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Boogie With Stu by Led Zeppelin

Album: Physical GraffitiReleased: 1975
  • "Stu" is Ian Stewart, the Rolling Stones road manager and piano player. The song was recorded when Led Zeppelin was set up in Headley Grange. They were using the Rolling Stones mobile recording unit and Stu stopped in. There was an old piano in the main room that was slightly out of tune. Stu was playing it and Jimmy Page was tuning his guitar to how the piano was out of tune. Tape was rolling and everything was pretty much improvised from Bonzo's drumming to the lyrics Plant was singing. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Joel - Bowie, VA
  • Stewart was considered the "6th Stone." Stones management felt he didn't fit the image and kept him behind the scenes. He died of a heart attack in 1985.
  • This was recorded in 1971. It was used on Physical Graffiti to fill the double album.
  • Lead singer Robert Plant played guitar, while guitarist Jimmy Page played mandolin.
  • The lyrics were taken from the Ritchie Valens song "Ooh My Head." Since Valens was dead, his mom was given a composer credit so she would get some royalties. That's why "Mrs. Valens" is listed on the album. The composer credit reads: Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham/Ian Stewart/Mrs. Valens.
  • While "Mrs. Valens" has always been listed as a composer of this song, the Valens estate sued the band in 1979 over the amount of royalties they were owed.
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Comments: 42

This is just a fun song to kick back and listen to.Thomas - Roswell, Nm
The wikipedia article is full of errors and best avoided. An anonymous IP has been adding false claims about the song.Christian - Berlin, Germany
This is a raucous boogie woogie acoustic Led Zeppelin song which is a less waltz.Melissa - Fairborn, Oh
I always loved this song, wish I would have been to a concert of Zeps. I feel I missed out of what would have been two great hours of rock. Also Love the facts about Ian and Richie Valens mom. this song Rocks.

Terry - Algonquin, Il
Valens' "Ooh, My Head" is a blatant uncredited rip-off of Little Richard's "Ooh! My Soul".P - Lakewood, Oh
That's not true. The credits on the album since first day of release listed "Mrs. Valens". It's been there since the start. It was not placed there as the result of any lawsuit.P - Lakewood, Oh
Regarding Mrs. Valens, Page and Plant had read that when Ritchie Valens died, his label was supposed to pay her the royalties that would have been due him. But, the label shafted her and never paid. So, Page and Plant offered her half the publishing for the song. The owners of the publishing for the original song ("Oh. My Head") sued Zeppelin demanding all of the publishing for the song. According to Page, Zeppelin told them to "bugger off".Greg - Cincinnati, Oh
During Page Plant tour in mid 90s they played this song at Alpine Valley and it was better than any drug.Tony - Chicago, Il
I bought this album when it was released, and Mrs. Valens was in the credits then, so I wonder about the comment that she was added later.Mark - Yorba Linda, Ca
This song is the prefect rock song. It maintains the old school rock feel while still giving credit the blues.Chelsea - Wichita, Ks
The laughing at the end always cracks me up!! I listen to this song to get into a good mood. Also, am I the only one who loves Plan't vocals on this one?Tara - Petoskey, Mi
In actuality, it was Nicky Hopkins that played piano on the song "Rock and Roll"...
Boogie with Stu, with Ian Stuart on piano is another great Zeppelin song; but, aren't they all?
Eric - San Francisco, Ca
Great song to put in a party song mix CD.Blair - Nowhere, Nh
Larry, your right ...But this is JP take on it ....They gave her credit first "What we tried to do was give Ritchie's mother credit, because we heard she never received any royalties from any of her son's hits, and Robert did lean on that lyric a bit. So what happens? They tried to sue us for all of the song!"

