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Feeling This by blink-182

Album: blink-182Released: 2003Charted:
  • This is a song about sex. Bassist Mark Hoppus and guitarist Tom DeLonge had an idea to go into two separate rooms and write, and an hour later come out with what they had. When they left each room, they discovered that they had both written about sex. Tom had written the verses about the physical aura ("I wanna take off her clothes"), while Mark wrote about the chorus and bridge about the passionate side ("Place your hand in mine"). >>
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    Jon - Cape May, NJ
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Comments: 40

This song is truly perfect.. nothing else to it just perfect.Shane - Rochester, Ny
I love the chorus and the lyrics make for a much interesting song!!Klint - Prairie, Wi
this is my fave song ever,i lisn to it all the time to bring me back up,i love it that much i got it tattooed to my skin with the blink logo coz there sickOllie Gillespie - Wakefield, United Kingdom
Reminds me of me and my so called "boyfriend".

Alyssa. - Whoknowsss?, Al
Yet another Blink song that I associate with my ex. heh heh. It's too good, its a perfect song. *sigh*Nady - Adelaide, Australia
blink-182 is totally boss.Alexa - Revere, Ma
wow. going into high school and being a small freshmen, blink 182 is my only real friend. all the songs they do r exactly like some point in my life. i'd do anything to see them in concert for once. learning this song currently.Gabe - Borger, Tx
Who knew a song about sex could be so intense.? !Courtney - Attleboro, Ma
I miss blink 182......i remember hearing all the small things right around when it came out on valentines day in the car with my dad. i was 1st grade at the time back in like 1998. i didn't know who they were but i do now being a sophmore in HS obviously. I really want blink 182 to come back, punk rock isn't very cool anymore it all kinda change. they really were the band that kept it alive. all the other bands kinda gave into fame and it sounds different like good charlotte and stuff but not blink.Sara - Medford, Nj
this is a very good song.. but how the **** could someone think this was about a prostitute?!?!?Max - Loveland, Co
this song is amazing. i had no idea that it was written seprately! that explains so much.
i never paid the song that much attention 'til recently and now i listen to it over and over. Blink's awesomeness cannot be put into words. i think that's why they write music ;)
but if you look in the liner notes of the Greatest Hits album, you can find the correct lyrics. i adore how they overlap Tom and Mark. that effect is so cool!
Sara - Austin, Tx
mark and tom are both great singers mixed with travis unique and awesome drumming makes one sweet bandSpencer - Mcbride, Canada
Dude Travis Barker has some slick sick drumming...especially in the bridge thing with all the dampering...i like the ending...were they all harmonizeJeff - Sothington, Ct
My boyfriend thinks this song is about a guy falling for a prostitute.Rose - Roma, Tx
i love this song, i love the video...awsomeness...it reminds me of a relationship i have, my boyfriend moved away to colege, but we still care alot about each other...Lyzz - Kyle, Tx
This song is awesome. The words are really great especially "I'm not in this scene, I think I'm fallin asleep but then all that it means is I'll always be dreaming of you" Blink 182 is amazing.Faith - Perth, Australia
i have this song on repeat for HOURS!!!!!!!!!Alex - Loveland, Co
this song is so cool!!!!
so is salad fingers and john w.
i love you!
Chrissy - Westmont, Il
i love salad fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Chrissy - Westmont, Il
Tessa, its what they're talking about in the box above. Mark anf Tom both wrote different lyrics, but then they sang them over eachother. one is "Are we alone, do you fell it so lost and disallusioned"-Tom and the other "Fate fell short this time, your smile fades in the summer. place youre hand in mine, I'll leave when i wanna."-Mark. Help any? i dont think anyone;s talking backwards...Kaylee - Marysville, Wa
This song was the spark that started my passionate love for Blink-182. Every time I listen to this song, I smile because I think of my stupid ex boyfriend and how I still like him.Alex - Loveland, Co
This is the first song i really liked by blink-182 so i bought the album loved it and bought every other album they ever made
BUt now theyre gone and all in other bands but there is always hope for the future
Gary - Elkton, Md
TOM IS HOT AS NETHING WHOO HOOO!!! i love blink 182. love them. i love this film clip specially when tom screams into the mike. FATE FELL SHORT THIS TIME UR SMILE FADES IN THE SUMMER PLACE UR HAND IN MINE ILL LEAVE WHEN I WANA!!!! new album coming out in 23 days. rock on love blink182 fanKimberly - Bellmere
Well sine Tom is in Angels and Airwaves, and Mark and Travis are now in Plus 44, Blink wont come back for a long time, if at all.Tubby - Hexham, England
great song but really tired of all the sex songs these daysIsaac - Sd, Ca
they were so good for so long, and then "poof" they split up, with a record like that, you've got to make something better, not stop.Alex - Austin, Tx
i feel really cool everytime i hear this songMatt - Newfoundland, Canada
I also cried when i found out that they'd split! I was totaly devastated!Charlotte - Leeds, England
I never really used to be into blink 182 untill i got out with a lad who is really into them so when i first heard this song it was sung to me by him, it made me want to listen more so i went out and baught there album Blink 182 and im so glad i did because they are just... i can't describe how amazing they are!Charlotte - Leeds, England
Blink 182 rocks the house! I love em,alot of ppl say their pop but their punk. The video was realy cool,I love the song. For them it ment that the person left and misses her but he doesnt feel anything anymore because he is never with her but still dreams of her but when their back toegether they think of the old times and fall back in love again. Thats what happend to me,I fell in love with someone so deep and it hurt but I moved and I dont feel the same anymore but I dream of him but it doesnt feel the same because Im not with him.Casie - Denver, Co
the dudes rock and nearly close to break down wen heard they 'split'Jade - England, England
I love this song.I cant find any words that describe how awesome this song is!!Martha - Boringville, Ca
Wow what a catchy song. I dont really care for them but wow they can write great catchy songs.Luke - Maple Grove, Mn
this song is easilly their best song ever! blink 182 are an awesome band and i contemplated suicide when i heard they were having a 'break'.Chris - Melbourne, Australia
The intro to this song sounds suspiciously like that of "Rock and Roll" by Led Zeppelin.Ginette - Richmond Hill, Canada
Its the emotional sentimental side of love then the lusting, over rated sex with the lust in it. mark and tom just took thier own ideas and made this hit!Elle - Uk, United States
i love feeling this best song ever i think and if you leave me your number i can send you the ring tone for it (polyfonic one)Ashley - London, England
I like chorus where Tom screams. it was done in a huuuge living room and Tom was about 20ft away from the mic and was screaming it at the top of his lungs. according to my friend Gemz, it sounds like he's in the loo straining, ha ha!Clairey - Belfast, Ireland
I love this song!!! Even the music video is awesome. This is one of the songs that actually made me look more at Blink-182 thought I already had a cd of theirs. But this song made me want them all!!!Liz - Chico, Ca
This is the best song on the album! I love Blink-182! The old blink is just as good. They really didn't change a lot. The only difference in that they don't have sick lyrics in most of their songs. This song and "All The Small Things" are the songs tht got me into Blink-182Gabe - Utica, Ny
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