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Nasty by The Prodigy

Album: The Day Is My EnemyReleased: 2015
  • Speaking to Q magazine, Prodigy keyboardist/producer Liam Howlett likened the middle section of this schizophrenic breakdance as "some trippy Winston Churchill vibe."
  • The song and accompanying animated video is an attack on the widening gulf between classes in the UK. The scurrying fox in the clip is a reference to the Conservative plans to re-legalise fox-hunting.
  • This is the first single from The Day Is My Enemy, the follow-up to 2009's Invaders Must Die. Liam Howlett explained to NME why it took six years to get the record out. "I'm always writing but 2013 and 2014 were bad years as far as the writing went," he said. "It's no excuse, but I was fu---d about and had to move studios twice. I'm in a different place now - I had somewhere built; I'm in The Tileyard in Kings Cross - I've got my own room and it's great."
  • Vocalist Keith Flint explained the lyrical content to Q magazine: "A friend of mine had called me Mr. Nasty."

    "Because he heard me going on about somebody I wanted to stab in the throat," he added. "You get the vibe. There is an inner timebomb that can be triggered. And I think that's when people get shocked by who I am."
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