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Without You by Mötley Crüe

Album: Dr. FeelgoodReleased: 1989Charted:
  • Motley bass player Nikki Sixx and guitarist Mick Mars wrote this song. Drummer Tommy Lee was dating Heather Locklear at the time, and their relationship inspired the lyrics. It's one of the softer and more sensitive songs the band recorded. >>
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    Doodle - St. Augustine, FL
  • Bassist Nikki Sixx explained to Rolling Stone: "That was a very simple idea for a song, which I had written a lyric about Heather Locklear and Tommy. They were coming over to my place all the time. I thought to myself one day, 'Without You' coming from Tommy's perspective, life would not be the same. It was a good relationship at that time. It was sort of a romantic moment. I apologize for that."
    Vocalist Vince Neil added: "That's a great ballad. I love singing that song. We've done that a few times at concerts. For me, it's a great song to sing. It really lets me go and get my voice out there. I remember shooting the video down in Corpus Christ, Texas. We had a black panther and all kinds of crap. It was a goofy video, but it's a great song."
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Comments: 6

This is 1 of the worst songs written in historyAnna - Myrtle Beach, Sc
I have to disagree with the 'dating Heather Locklear' statement.

Tommy and Heather were NOT dating when this song was penned; they were MARRIED at the time.

Other than that slight error, this is still one of my absolute favorite Crue songs.
Athena - Newberg, Or
Has anyone seen the video? Its really cool, Mick Mars plays with a key at some parts, really awesome, I recommend you guys to watch it =)!Johan - Almunge, Sweden
this song is great its my wedding songKarren - Deerfiled, Nh
The song's good but not my favouriteJessica - Orangeville, Canada
I fell in love with this songAdriana - Monterrey, Mexico
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