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Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

Album: Physical GraffitiReleased: 1975
  • All band members agreed this was one of their best musical achievements. Robert Plant said it was "One of my favorites... it was so positive, lyrically." Page has answered the question "What is the greatest Zeppelin riff of all" by citing this song.
  • Plant wrote the lyrics in 1973 while driving through the Sahara Desert on the way to the National Festival of folklore in Morocco. Kashmir is in Southern Asia; he was nowhere near it. In Mojo magazine, September 2010, Plant explained: "'Kashmir' came from a trip Jimmy and me made down the Moroccan Atlantic coast, from Agadir down to Sidi Ifni. We were just the same as the other hippies really."
  • The original title was "Driving To Kashmir."
  • This runs 8:31. Radio stations had no problem playing it, especially after "Stairway To Heaven," which was almost as long, did so well.
  • Kashmir, also known as Cashmere, is a lush mountain region North of Pakistan. India and Pakistan have disputed control of the area for years. The fabric Cashmere is made from the hair of goats from the region. The area is also famous for growing poppies, from which heroin is made. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    erourke - Raleigh, NC
  • Plant thinks John Bonham's drumming is the key to this: "It was what he didn't do that made it work."
  • The signature guitar riff began as a tuning cycle Jimmy Page had been using for years.
  • This is one of the few Zeppelin songs to use outside musicians. Session players were brought in for the string and horn sections. Jimmy Page said (Rolling Stone, 2012): "I knew that this wasn't just something guitar-based. All of the guitar parts would be on there. But the orchestra needed to sit there, reflecting those other parts, doing what the guitars were but with the colors of a symphony."
  • Led Zeppelin played this in every live show from it's debut in 1975 to their last concert in 1980.
  • Page and Plant recorded this with an orchestra and Moroccan musicians for their 1994 Unledded album.
  • Puff Daddy (he wasn't Diddy yet) sampled this in 1998 for a song called "Come With Me." He performed it on Saturday Night Live with Page on guitar.
  • The remaining members of Led Zeppelin performed this at the Atlantic Records 40th anniversary party in 1988 with Jason Bonham on drums. It was a mess - the keyboards got lost in the feed and Plant was bumped by a fan and forgot some of the words. They had more success when they performed the song on December 10, 2007 at a benefit show to raise money for the Ahmet Ertegun education fund.
  • In the movie Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Mike Damone tells Mark Ratner, "When it comes down to making out, whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin 4. In the next scene, he is on the date with this song playing in the car. Cameron Crowe, who wrote the screenplay, couldn't get the rights to any of the songs on Led Zeppelin 4, so he used "Kashmir" instead. Crowe used Zeppelin's "That's The Way" on his 2001 movie Almost Famous.
  • Plant said in an audio documentary that he loved this song not only because of its intensity, but also because it was so intense without being considered "Heavy Metal," a label none of the band liked. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Adrian - Wilmington, DE
  • Jimmy Page: "The intensity of 'Kashmir' was such that when we had it completed, we knew there was something really hypnotic to it, we couldn't even describe such a quality. At the beginning, there was only Bonzo [drummer John Bonham] and me in Headley Grange. He played the rhythm on drums, and I found the riff as well as the overdubs which were thereafter duplicated by an orchestra, to bring more life to the track. It sounded so frightening at first..."
  • Peter Grant: "I remember Bonzo having me listen to the demo of 'Kashmir' with only him and Jimmy. It was fantastic. What's funny is that after a first recording of the song, we found it sounded a bit like a dirge. We were in Paris, we had Atlantic listen to it, and we all thought it really sounded like a dirge. So Richard (Cole) was sent to Southall in London to find a Pakistanese orchestra. Jonesy put it all together and the final result was exactly what was needed. He was an exceptional arranger." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France for above 2
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Comments: 207

Mike from Knoxville - what are your 3, 2 & 1?Therese - Ohio, Usa
I am not sure how those who critically reduce the song to an exercise in riffing redundance could have missed the contrasts provided by 3 distinct sections as well as the chordal interludes and 8 note interjections that punctuate the main pillar of a riff.Joey C. Arrant - Usa
And I am from Kashmir. Its a Province in the Northern most state of India. Its Pretty famous with the Foreign Tourists as well.Khalid - Srinagar, India
This was the first Led Zeppelin song that I heard. I was watching a VH1 Greatest countdown and this was the first Led Zeppelin track on the countdown. My first thought was that the riff sounds as if it could have been written by Mozart or Beethoven. I also thought this track was incredibly heavy and yet very well put together and not all over the place. After the countdown was finished, I rushed to the Wal-Mart and purchased Mothership and spent the next week rockin out to what is my favorite Led Zeppelin track.Thomas - Roswell, Nm
@Thomas. Or maybe his buddy told him to play Vol 4, knowing there was nothing romantic on it.Jim - West Palm Beach, Fl
Re the comment (above) about this song being in Fast Times At Ridgemont High, I always thought it was deliberate - that is, that Rat was so hopeless that when he was told to play Led Zep 4 - he played this instead!!Thomas - Mannum, Australia
For everyone wondering why this reminds them of James Bond: it's not from the movies, it's from the "Mission Briefing Theme" of the '97 N64 game Goldeneye 007. You're welcome, now you know you aren't crazy.

S - Pa, Pa
Sometimes when I hear a song like this that I really love, I feel so envious of the musicians who composed it for being able to come up with something like this. I have had to compose songs for music classes and very rarely did I get inspiration for anything decent, let alone beautiful. So when I hear a song like this, it feels like the musicians who wrote it have some kind of secret knowledge of the right combinations of music notes, almost like how alchemists were supposed to know how to make gold using just the right combination and measurement of ingredients.

That's also what I think of when I hear the line "I've heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord," from Leonard Cohen. Certain songs make me wonder if certain musicians are given some kind of gift of alchemical knowledge like fire from the gods, and "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin is one of them.

This song is both hypnotic and seductive. It feels like it can be about any of the following 3 scenarios:

1. a prophetic message from a man who has had a spiritual, transcendental experience and who has returned from his journey to another world to impart wisdom on the rest of mankind

2. a Doctor Who-like super being seducing a girl to come away with him, claiming to be "a traveller of both time and space", tempting her to take an exciting journey with him to other worlds by telling her about them and adding, "let me take you there,"

3. a smooth-talking guy who is really experienced and good at pick-up lines, trying to literally seduce a woman, implying that sleeping with him would be like an adventure, adding mysteriously, "let me take you there" which could be a sexual innuendo

