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Mabel Normand by Stevie Nicks

Album: 4 Karat Gold: Songs From the VaultReleased: 2014
  • Stevie Nicks recalled to Billboard magazine how writing this song about the drug-addicted actress Mabel Normand led her to tackle her own addictions. "Mabel was an amazing actress and comedian from the '20s, and she was a terrible cocaine addict," Nicks explained. "She eventually died of tuberculosis, but it was really her drug addiction that killed her."

    "I saw a documentary of her in 1985, when I was at my lowest point with the blow," she added. "I was watching TV one night, the movie came on, and I really felt a connection with her. That's when I wrote the song. Less than a year later, I went to rehab at Betty Ford."
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