It should be noted that Valens' song itself borrowed heavily from Little Richard's "Ooh, My Soul." Led Zeppelin eventually came to a settlement agreement with Valens' publishers, although it is not publicly known if his mother received any of that money.
Brett - Eddie Haskels Basement, Ca
This song was originally called "Sloppy Drunk". Good idea to change the name, then.Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
this is one of the songs that not many people know but its so awesome, the out of tune piano is great and the whole honky tonk sound of it is great. The drumming in the beginning is epic of course cuz its bonzo drumming.Allie - A Little Ol' Town In, Mi
Robert Plant played the acoustic guitar on Battle of Evermore: The studio version
On Youtube there's a video of him playing a very good guitar solo on the Anniversary Song.
Bill - Sarasota, Fl
i just heard this song on the radio!! i was in utter sock. 94.7 wcsx detroit does a monsters of classic rock on undays sometimes and plays deep cuts from the best bands, in this case the very best band. anyways, if you feel your hometown radio station is lacking check out www.wcsx.com. i dont work for them, but they play great stuff, all the time.Jim - Toledo, Oh
This song, like Rock n' Roll and others they did, was Zep's attempt to catch lightning in a bottle. I've read where Jimmy Page said in most songs he was trying to capture a feeling, even though the playing wasn't the best. I think in the same interview he said "you always go back to the beginning" meaning that you go back to the origins of rocknroll to get the gut of the song, instead of relying on pure technician-ship. An impromptu session with the Stones' piano player also could have been a game in one upsman ship too. But more than anything, these guys were so good they just loved to improvise and capture that original feel from old black blues, Eddie Cochran, or anything else (even Simon and Garfunkel, I'm told).Bubba - Anaheim, Ca
Robert Plant was actually in a wheelchair when they recorded this song because he broke his ankle in a car accident.Brett - Muskegon, Mi
I always thought the meaning of this song was that it was a mocking of the begining of the disco era.Jesse - East Setauket, Ny
When I first saw the title of this song, I knew that it meant Ian Stewart "Stu". He also played on Rock and Roll.
This song is the best! I love the clapping at the end, and JP on th mandolin rocks. And who can deny that boogie woogie on an old bar piano is cool?
Tatiana - Aiken, Sc
Black dog and Ramble on used to be my favorite songs by Zep. They are great but overplayed. I love this song, but you'll never hear it on the radio.Jon - New Prague, Mn
I always thought John Paul Jones was playing piano in this song. I never knew that was Ian Stewart. I just figured that this was kind of John Paul Jones' song since there was bass, piano, and mandolin. (I don't think Page is on this song at all) I have always wondered if this song is about people thinking that Robert Plant is gay or something because the only lyrics I understand are (i think)"I don't want no tutti frutti no lolli pop. Come on baby just???" Any one else ever think that. In closing, this is one of the best dance/party songs ever.Forget putting in 50 cent or Britany Spears. Put this song on!Matt - Cape Girardeau, Mo
i love this song it stays in my head all day!Abbey - Richmond, Va
Actually Adam, I thought it was 'Ramble On' that was done by Bonham on plastic pales..Danielle - Swanton, Oh
This song and Hot Dog are soooo cool. I wish there were more funky songs like those.Ryan - Brentwood, Ca
Btw, Nick t your comment was pretty hilarious.Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
Warning: Don't trust people who don't like this song!!!! Avoid them at all costs!!!! Ha ha just kidding. This song is cool though. The beat is great and so are the vocals. I don't get why people wouldn't like it.Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
haha, holding the beer hostage, thats hilarious
*in response to what nick said*
Phil - Niagara Falls, Canada
Thank you Mark! Good point! Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure Valens didn't come up with "La Bamba" either.... duh.....Scott - Charlotte, Nc
This is one of my favorite Led Zeppelin song. This a boogie woogie song.Melissa - Fairborn, Oh
i had this on at a party once, i should remind you im 17, and most of my friends have bad taste in music, the listen to rap..and somebody turned it off, so i took the beer hostage until it was turned back on, because you dont *uck with my led zeppelin, when i was in jail, it was like a cigarette craving.. haha i love this bandNick - Baton Rouge, La
I think it was a guitar world from 12/03 that said the percussion was done solely on plastic pales by bonhamAdam - New Berlin, Wi
the drums/percussion/whatever you want to call it in this song are awesome, i dont know what it is about them theyre just..man i love john bonhamFrankie - St. Louis, Mo
um... what DID jonesy play on this song? is there bass? am i lame?

oh, and i have an absolutely gorgeous piccy of percy playing an acuostic (guitar) so i'll believe jonesy when he says plant played 'when no one was looking'.
Vana - Vbay, United States
I'm not sure, but it sounds like there is a drum machine playing instead of Bonzo. The only reason that I am not sure is because it is not listed as one of your facts... Other then that, I'm certain.Jonathan - Ann Arbor, Mi
John Paul Jones has been quoted that Plant only played guitar "when no one was looking." I've never seen any evidence that her ever played anything else besides harmonica both live and in the studio (except for one show during the 1977 tour when he got up on Bonzo's drum kit while Keith Moon was on stage with them).Adrian - Wilmington, De
Funny, the Richie Valens estate sued, because Ritchie song "Ooh My Head" was stolen from Little Richard's "Ooh My Soul".Mark - Montebello, Ca
jpj- John Paul jones.Richard - Syracuse, Ny
who's jpj?? is this a really dumb question? lolTerence - Mumbai, India
Ian Stewart also played the piano on Rock and Roll.Jim - Bethlehem, Pa
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