These are just my interpretations. I feel like it can be a combination of all three, or just whichever meaning the listener hears in the song.
Melissa - Windsor, Canada
To Alex in Houston: Hallelujah.Jackie - Flemington, Nj
The Song "Kashmir" clearly draws from the book, The Lost Horizon, which was made into the Lost Horizon of Shangri-la. In the book, the narrator tells the story of someone whose pilot is hijacked in the area of Kashmir and taken to a place - Shangra-la, ruled over by a bunch of monks who have set up a utopia. the character in the book escapes but longs to return. (In the movie he leaves with a woman who turns old when she leaves."Whether Robert Plant intended to make this song a tribute to Lost Horizon, I don't know. But it's clear he's familiar with the story if you hear the words - in fact, he references Shangra-la in the songJames - Brookfield, Ma
Proably the best rock song EVER, or at least in top five...Plant's lyrics have always been top notch to take you away. His solo music is still very impressive, every song has a touch of Zep in them.Brog - Jacksonville, Fl
I can relate to this song on some levels... I live in Mesa and for anyone who doesn't know summers are usually in the 100s. I walk to my school because I am out of the district and the whole walk I think about this song and its riff. "Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, starts to fill my dreams..." I need a car lol it is around a 45 minute walk.Kyl - Mesa, Az
I have heard this song over approx 10,000 times and have always heard zomething different every time which makes it so unique and powerful. Led Zeppelin has been my favorite band since I was still wet behind my ears. I think I know the journey Will is talking about. I once played it on the cd stereo and pushed the button (repeat) while being with my girl at the time and proceeded to muff dive. All I can say is the song KASHMIR played over two dozen times and we never got tired of listening to it on my journey or hers. Now, you can do the math.....Hanklove - Charlottesville, Va
This song came 98th in the Triple J Hottest 100 of All Time (2009).It's previous position on the chart had been 63rd, in 1998.Emma - Adelaide, Australia
Fact:In an interview he(Robert Plant) gave to William S. Burroughs in 1975, Page mentioned that at the time the song was composed, none of the band members had even been to Kashmir.
The song is a result of a lengthy trip in Sahara desert
and the music is moroccan ibn essence.
And by the way Kashmir or cashmere is a a type of wool fabric very coommon in Africa Europe and Asia.
Nick - Bucharest, Romania
Best song of the best band everGerwin - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Page played a cheap and exotic guitar made of masonite, a Danelectro U-2.
This was more a toy than a guitar, children love it in 1960's !
Pedro - São Paulo, Brazil
Well as someone born and raised in Kashmir, I can relate to this song so much more, I just love Led Zeppelin, and I just hope that people would take notice of the really beautiful place and the wonderful people of Kashmir.Najeeb - Pittsburgh, Pa
first off, the gratuitous ball washers of led zep ought to take some humility pills. Calling any song "the best' is akin to calling your local high school football hero the greatest quaterback in the world. there is an awful lot of music out there that tends to be rendered invisible by the massive hegemony of western rock. For these overtones to be present when discussing a song that borrows it's title from a place that has spent much time on the wrong business end of imperiaist endeavors, it seems only polite to practice some perspective.

that said, i love "kashmir". I am not sure how those who critically reduce the song to an exercise in riffing redundance could have missed the contrasts provided by 3 distinct sections as weel as the chordal interludes and 8 note interjections that punctuate the main pillar of a riff.
combine this with the textures provided by 2 different harmonic minor modes (primarily in the third section), the rhythmic tension created by a 4/4 tune dominated by 3/4 phrasing (in the first section0 and you have a work that offers far more variation than most in the rock genre. Not many rock songs have inspired classicaly trained musicians to take a shot at them. To hear a cellist like Maya Beiser, for example, weavin here own eclecticism around the song is to salute its reach (as well as the taste and skill of beiser herself).

What i would like to know is, has anyone ever translated the lyrics into kashmiri/koshur? It would seem an interesting and appopriate from of cultural exchange. If anyone knows of such a translation or has an idea as to how to make such a project happen, please post some tips.

dez dedos
Dez - San Diego, Ca
If im not mistaken he uses only one bass pedal. In one part of the song he goes really really quick that i cant even do it with my hand So PROPS TO BONHAMJesse - San Antoino, Tx
Jon, Mishawaka - So different from anything else the had done? Can't agree as most things they did were unique.

