuring in this line.Sarah - Pensacola, Fl
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