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You Are In Love by Taylor Swift

Album: 1989Released: 2014Charted:
  • Taylor wrote this song with Jack Antonoff using the relationship that the fun. guitarist and his girlfriend Lena Dunham have as her inspiration. "You guys are like the benchmark of actual, real true love," she commented to him during a MTV interview.
  • Lena Dunham dubbed this her "someday wedding song." Apparently the Girls creator didn't know the tune was inspired by her when she said that.
  • Asked by Elle magazine about the song's lyric "You're my best friend," Swift replied: "I've never had that, so I wrote that song about things that Lena [Dunham] has told me about her and Jack [Antonoff]. That's just basically stuff she's told me. And I think that that kind of relationship - God, it sounds like it would just be so beautiful - would also be hard. It would also be mundane at times."
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