The rest of your comment summs up exactly how I feel about this band. I cannot put it better. God knows I have tried. Thanks mate! :)
Rod - Brisbane, Australia
amazing song.......... hands down to zepp.......amazing band.....they're wizards, not musicians..lolRahul - Chennai, India
I agree...and Jimbo..don't be a bimbo---if you don't like them, you don't HAVE to listen to them. Zeppelins' sound is more for the finely tuned ears of the world----obviously not yours.Harold - San Bernadino, Ca
Jimbo,I think you relly don't know what music is..So you made this comment..This is not only a song..This is a masterpiece By The GODS....
There can't be better rock band ever becaude Zepplein are the BEST
Sourav Shivam - Mumbai, India
When it coomes down to it I have agree with Jimmy Page, I think "Stairway to Heaven" is better, but still this song is musical journey to Kashmir. Great song.Billy - Nederland , Tx
I listen to the original version of Kashmir and the Page and Plant live album version. They both take you away to a better place with a lot of passion and depth. I never get tired of this song. I wonder where they got this incredible talent? They are irreplaceable. I'm so thankful to have been a teen during the best of Led Zeppelin. In my mind they are genius of music genre.Martha - Long Beach, Ca
This is my favorire song in the whole world! A reason why im a zeppelin fan!Carrie - Hilton, Ny
This is one of my favorite songs of all time. LZ's also one of my fav bands. And robby, I have an answer: RadioheadKrish - New York, Ny
this song is the definitive led zeppelin song BECAUSE its so different from anything else they ever did. zeppelin was all about progression and furthering boundaries, and not just musically. the feeling you get from listening to a song is more powerful than any description you could ever type about it, and THAT is why led zeppelin was so good. they are one of the few bands that have ever really understood what music is supposed to be. its about being able to get completely lost in a song to the point where you are in a different world mentally. good music is an escape from reality and there are few bands that have ever made good music in that sense of the word. led zeppelin will live forever. end of story.Jon - Mishawaka, In
My favorite song of all time. It has the ability to pick me up and transport me to some other place both in a mental and spiritual sense. What music today has this power, this sheer imaganation?Robby - Stilwell, Ok
I cry when I hear this song it is so beautiful. Led Zeppelin are gods in human form and their music is the greatest sounds to ever be heard and that will ever be heard.Marley - Springfield, Nj
In the 2004 movie "Ocean's 12", Matt Damon's character "Linus" quote the first verse of this song during a meeting with a mob boss. The boss likes to talk in riddles and rhymes, and Linus tries to play along but accidentally insults the boss' family.Galen - Oakland, Ca
The images that come to your mind when you hear this song are just awesomely intense..All time fav!Nishit - Mumbai, India
I heard an interview with Page/Plant (back in late 90's maybe - guessing) on MMM/FM - radio station out of Sydney, where Robert Plant talked about how he was literally in tears having to wite lyrics for that relentless anthem like beat. I think the job he done is why Zep are what they are. Best band ever.Rod - Brisbane, Australia
I love to play this song on the afternoon drive home and imagine a Saharan sunset.Vic - Knoxville, Tn
Was this song in a movie?John - Pittsburgh, Pa
p.diddy smells like rats, loving Led Zeppelin is a requirement, John Bonham ripping the drums is a reason to live.Susan - Westchestertonfieldville, Va
I think it might be a tie between STH and this as my favorite led zep songs, unbelievable and inventive and experimental songBob - Somewhere, Or
WOW!! This song is AMAZING!!!! it is my favorite song ever!!!Anna - Myrtle Beach, Sc
Plant never understood why this song wasn't the definitive Zep song. He thought it was much better than Stairway to Heaven.Michael De Lazzer - Studio City, Ca
rivetingSusan - Westchestertonfieldville, Va
4/4 drums and 3/4 guitars!! Pure genius, very clever.Luke Taylor - Manchester, United Kingdom
First of came P Diddy do a guitar riff out of the blues and make people cry wjile he does it, or play anything close to what bonham does on the set, or play harmonica or keys or bass or sing like JPJ or Plant. i rest my case.Dan - Baltimore, Md
Dont know if it is mentioned but your should hear the Symphonic Led Zepplin Version...dear lord it will melt your inner ears!Anthony - Avoca, Pa
4:14 - 4:26 gives me shivers.... led zeppelin is the best band everMelanie - Seattle, Wa
Try as I might to find something pithy to say about this song that hasn't already been said, I just can't. Kashmir is an amazingly timeless song with a sound that is silk across your psyche. As with many here, I have a personal connection to this song to the point that one of my tattoos is the word Kashmir. And Mike in Knoxville...do I know you? If so, Gunter says hello.Coffeegod - Brandon, Ms
Drummer Roger Taylor (Queen) described this song as "Oscar Wilde meets Led Zeppelin."Thang - Led Zep, Viet Nam
Err, I thought Stairway was God's favorite song and this was Buddha's favorite song. I guess In My Time Of Dying is Jesus's favorite song, to add to that.Peter Griffin - Quahog, Ri
I like to address a couple of issues in this blog.
One is the meaning of the song. The song is describing a sunset in the middle of nowhere (in the desert) and probably under the influece of something. Plant describes it very poetically. He is describing not only a place, but also an special moment. By listening to the song, it takes me there. I can clearly imagine that place. I hope you can too. There is not mistery in this song. I know there some of you that are eager to find hidden messages and evil things, but not here....sorry.
How Plant describes this place and called it Kashmir without being there amazed me. The same way Shakespeare describes other cities in his plays that he never visited.
Another thing is something that shocked me. I cannot belive that somebody has the nerve to compare Led Zeppelin with P. Diddy, Daddy o whatever it is. It is like comparing Mozart with MC Hammer. Some people should be aware of its limitations and abstain to place comments.
There is not way P. diddy can come up with lyrics of that caliber. If you are not aware, Kashmir is poetry. And I don't even want to get into the sound. Led Zeppelin is the perfect group. Excellent muscians give music to Plant's poetry and his voice is the perfect touch to a group that is perfect. It is unbelievable to see how they sounded live in the 70's. There are groups today when we have much better technology that cannot get even close to it.
On the other hand, P. diddy cannot even sing the happy birthday and he is very famous in the music industry for screwing other people songs up. That simply makes him the anti-musician.
Alex - Houston, Tx
This is God's favorite songMelanie - Seattle, Wa
Wow. Must be a hell of a song. *goes to listen to it*Yoseph - Cupertino, Ca
I remember Kashmir being played by my older sister and her friends when I was in elementary school. It stuck in my head, and in all the way too many years since, whenever I hear even a snippet of it (such as in Fast Times at Ridgemont High) I stop dead and listen. I get goosebumps and chills.
I'm now engaged to a Kashmiri man and will be moving near Srinigar next year to make that beautiful place my home. I listen to Kashmir constantly, and while I know it was written metaphorically, the song "takes me there". It's by far my favorite song of Zeppelin's, and definitely near the top favorite of the 70's and all time, for that matter :) They don't make music like this anymore.
Kwangnoo - Minneapolis, Mn
Kashmir is probably the one song that you never hear critics and those who aren't fans of Led Zeppelin criticize. What's not to like about this song? From beginning to end it is a powerful journey, an emotionally shocking trance that rock music rarely hits. From the first notes to the unique bow solo and fading bow at it's finish, this song transcends time, culture and geography. As a Led Zeppelin fan, and a collector of their live material, if I had to play a song for someone interested in hearing their music, I would probably play this and/or When the Levee Breaks. Like alot of their music, this is the type of song that NO other band could create. The band members ability to blend in all of their influences and come together at a common place is why this music is possible. I have heard it 1000 times, and could listen to it another million and there is always something fresh about it in the year 2007. Amazing.Johnnyfry - Toronto, Canada
this is my signature song, when my friends hear this they say they always think of me. It makes me feel so good with earphones awsome, can't say enough<>>Petra - Fwb, Fl
this is awsome bonham is on fire in the knebworth videoBill - Topeka, Ks
I just read an article that says Britney Spears is recording an album or rock classics, and this will be one of the cuts.Mickey - Langley, Va
One of the best of LED ZEPPELIN.I like this song very much.It has real sound of Kashmir.Sabin Shankhadev - Dadhikot-6,bhaktapur
Thanks for responding mark. True, it is a great Page/Plant song because the music matches the words completely but for it to be the best Led Zeppelin song, it has to show off the talents of all 4 at their near best all at once. But of course that's my opinion and I think yours is well researched.Sam - Portsmouth, Va
I don't know if it's fair to say Jimmy Page could do better. Page and Plant were always trying to harness the Eastern Mantra feel into Rock Music. He wasn't trying to create a riff driven song. He was trying to bring rock to a different musical style. If you look at it that way, how much better could they have done? I always thought Stairway was the highpoint of their "light & shade" mission statement, and Kashmir was the triumph of where they wanted to go from there. Like everyone else just one mans opinion.Mark - Worcester, Mi
This is my favorite Zeppelin song. The beat, riffs, and melody have such a unique vibe to them. I never get tired of it.Mike - Falmouth, Ma
I agree with Sam it is really great lirycly but Jimmy Page could do it better.Ivana - -, Czech Republic
I know this song is a great song lyricly but musicly this is not a great song. Jimmy Page can write better riffs than this and the drums aren't too good and it doesn't feature John Paul Jones at his best.Sam - Portsmouth, Va
John Bonham's drums were run through an early phaser machine.Rory - Charlotte, Nc
This is my #4 song of all-time. Has been at this position on my personal chart for about 30 years now!Mike - Knoxville, Tn
it's just kind of got that tense, anxious, late-night feel with all the strings...that's why it's so cool!Echo - Normalville, Ma
The talents of Led Zeppelin transformed music and paved the way for any great rock that came after. This is a great song, my favorite song from Zeppelin (arguably the greatest band EVER).June - San Jose, Ca
This song is boring if you don't understand the talent. Great song!!Dylan - Olmsted Falls, United States
Oh God, I really love this song.its lyrics and its intense travels me in these wonderful locations:Kashmir,Nepal,Tibet. Led Zeppelin always had this ability. Everytime I hear their songs I realize what a great band they were. there is NO ONE like them. they are unique.what else can i say????Bonham's drums are terrific. all the members did their best in this song.'Will' you are right, this song really takes you on a magical journey. elyssa I definetaly agree with you!!!!....LED ZEPPELIN FOR EVER!!!Maria - Athens, Greece
ONE of the great things about Led Zeppelin is that the songs themselves can make you high.....you DON'T need drugs to enhance that feeling Zeppelin give you. Kashmir can put you in a trance and you can get lost in the song without putting crap in your body.Elyssa - Ny, Ny
I really like that snake charmer kind of solo thing. Do you know what I'm talking about?Spog Zallagi - Blue Hill, Me
Savtanater, Kashmir, India - Actually "Utopia" means "No place" or "a place that does not exist". The only reason that it is used to describe a perfect place is because of Thomas Moore's work called "Utopia".

Technically "Eutopia" is a "postive" utopia.

