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Mojo Pin by Jeff Buckley

Album: GraceReleased: 1994
  • Buckley explained the title: "Plainly speaking, it's a euphemism for a dropper full of smack that you shoot in your arm."
  • When Buckley was a part of Gary Lucas' band Gods & Monsters, he wrote an early version of this song with Lucas, who contributed most of the music. Gods & Monsters fell apart amid tensions between Buckley and Lucas, but Buckley included a new version of "Mojo Pin" on his 1994 debut solo album, the only album released in his lifetime (he died in 1997).

    A demo of the Gods & Monsters version recorded in 1991 appears on the collection Songs to No One 1991-1992, which was released in 2002. The song "Grace," which Buckley also wrote with Lucas, also appears on the compilation.
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Comments: 11

The heroin euphemism makes sense in hindsight. I first heard Jeff on the album grace, which i thought was amazing... then i got a hold of Live at Sin'e`. Then i thought grace was a mess of over produced s--t, forced by the record company. check the tempo and sensibilities of the earlier work in his live shows. Seems grace coincided with the same time record execs realized 13 yr girls were the cash cow(pop). Its almost like listening to a cover band covering Jeff. Now that i've acquired his later posthumous live albums, he sounds like a hollow shell of the same soul that gave us "Live at Sin-e". A body going through motions. Not the same soul at all. Don't get me wrong. I think jeff is one of the greatest spirits this world has ever seen. How many other artists that have produced one album in their lifetime has such a devout following. Jeff was able to touch people more deeply than many of the worlds, "spiritual leaders" could ever dream. As is such with lights that burn so brightly, the luminosity is vast but the time is always too short. Thank you JeffJ - San Diego, Ca
Jeff Buckley wasn't killed by a speedboat. He was with a friend, swimming in an area of the Wolf River in Memphis, TN, that the locals knew better than to swim in, because it was dangerous. He'd only been living there a few months and didn't know better. He was pulled under in the wake of a passing tugboat. He wasn't despondent at the time - he was happy and excited about the album he was about to make. His band was in an airplane on their way to Memphis to start working on the album when he died. It wasn't suicide.Marillion - Atlanta, Ga
Erm.. 'mojo pin' is more slang for the needle than for heroin per se.. white horse is a type of heroin. Some think "black beauty" is also a reference to heroin, but I think that it is more about describing the girl, personally.Phoenix - Sydney, Australia
Mojo Pin is slang for a shot of heroine, so is 'white horse'.. heroine as substitute for love?Jeeps - Voorburg, Netherlands
Buckley played with the idea of death in many lyrics. He seems neither actively to have sought death, nor minding if he died. He did go swimming with his boots on, but did not deliberately swim into the path of the speedboat that killed him. He was in the middle of preparing for an album at the time. Surely if he were actively suicidal, he'd have completed the album first. Also, the people who knew him best believe that it was not suicide. It was Buckley's father who died of an accidental drug overdose. Buckley was very aware of this and likely haunted by it, since he did not know his father well.Ekristheh - Halath, United States
i honestly dont think it was a suicide and it isnt wierd that he thought he would die early since his father died at a young age too, and also why would you drown youself when you were swimming with friends? doesnt sound like suicide to meMe - St.louis, Mo
Lissy, I thought that was strange, too. It seems like it was but Im not for sure. He seemed to know he was going to die. Guess we'll never knowT'leah - Monroe, Mi
to lissy...whose to say it wasnt suicide? i love him too. he talked about death alot though as i recall...in one song he said, "im not afriad to die...but it goes so slow."Dylann - Los Angeles, Ca
This song came out of a dream Buckley had of a woman with black hair shooting heroine between her toes.Aaron - Seattle, Wa
this song is fabulous, but my favourites are Grace and Forget Her, especially the bit at the end of Forget her when he gets really into it. Shame how the best musicians have to go.Emu - Paradise City, Other
i love him its strange how he knew he was gonna die soon even though it wasnt a suicide
r.i.p my love this my last good bye
Lissy - Devon, Other
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