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Black Widow by In This Moment

Album: Black WidowReleased: 2014
  • This is the title track of In This Moment's fifth album. The song starts off with an old educational track concerning the black widow spider. Frontwoman Maria Brink explained to Rocksverige: "That's a real old thing that we found on the internet. We just thought that would be really interesting to have that kinda vintage feel. The album has some things like that, that are more exciting and then its got a lot of the real truth and honesty and all."
  • Brink explained the meaning of the 'Black Widow' title: "I like to have an album theme that relates to me and is me and is extensions of me and my experiences, but I like to put it in an interesting twist and have it be more of a visual thing that people can be in connect with," she said. "She is me and parts of me and it's kinda about a girl who starts off innocent and pure and through life and dramatic things, becomes poisoned and infected. Through the darkness and comes out on the other side as the 'Black Widow,' who is confident within herself."
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