I have to agree that this is one of many great songs.
Sadie - Phoenix, Az
one of best zeppelin songs kind of song thats better when your highJeeves - Dc, Dc
It sounds to me like the drums are flanged in this song; is it just me? If not does anybody know whether or not this is the first song to (purposefully) record a flanged drum track?Jonathan - Rochester, Ny
just happened upon this site,read a few comments,just want to make my own. i love zeppelin. would not argue with anyone.but there are other artists out there too. all i would like to stress, there are different strokes for different folks. if each person in the world liked the same things we would not be human. i enjoyed reading everyones likes and dislikes. keep on keeping on. its great to be an American.No matter who you are or what your taste in music is, all of you are right. you like /love your music and that is all that counts. be proud we all have music to keep us alive. thank you for reading my commentChris - Norton/euclid, Oh
This song by Led Zeppelin is a good song, but i would definitely go with Time by Pink Floyd over Kashmir.Mike - Quakertown, Pa
Awesome beginning, great beat all the way through the song.Mb - Newburgh, Ny
Watched Page & Plant perform this many moons ago and still get a chill on hearing.After the song Plant asked the masses to come back down in time for the great Joe Cocker.Most floated about a wee bit longer!
Malcolm - Ibbenbüren, Germany
Such an amazing song. If there is one thing that makes this song so incredible, it's 4 minutes and 8 seconds into it. I get shivers everytime I hear it.Dhani - Casselberry, Fl
This is such a powerful song, but the lyrics are so peaceful, almost. I love so many Zep songs that I don't have a single favorite, but this one is way up there on my list.Tatiana - Aiken, Sc
This song has guitar work by Page and great vocals awesome tune mnCam - Cambridge, Canada
I don't know who could ever consider Time.... a boring song at any point, its genius, not to knock Zeppelin but thats a song that should truly be appreciated for how original it is.Rob - Hamilton, Canada
This is the greatest ZEP song on a list of 180 great LED tunes, an absolute perfect song and my fave.Jeff - Columbia, Sc
Philip. I agree except about Pink Floyd songs being versus Led Zeppelin songs being interesting, but that's your opinion. Pink Floyd songs to me, anyway, don't seem to be repetitive and boring. The long ones I mean.Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc
Opening riff is probably the best there is besides Stairway.Colin - Manchester, England.
How can anyone even think that p-diddy is more talented than zeppelin!?!?!? WTF? its unbelievable. Amazing song though. i get lost in that riffDaniel - Cincinnatti, Or
dude time really didnt get started till 2:20 seconds into it. Anyways the beat is spectacular in this song i love itBennett - Kansas City, Mo
Great track, Zeppelin had the ability to make a very long song interesting, unlike Pink Floyd. Us and Them and Time get very boring after two minutesPhilip - Widnes, England
ive had this riff stuck in my head for 1 year now and im still not sick of itKevin - Quebec, Canada
one of the best rock songs of all time. definately the best song post-stairway for zep. The drums and guitar are so great. Even the added people who used horns and other special instruments. one of zeps best songs.Ray - Stockton, Nj
Kmasmir is the grandest and most exotic song that I have ever heard. John Bonham's base drum must have caused a mini earthquake every time they played that song! This song is good enough to grace any album. Flawless.Francis - Glasgow, Scotland
IMHO, Kashmir is not about the geographical place 'Kashmir' or a trip to Kashmir. It's about a higher state of consciousness. This is part of the 'spiritual side' of Led Zep. In this consciousness, words are not spoken, but one has an 'understanding'. One has clarity of thought. "wasted land", "pilot of the storm who leaves no trace" are zen terms. "open face" aptly describes how one experiences this state of consciousness (including some trepidation); some might call it astral travel/flying or an 'out-of-body' experience; or high meditation. Your essence is 'light' 'energy'; bodiless with only your eyes/consciousness to see. The Elders are incorporeal; they 'speak' in a language/tongue of grace (like Robert's lilting singing :)
He has come 'back down to Earth'ly consciousness) from the 'Shangri-La' feelings/place of peace, quiet, bliss (which is our natural state). We are multi-dimensional Beings and we all can 'go there'. I'm taking them up on their invitation! Going To California and Stairway To Heaven are two more beautifully metaphored (soul) songs. STH the choice to persue the spiritual path; GTC-a trip to find his Twin Soul/Flame/Queen. Namaste! (a queen)
Diane (toronto) - Toronto, Canada
I loved what Jeff Buckley did with this, which you can hear on "Live at L'Olympia". He described the old gag (you've done it at least once) of playing this at 45rpm -- then briefly demonstrated what it sounded like, using only his voice. A funny, cute moment.Ekristheh - Halath, United States
If not one of, then THE greatest Zeppelin song ever.Jon - Oakridge, Or
this song just gives me the goosebumps- i rank it zeppelins bestEthan - Sioux Falls, Sd
I don't know if I'm the only one who noticed this, (didn't feel like reading all of the comments) but at 3:03 in the song, you can hear Robert Plant almost start to sing the next line.Elaine - Spokane, Wa
Almost nothing about rap music really resembles actual music except for maybe the instraumentals (well i am not sure if they have those, i don't think beat boxing counts). Seriously, do they actually sing? Is there a set time and key signature? Or is it just someone on stage singing really fast, at the same pitch (well I guess that wouldn't count as singing but as talking).Jonathan - Toronto
I think this song is much more important from the Zeppelin oeuvre, than the so many times appraised Stairway to Heaven. STH is something typical for that era, nothing really special about it (though it is a very good song indeed). But Kashmir is one of the songs that shows how far they were able to go without losing their way.Csanad - Budapest, Hungary
I dont get whats so great about a song that repeats the same riff over and over again for an eight minute timeJames - Toronto, Canada
This is one of their greatest songs ever!!!!!
Page and Plant's Live "No Quarter" version rocks
This is as good, if not better than Stairway to Heaven. Simply Amazing
Devon - Ithaca, United States
I strongly dislike this song. It rambles and is very very boring.Bill - New York, Ny
Don and Richard I hope you eventually learn that P. Diddy isn't as good as Led Zeppelin. I'm sure he even respects Led Zeppelin for the musicians that they are.Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc
Tom, P.diddy will tell u him self that Led Zepplin is a bigger legend than himself.J - Norfolk, Va
I dont know what you guys are talking about. P Diddy's use of the riff is so much better than Led Zeppelin's. Personally, I think Led Zeppelin is a bit overrated. ---Badboyz4life
- Richard, Hickory, NC
I agree with Richard. P. Diddy is much more talented than Led Zeppelin ever was. Plus he ran a marathon. I think you should be paying your respects to the "rock 'n' roll" of the new century.
- Don Fanuchi, New York, NY

