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Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande

Album: My EverythingReleased: 2014Charted:
  • This song finds Ariana pairing up with Toronto R&B singer The Weeknd, who is best known for penning explicit tunes about his sexual exploits. The two singers trade verses about keeping the girl happy by loving her harder.
  • The song was produced by Max Martin who supplies a throbbing soundscape. The Swedish hitmaker also worked with Grande on her hit singles "Problem" and "Break Free."
  • The music video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis, who also helmed the clip for Grande's joint single "Bang Bang." The promo features The Weeknd helping Grande get the love she desires. "Our visuals are really about this tug of war of just loving harder and the compromise of giving in and needing more and wanting more," Hannah Lux Davis explained. "Just honesty."
  • The Weeknd recalled to Rolling Stone receiving a demo sung by labelmate Ariana Grande. "It was a great song," he said, "but it was a little generic. I couldn't hear myself on it. So I changed it and made it dark."

    The Weeknd rewrote the lyrics and sent them back to Max Martin. It was a turning point for the Canadian R&B singer - his first hit single. "It was kind of like the label giving me an alley-oop," he said. "I think that's where the stars aligned for me. When I see an opening, I penetrate it."
  • The song was originally penned by the Swedish songwriter-producers Max Martin, Peter Svensson and Ali Payami with American hitmaker Savan Kotecha. The Weeknd then added some of his flavor helped by frequent collaborator, Belly.

    "I remember sitting in a studio in L.A. and me and (Peter Svensson) were just playing around," Payami recalled to Billboard magazine. "A few days later, he showed me this voice note with a part of a melody that we had played, and we tried to recreate it. From there, the whole thing came together. Savan (Kotecha) came in with more melodies and lyrics, and then after that the Weeknd did his thing."
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