Come on, if you think that P Diddy is anything on Led Zeppelin then you are crazy, that being said you have opinions and can like whatever music you like but "I think you should be paying your respects to the "rock 'n' roll" of the new century" that comment is also based on opinion. Nobody -has- to like P Diddy.
Anyway Kashmir is one of the best.
-Radiohead rock!-
Tom - Whangarei, New Zealand
The strongest track from their strongest album. That means something.Garrett - Orange , Ca
My respect goes to everybody in Led Zep and to page and plant too....just wanted to say that the unledded version is great!! thanx for the info by th way!! thanx XavierShanky - Pune, India
Shanky from Pune, India, FYI... The Unledded album (No quarter) is not a Led Zep album.. Its a Page & Plant album.. so if u were saying that Led zep are gods, it doesnt apply for this album, also john paul jones was angry that he wasnt asked to perform for the unplugged show, and was even more livid, when they decided to name the album as No Quarter which is the title of a Led Zep song, which was basically written by JPJ.....Xavier - Pune, India
People go and listen to the "unledded" version of this song....it runs 12 mins and its better than any other song trust me!! oh it heaven ....these people are gods! ^:)^Shanky - Pune, India
like every zeppelin song, it is 50 times better live. i blow out my eardrums on a daily basis listening to it on the dvd. try it. its so much fun.Nick - Baton Rouge, La
in the movie ociens12 there is a part where they have to speak in code and one of them repeats the lyrics it is funny how hwe says them and when he did i shouted to my freind dude its kashmir and the whole room told me to shut ppElie - The U.k, England
kashmir lyrics was once a poem translated from muslim.Francis - Dieppe, Canada
It is stupid how some people consider p.diddy 2 b more talented the led zeppelin. I personnally hate rap, it doesn't seem 2 have anything musical about it. The lyrics always seem 2 b about stupid things as well. If p.diddy is more talented, how come he has to take an already great zeppelin song? if he was more talented then he wouldn't need 2. This is a great song by the way.Jonathan - Toronto, United States
This Zep's number 2 song behind Stairway To Heaven... Most of my friends say this song is extremely boring, But if thats what they think then they dont know rock n rollMatt - Brandon, Canada
Although Kashmiri by descent I have only spent a few months of my life there and this comes from those experiences. For those Kashmiris that go beyond the cities and to the villages you will see what this song is about. Kashmir without doubt is the most chilled out place in the world and belive me I have travelled a fair bit. Although there are many comments about Indias involvement which I dont disagree with, the common people do not trivialise themselves with this BS. People get on with their lives tending their shops and farms, well what I mean by getting on is they just relax on their outdoor portable beds (or called "khatis" in the local language) whenever time allows chatting to their neighbours. If these guys were given weed and alcohol (which sadly their religiong diallows) they would be the coolest chilled out people on the planet. Anyone who spends a week in one of Kashmirs beautiful villages will see how the song relates to wisdom and freedom to not get caught up in politicised BS being the ultimate gift given to these people, which he so yearns for as he cries towards the end of this song.Adam - Shipley, England
hey sean, do you get the father of the four winds fill my sails part for your book of enoch?? please someone help me those lines have driven me INSANE!!!!!!Jeanette - Irvine, Ca
i think this song has to do with the book of enoch. it is a piece of apocolyptic psuedographia, and deals with the main character being taken away by the 'watchers' of another race, said to be 'angels'. he is flown around and taken up to 'heaven' and years later brought back. in it he tells the story of the apocolypse. and naturally, the literature is from that general region of kashmir. if your skeptical of the connection, look into enoch.Sean - Santa Cruz, Ca
Jeanette. I'm not that good at interpreting lyrics but reading about the songs on this website has helped me with that. Bob dylan's songs in some cases, are the hardest to interpret.Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
i personally think these are robert plant's best lyrics. thats probably why he likes it so much. anyway i think this song is as good as stairway yes i love stairway but this song is just sooooooooooo good! and thanks stephanie kashmirs like the only song i have EVER interpreted i really suck at interpreting song lyrics. and yes alex it does deserve to be cool (in capital letters with 50 exclamation points).Jeanette - Irvine, Ca
To me this song is everything by Led Zeppelin coming together in one larger than life song. The gutar riff is fantstic and Plant's lyrics are masterful. One last thing Eminem sucks.Dan - Durham, Nh
people think that P Diddy's song is better? You've got to be kidding me!!! I haven't heard P Diddy's song, but I don't think I want to anyway. Btw Jeanette your LOTR theory makes sense.Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
I credit Mr. Crowe and the botched factoid "Side One of Led Zeppelin 4" from Fast Times for inspiring me to spend every dime of my allowances collecting Zeppelin albums. I was so awed by just the 10 second blurb from the movie that I immediately rushed out and bought LZ4 - only to discover it wasn't there. I proceed to buy every album searching for the song, listening to each from beginning to end and becoming a huge Zeppelin fan in the process. Basically I had given up on finding the song when I purchased the final album in my collection - Physical Graffitti - and VOILA! There it was in all it's splendor! Oh, what a happy day that was! By far, my all-time favorite! I now have all the albums, most of the tapes, all the CD's, all the compilations, and both DVD's. Oh yeah, and I play a sunburst Les Paul in my band! Thanks Jimmy!!!Scott - Charlotte, Nc
hey alex from texas i totally agree! this song is about how he goes somewhere else that he wants to show people. however i think its a place a few other people have been, or at least where a few people came out of because of the line "elders of the gentle race this world has seldom seen." seldom is not NEVER, just uncommon so i think that is implying that it is just a world we sort of know about but not really. which also implies lord of the rings. thats the gentle race. i think that the place he is trying to find again is whatever individuals make it to be, but to me it is middle earth, and i sort of think thats what plant might have been referring to. is my theory retarded or does it make sense to people?Jeanette - Irvine, Ca
Arguing over P. Diddy and his cover should be saved for another time guys. This is about the meaning of the song. 8) To me it feels like the singer has gone somewhere no one's gone before and he wants to share that with somebody and take them to where he's been. It also sounds like the speaker has had a prophecy. But all in all I think it is about visiting a place spiritually and mentally that you want to return to again... with someone.Alex - Austin, Tx
Beautiful Song. Led Zeppelin they are too good . this Song is one of my favs .Being from Kashmir this song holds a special place.I love how it starts of beautiful .
I guess this place is for commneting about songs you like and what meaning you derive from it not for politics For "Dr. Hamid, Hemet, CA" .I didnt expected somthing like this from an educated person like you.You should go and check out your facts before writing anything like this.And by the way the place you visited is not actual Kashmir its only a small part.And Kashmiryat is what kashmiri people belive in irespective of their religion. You cant understand that .
For all Led Zeppelin fans Sorry Guys for writing all this here.
Pankaj - Srinagar, India
To me this sounds like the place where tolkiens world and ours come together someplace, I guess that place being Kashmir. There definitely is reference to the elves and their language in it and especially the line "I am a traveller of both time and space to be where I have been" totally sounds like he is talking about how he has been to a middle-earth-like world and back and he got there through a wasted desert in Kashmir and he's trying to go back and find the way he got there. What do other people think?Jeanette - Irvine, Ca
Sean Combs didn't sample "Kashmir", Jimmy Page played on the actual song. They recorded it via satellite. Please change that "fact" immediately.Peter - Everett, Ma
Well a few things
first of all

"Kashmir is one of the greatest epics of rock, like Stairway to Heaven, Layla, Hotel California and Bohemian Rhapsody. Is a rock masterpiece; it sounds so rich and good, is a perfect song from the best, LED ZEPPELIN. Agree that Modern music is worthless and useless trash compared with Classic Rock."

I totally agree with you. But I think that the best songs are the ones hidden with amny possible meanings and hard to desipher. Like Hotel California, Bohemian Rapsody and other songs. Which brings me to my next point.
Zeplin is in my mind a master of music and the biggest reason is meaning. There are a few meanign in this. All stuck in and it all sounds perfect. Some oen said it was a drug reference (which I wish there wasn't one in this song for a few reasons) also there are arts about religion and the place Kashmir. I do think this is better then Stairway to Heaven. I love this song.

About ripping songs from other people. If someone likes a combination of notes that someone else used is not that big of a deal. If Zep stole songs form other artisits. As long as you don't butcher them like P. Diddy did. If I play a B then an E then a B again. You can gladly take it. Eventually all of the combinations will be taken up and people will ahve to borrow. As long as it is not exactly the same and you don't butcher and kill the rip.

Also I see a few Winnipegers on here and last time I checked Brandon was in Manitoba. I didn't know it moved to Saskatchewan.
Mike - Winnipeg, Canada
This song is so good because it totally draws you in. When I was 6 my older brother used to listen to Led Zeppelin in his room, and whenever I heard Kashmir I just kind of stopped what I was doing and listened. And I was only 6! The song just does that to you. Great song.Jeanette - Irvine, Ca
I always had trouble deciding when the climax of this song is, does anyone out there know?? Eh? Robert Plant is my hero!!!Brandon - Saskatoon, Canada
This song I think is the coolest and most kick ass , even thought Page should have never let P. Diddy use it in his song Its a classic they way it was don't include hip-hop with rock they just didn't mix sorry even though you are gods still to this day in our world of music they will always remember this song and all these differnet elements of beats that fall together into place perfectly. I also love they lyrics of this song becasue there so cool and persuvive and make you look at this song like a WHOLE new perseptive. so when you listen to this song first listen to the beats and the elements and harmony and think of a image then listen to the song again and listen to the lyrics it gets you so much caught up in to the song you can't bare it anymore and you firgure out that all the elements fall into place like a puzzleSophia - Chicago, Il
This song is great.. John Bonham's drumming in the last 2 minutes of the song is simply orgasmic.Derek - Boston, Ma
Yeah, like Maria said, this song is surely inspired by Tolkien, but every time I hear it, the image of Ulysses, banned by the gods, a lonely traveller on the open sea, comes to my mind. This song with his oriental influences fits so perfectly to his mystical odyssey, I think if good old Ulysses would have lived today, this would have been his song.Benjamin - Heidelberg, Germany
I am shocked how anyone can dare to compare P. Diddy and Led Zeppelin. Led Zep is one of the greatest bands in music history with multi-talented musicians making REAL music, while the only thing P. Diddy can do is talking (not even singing) some nonsense over a stolen beat!Benjamin - Heidelberg, Germany
I was stationed at a Marine Base in Twentynine Palms, California when this came out. I recall, once, that a windstorm had blown up one Friday when I was driving home to Burbank, driving sand everywhere - and this song was on the tape player. It just seemed so appropriate, like driving through a Lawrence of Arabia scene.Wes - Springfield, Va
One of the gratest songs of all time!I mean, just listen to his voice-it,s like out of this world!It,s so good that it,s kinda scary!
By the way, I've read that many Zeppelin songs were inspired by Tolkein, and Kashmir is one of them. Lines "sit with elders of the gentle race, this world is seldom seen..." do speak about the elves. And the part "Not a word I heard could I relase, the story was quite clear" is refering to the story about the songs and the language of the Elves, which is said to be so beautiful,that even you don't know the language," the story is quite clear".
My fafourite lines are "I am the traveller of both Time and Space to be where I have been"
If you are interested in other Zeppelin Tolkein-related songs,listen hard to Ramble on, The Batlle of Evermore, No Quarter, Over the Hills and Far Away...
Led Zeppelin is the best thing that ever happened to rock music.Long live Led Zep!!!
Maria - Ns, Serbia
First off, how can you compare P Diddy to Led Zeppelin. I mean I can't even put P. Diddy and Led Zepplin in my mind at the same time. Led Zeppelin was one of the greatest bands of all-time, and theis is one of their greatest songs. This song is great when listened through headphones and you can just totally relax and let your mind wander.Kurt - Flemington, Nj
kidding right? led zep overrated? dude, they have gotten no respect in this time. how dare anyone say that p. diddy's version out shines zep. may i say this that zep started it for every one. this is the god given fact and i say no one can ever be zep and if anyone one thinks so then listen to yourshelf.Mallory - Sarasota, Fl
I agree with Richard. P. Diddy is much more talented than Led Zeppelin ever was. Plus he ran a marathon. I think you should be paying your respects to the "rock 'n' roll" of the new century.Don Fanuchi - New York, Ny
I dont know what you guys are talking about. P Diddy's use of the riff is so much better than Led Zeppelin's. Personally, I think Led Zeppelin is a bit overrated.
Richard - Hickory, Nc
One of led zeppelins top 5 songs. Truly an excellent rock song.Matt Froid - South Sioux City, Ne
is it an electric violin? it sounds to clean not to beNorman - Detroit, Ms
why does everyone bash on Page for ripping off other bluesmen?? everyone does! especially bands from the british blues invasion. he didn't exactly rip off from the songs anyway. this is how you write songs and become a musician people. you take other people's ideas and put your own twist on it. led zeppelin's songs that were "ripped" don't sound anything like the originals. take Travelling Riverside Blues for example that sounds NOTHING like the original. so i don't get why jimmy page gets so much crap for that, geez.

anyway about the song. obviously one of the best along with sooo many other zep songs that weren't even hits.
Chris Smith - Lansing, Mi
Physical Grafiti is a extremely underrated album. I like every song on it, there are no filler songs as there were with many other albums at the time. Kashmir is obviously the crown jewel of the album. Gotta love the central riff. SOOO intense.Zack - Hinesburg, Vt
already said this... but it's probably the best Zep song1 the drums, the guitars, the orchestra instruments, plant's vocals... everythin! It's so hipnotic and relaxing! I love it! just might be better than "Stairway".Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
Led Zeppelin...huh is anyone better than them ??? No way nobody can beat them ! Classisst Rock Acts....Brilliant lyricists....experimenting with different instruments.....Well needless to say Kashmir is one of their brilliant piece of work ....no solo in the song even if its so long and still its adorable ....thats what makes it so good...Plants vocals are like he is somewhere else out of this world.And Page his fingers are magical...definatly appreciable.Bobby - Cleveland, United States
I enjoyed a visit to Muzzafarabad and Rawalakot and Bahanteenee and Hajira, Kashmir, in October of the year 2000. I can verify that the people and the place are both very beautiful. In Kashmir is found the peaceful doctrine of Kashmiriyat. I was told by the local muslims that fundamentalist Hindus are the ones who started all the trouble you have heard about in Kashmir. I was told that the fundamentalist hindus prevented the existence of Kashmiriyat in 1947 when these hindus slaughtered muslims for eating meat. Hindus believe beef cows are reincarnated people and they warned the muslims to stop eating steaks but the muslims do not prohibit things which God does not prohibit, and they fear God more than men (see Genesis 9:3, the Rainbow Covenant, for the Bible view on eating meat). In October, 2000, when I was visiting, the Kashmiri muslims took me to Jhelume Butt (like the English 'Butte') which is where the word went out to fight back against the slaughtering hindus. Hindus have been driven out of there completely now, but Alhamdulillah (praise be to God) their extremism is dying down and Kashmir will soon be like home again 4 me because I am planning to build a mud hut there, possibly using this plan: http://www.calearth.org/EcoDome.htm
Your Friend, and friend of the Led Zepplin
Dr. Hamid
Dr. Hamid - Hemet, Ca
i know this is bold, but "kashmir" just might be better than "Stairway To Heaven". It's so relaxing and hipnotic, and Plant sounds gteat on it. Also, it has the orchestras.Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
Kashmir is one of the greatest epics of rock, like Stairway to Heaven, Layla, Hotel California and Bohemian Rhapsody. Is a rock masterpiece; it sounds so rich and good, is a perfect song from the best, LED ZEPPELIN. Agree that Modern music is worthless and useless trash compared with Classic Rock.Juan - Miami, Fl
First of all. Screw religion. This is not about that. This is about pure, unadulterated rock n' roll. Zeppelin's most powerful song live. Brilliant no matter how you look at it.Nick - Richmond Hill, Canada
Yeah, I agree with whoever said it sounded like a james bond theme song. I first heard it on the radio and I came in halfway through. I was like "why the hell are they playing james bond?" then they said "led zeppelin" at the end. THEN, I was like "why the hell are Zeppelin playing james bond?"Nick - Richmond Hill, Canada
Could the gental race be the elves from J.R. Toliken (sorry if the Spelling is Way off I have a disability)Erica - Hampstead, Nc
Savtanater, Kashmir is one of what is called 'hot spots' on Earth(The hottest is "Is Ra el(ochim))". Because of the fanatic daemon 'yahveh', yhvh or 'jahova'. Kashmir(cashmere) is 'Kush' a place where habiru(hebrew) gathered before launching their trip westwards. Actually Jesus(Issa,Jezu, etc) had been to Kashmir during His 'lost years', but some go furhter in investigations- "Jesus did'n ascend from Palestine but went to Kashmir AGAIN. Okay, the latter is not so important. But what strikes in mind for those who are familiar with VEDA(I am a bhakti-yoga, the topmost yoga of Lord Visnu/Krsna)is the deravation of the name 'YE-SHUA'. 'SHUA' is a spelling for Lord Shiva, the Lord of all RaJA-YOGI of TAPAS-locas. Jesus had been both RAja(Shiva-yoga), which includes hatha(shakti) and GNAANA(VEDA widom of the brahmanas). Besides He was BHAKTA(devotee to the Supreme Lord- Visnu or Krsna). It's not jeish racial tribal daemon- yahveh, who most of the christains speculate for being 'Jesus's Father'.
You know habiru(hebrew) are fallen brahmanas(dwidja bandhu), who formed 'chosen tribe of yahveh')based on blood(family principles). These habiru perverted 'caste system' created by Lord Krsna HIMSELF, into 'mafiotic clan system'. Not talking about that 'B.Ra(h)ma' had been speculated as 'Abrahama' and 'Sara-swathi' as 'Sarah'. Jews are jews. Their demonic nature had been inhereted form RAvana(Rabana) during Rama-yama times('leMUria' age).

So Plant, esp. Jimmy Page had those esoterra knowledge when creating this MASTERPIECE IN ROCK HISTORY for all times!(next to it is 'Stairway to Heaven', depicting a jiva-atma's hesitation between Lord Krsna and Shiva's wife- maya; and 'In the Light', a song dedicated to 21 avatar of Lord Visnu- Buddha('Siddha-rta Go-atma');

When Plant sings 'I'm down, so down' at the end of the song it is connected to Lord Shiva who in the end of this kali-yuga will be murdered by his wife-maya, as KALI(The Lord Visnu will take over Lord Shiva's duties as RudRa, to destroy the matter and demons inside her).

It is very esoterric knowledge spoken by Lord Krsna into Brahma's mind from unforgotten times. It is called VEDA('Supreme Knowledge', without speculation!), obtained in a DEDUCTIVE WAY- 'from up to down').
Jesus Christs was shaktivesya avatar, sent form Brahma-loca by order of Lord Krsna, but He is not Brahma Himself; He is an avatar for hebrew and romans who more or less had perverted Brahmans culture ot SPIRITUAL ART OF LIVING.He showed what will happen with Shiva- When the river of Brahma(VIRage) will enter Visnu's ocean(KARANA) Kali, His wife will dominate over Him for a very short time and then KALKI will put everything in order emerging from the village, called 'Shambhala'.
Rumen - Varna, Bulgaria
Hi everyone, I just saw people posting about Kashmir. Well I was born in Kashmir. A place which is the quintessential paradise. Did you guys notice the word 'Shangri-La' in the lyrics of Kashmir. 'Shangri-La' translates to 'Utopia' in English and means a place with perfect harmony, a heaven on earth. Its a mythical word which has its roots in Buddhism which had been prevalent in Kashmir centuries back.

Really appreciate all the interest you have shown in the place.Feel free to ask me about anything you want regarding the place. Aurzoo!
Savtanater - Kashmir, India
Dustin, Do you know that Jesus had been to Kashmir, Varanasi even Calcutta(kali cult city) during His 'Lost years'(13-29) and there are physical evidence about that. It's been hidden by the hypocratic catholoc church. Do you know that Jesus had been a RAja-yoga(icl. gnana-yoga) and what is called 'prophet'(nazarite) appears to be a very vague heritage of the VEDA times.
Jews, Hebrew(habiru)were not the first tribe to speculate on VEDA. Their satanic monoteism(of yahweh daemon) had been 'developped'(degraded) from the degrade form VEDA- 'Persian-Chinese DUAlism of 'Ahura-Maza' and 'Ahriman', In fact an attept to describe the relationships between Shiva nad maya(shakti)-'iAn/in' or 'Al/la'...

RAja yogis are more than hatha-yogis(shakti-yogis). Their main purpose is TAPAS(penance) from the MATTER/matrix, mother genesis. In fact they sacrifice their lives to get to Heavenly planets, called 'UR-ddho loca(l)s....

No wonder how 'tragic' it is- It is 'the end of the world'- KALI-yuga, 'Apo-kali-psi' is a hellenic word borrowed.
Rumen - Varna, Bulgaria
well i know im probably wrong here but this song sounds like it could be about the end of the world to me, all i see turns to brown as the sun burns the ground, sounds to me like something like the green house effect just listen to the song and think of the end of the world it makes sense either way this song is beautifuly haunting.Dustin - My Home, In
Again this is UPMOST of the eso-terra by Zep. The song was dedicated to Lord Jesus Christ, an avatar sent by Lord Krsna thru Lord Brahma from Brahma-loca. Jimmy Page was font of Shiva(tru' the demon Aleister Crawley(as we know in kali-yuga Lord Shiva is worshipped MAINLY by daemons).Such a daemon of habiru's(hebrew's) 'yahveh'/'yhvh' or 'yahoo'. The lyricist Robert Plant knew not only that but his symbol was taken from "leMUria", sunken contentinent in Indian and before-in Pacific ocean, as 'GOndwana'--first matteric(the name appeared as 'Lanka' on 'Raama-yana')..

pls visit : http://www.viewzone.com/matlock.html
Rumen - Varna, Bulgaria
This is the most intense song i've ever heard. It's got such a serious sound.James - Sarasota, Fl
this song is sweet but its better when page plays the whole thing on guitar no organs or stuff like that.Nathan - Ohsweken, Canada
the difference in led zeppelin is that their versions of borrowed music are completely different than the originals. Unlike people like eric clapton, almost all of creams popular songs were borrowed, (including sunshine of your love) and of course his version of i shot the sheriff which one could mistake for bob's. Zeppelin was the best.George - No. Hampton, Nh
Yes, we know Led Zepp "borrowed" from many artists. The difference is that Led Zepp was extremely talented and did actually write most of their material. P. Diddy (GOD, I hate even typing that stupid name), however, is absolutely, positively, completely and totally talentless and worthless. Led Zeppelen were Gods. Diddy is a stain in my Jockey's.Ashley - Charleston, Wv
The riff that goes up 5 times and then repeats is NOT GUITAR!!! That was done when John Paul Jones got on the keybord and set it to some type of organ. Jimmy Page played almost the same riff the entire song.Bill - Cleveland, Oh
Does anyone notice that it sounds a little bit like the James Bond Theme song?Alex - North Smithfield, Ri
This song DID take me on a magical journey . . . duuuuuuuude . . .Tim - Kilkenny, Ireland
This song will take you on a magical journey...no, im not on drugs...i swear!!!Will - Mobile, Al
I thought Page said "I don't worship the devil, but magic does intrigue me." At least that's what I thought I heard in a zep bio on Vh-1(it was narrorated by Steven Tyler). Oh well.
As far as everyone being so outraged that rap artists rip-off rock, remember Zeppelin used a lot of blues refrences in their songs! But unlike some of the original blues artist, rock bands GET PAID, and loads, for being sampled.
I love zeppelin though but who cares if they get covered, cause I'll just stick to listening to their versions of the songs, thank you very much. Besides Page let that fool P.Diddy use Kashmir so blame it on Page ; ) cause the song was BOUND to get torn apart by P.Ditto! I mean what else was he expecting!
Tammy - Princeton, Nj
"All I see turns to brown/ As the sun burns the ground" One of the greatest lines ever. By far my favorite Led Zep song. It goes to show that Led Zeppelin was about progress and experimentation, and sometimes not sounding like themselves. That's why I think any true Led fan would never call them a heavy metal band, because there are just too many songs that don't fit that category (such as "Kashmir").Mason - Greenville, Nc
kashmir is where robert plant's wife's parents are from.Michael - Greenville, Ms
Yoy're fogetting that Whole lotta love was also a complete rip-off of some blues guy from 20 years earlier

But in that case, he sued and won, with all the compensation going to musical charities (the law works for the better sometimes)

I don't think there is anything wrong with 'borrowing' somoelse's music, as long as you give them credit for it - especially when it works so well
Neil - London, England
ONE of the best Zeppelin songs, but "Puff Daddy" had to screw it up. John Bonham ROCKS!!!!!Matias - Sharyland, Tx
Great song, first.
But why should Page look down on musical rippers, when he actually is one himself?
For example, Black mountain side is a rip of Black river side by Bert Jansch. Stairway to heaven's first riff is a big assimb. to a Taurus song. Dazed and confused is a rip off from a guitarist whose name i've forgotten.

Thou, i like all versions and respect Led Zeppelin very much.
Fredrik - Stockholm, Sweden
"Bonzo is a good drummer not because of moby dick but because of his revolutionary beats and base drum work. Also john paul jones was a really good basist but not because he plays fast, he was the musical backbone of the band and played off of page brilliantly. By the way...a so called "fact" above states that zep hired string and horn session players, not true, Jones accually played all of the instruments you hear in the backround on different tracks. and finnally zoso is a demonic code that has ties with devil worshiping since page is in fact a devil worshipper.
- david, pasadena, CA"

Yeah, that's crap. Well, the Page being satanic part is anyways. Page IS NOT satanic, he was, however, interested in the occult (black magic and the such). Just because he enjoyed studying those things doesn't mean crap. You go ahead and pretend that you know more about Zep than half of the people here, the fact is you don't. Zoso (usually refered to as the "Untitled Led Zeppelin record) is an awesome record, and contains Stairway to Heaven. Besides that Kashmir isn't even on the recording. If you can prve to me that Zoso is, infact, a "satanic messenger" feel free to email me- super_haxxor@hotmail.com
Joe - Paris, Tx
Bonzo is a good drummer not because of moby dick but because of his revolutionary beats and base drum work. Also john paul jones was a really good basist but not because he plays fast, he was the musical backbone of the band and played off of page brilliantly. By the way...a so called "fact" above states that zep hired string and horn session players, not true, Jones accually played all of the instruments you hear in the backround on different tracks. and finnally zoso is a demonic code that has ties with devil worshiping since page is in fact a devil worshipper.David - Pasadena, Ca
I recently had to call hp for tech support, and of course I ended up talking to a nice gal in India. I was making small talk, and asked her if it ever snowed in India. She said, "yes, in Kashmir". She didn't pronounce it as most of us do, but I quickly realized what she had said. I didn't even know Kashmir was in India before that! Of course I said, "ah yeah, Kashmir". "You know Zep, the rock band?" She happily replied, "Why of course". I said, "Aaalllright!" It was quite poignant.
Ramble On,
Kelly - Maiden, Nc
.. Hate to say this but I really don't like this song and i am a huge zeppelin fan. In fact, its the only song off physical graffiti that I don't like. The band stated it as "the definite zep song" but it honestly sums up the few bad things that zep are in my opinion. There isn't even a solo in it and I find it gets repetitive. (strictly my opinion I am making no statement)Dave - Winnipeg, Canada
This song is very repetitive; the same riff for 8 and a half minutes. But does that make it bad? Of course not! When you listen to Kashmir, you become completely drawn in, completely disregarding its monotony.Tom - Trowbridge, England
If you've ever heard this song on the Zeppelin box set youll drule over it. Its so hypnoticle and plant can really push the vocals. It will give you goosebumps. I recommend that you listen if you are a true Zeppelin fanJp - Kelowna, Canada
im 14 my favorite band is led zeppelin, i love pink floyd, and i listen to black sabbath ,although it may feel like it ur not alone Alex, ....ben didoBen - Aguadilla, United States
yet another great song by led zepplin these guy are so good at writing songs. i would of never even guessed some 1 would write a song about this and they did, and its great. Zepplin is freakin amazing these guy can really rock there hearts out.Vincent - Los Angeles, Ca
A plea from the fans to Zep......(or Sting) no more whoring your music to talentless sods....is the money really worth it...? It must be...Julie - Marquette, Mi
this is led zeppelin's best by far, it's so amazing, lyrics, music, everything about it is uh, enchanting! and that guitar riff is awesome.Sal - Ny, Ny
awesome guitar riffSpencer - South Kingstown, Ri
Alex in CT - don't give up the fight, man!! You are not alone. Just take comfort in knowing that you are a lot smarter than most of your peers.Ash - Charleston, Wv
My personal favorite song of all time...it's so hypnotic and well - put together. Takes you into a different world. God I hate how rap has taken the world today. I must be the only 16 year old in my town listening to zeppelin floyd and sabbath.Alex - Clinton, Ct
Oh i forgot to say the most important part - an Israeli girl i met played the song! so i heard Kashmir in Kashmir! Yes! (obviously the novelty wore off fairly soon)Leigh - London, England
I've just been to Kashmir on holiday! its very very beautiful and relaxing, stay on a houseboat on Dal lake in Srinagar. dangerous though - there was a gunbattle lst week 200m from my boat. all part of the fun, i guess.

Just to clear up the geography, Kashmir is very much disputed, although it is in effect divided into Kasmir, which is in India, and when most of the population lives, and Azad Kashmir, which is in Pakistan. Also, Pakistan ceeded some of Kashmir to China, so technically Kashmir is in India, Pakistan and China, although the people want independance, and both India and Pakistan claim it all for themselves! Confusing, huh??!!
Leigh - London, England
"They steal your music and shout at you."
- Jimmy Page, on rap, and people like the Beastie Boys.
I hate rap too. It's got to be rock & roll.
Don - Philadelphia, Pa
The fact thta Kashmir is north of pakistan is false. Check out this map:


It is north of India (or depending who you ask, part of india or part of pakistan)
Kaml - Sydney, Australia
Physical Graffiti was the first album under their Swan Song records.....Good thing songs like Kashmir was on it.Jango - Chennai, India
i agree with oliver...no rock band today is doing anything remotely close to zep. You listen to kashmir and most other music sounds boring or annoying, or insignificant like rap music.
Is it just me, or did physical grafitti not get the credit it deserved?
I read Rolling Stone's top rock albums of all time list and it placed ridiculously low.
This song is hypnotizing...it frees your mind...I fall asleep to zep...you take me there alright, Plant.
Ac - Winnipeg, Canada
Kashmir is another slang word for heroine, Page's drug of choice, "all I see turns to brown" clearly stating the color of the heroine rock, the hypnotic mood of the song sounds like a heroine trip.Jason - Monterrey, Mexico
A couple years ago, I was a pre-teen and had no idea who Led Zeppelin was, but I knew who Rage Against the Machine were. The only RATM I knew was "Wake Up" from the Matrix movie. I use to complain that "Come With Me" from the Godzilla movie sounded too much like "Wake Up". Little did I know that Come With Me and Wake Up sampled the same riff that was in Kashmir. Huh, stupid me.Alex - Las Vegas , Nv
No quater is the most hypnotic song not this, but this can be listened to as something light in the background or blaring at you, either is good. Incredible achievement, could you see any new rock band do something like that, noooooooooooOliver - London, England
favorite zeppelin song. its so relaxing!Mike - Oliver, Canada
I wasn't to sure about this song at first. I usually don't go for synthezisers, but this one really grew on me. Plants voice sounds awesome on this. Really trippyWill - Portland, Or
I think with time and patience, Puff Daddy's version is respectable. If you ever saw him preform it on SNL, he has almost no resemblance to a rapper (except the dress, and blackness- no offense). Yes, The new P. Diddy is a no-talent ass clown, but he did pull this song off well before he became a sell-out (although he did rip off Police before he did Zeppelin). But give the devil his due, you know?David - Greensboro, Nc
This is the ultimate hypnotic Zeppelin song! Too bad Robert Plant's voice is so scratchy on the album. The "How the West Was Won" version is totally from another plane of existence! Words can't describe the impact it has using a state of the art surround sound system. Zeppelin are Gods!!!Adrian - Wilmington, De
This song has different beat between the guitars and the drums. The drums playing the standard 2/4 time signature, while the rising musical theme which lead by Page's guitars, creates tension by playing against it in 3/4 time. Great Middle Eastern-tinged chord progression's opening, orchestral brass and strings with electric guitar and mellotron strings on the second part and funk rock on the third section. The song is the definitive Led Zeppelin song.Dino - Bandung, Indonesia
you can totally lose yourself in this songKatie - Australia
The very special sound of this song is what make it so great, probably one of Zep's best. Ahhh !listening to it right now... You feel so unreal and free in a strange way when you listen to it! It's sooooo great !Jens - Linkšping, Sweden
when i first got my hands on the lyrics, was eager to find out y its called kashmir.....me being indian n all....lol was dissapointed tht it paints a landscape nowhere near kashmir !!!which was once a heaven but today is in media spotlight fr the terrorist groups like al quaida which train there...ne ways blah its an eternal tune and i love it !Terence - Mumbai, India
This is an amazing song, and no rapper has the right to even utter the lyrics from their untalented mouths. I'm surprised any rappers would even listen to this song, it isn't about killing or raping or a boast about how cool the writer of the song is.Justin - Parma, Oh
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra do an amazing version, of this song. No words, just a really moving version...with a really cool eastern sound.Geoff - Adelaide, Australia
No, the guitar sample on Eminem's "Lose Yourself" is not from "Kashmir". . . but it proves that almost everyone has a sense of pitch recognition. Both riffs start with D notes.Eddie - Lachine, Mi
I've heard that Page and Plant wrote this song as a rebuttle to the comments that their greatests hits were ripped off from other songs. There's not a song like this anywhere else. Beautiful.Dan - Concord, Ca
Wonderful song, a good reason why Zeppelin was probably the best rock band in history.Brian - Paoli, In
definitely one of the best songs everElise - Guelph, Canada
Best song on the planet, Johnno Bonham rips the drums.Anoir - Becharre, Other
I love the music, especially the off beats and drums. Hard to play, but easy to listen to...Denise - Sanford, Nc
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